This One Mechanic Breaks Payday 3

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Stealth in Payday 3 has some huge upgrades from Payday 2. I mean, this doesn't happen to anyone. No move there are many ways they make themselves different and more exciting in Payday 3, like hacking cameras, choking out guards who choke me like you hate me, and hacking radios, but honestly, sometimes the best way is the simple answer: just walk in the forehead.

Honestly, this build completely breaks the game, and I'll show the build later on in the article. With skills and other in-game events, this game becomes incredibly easy, even on Overkill, apart from when the game breaks. Let me in, but with this build, all you do is walk into a bank, flick a few switches, guess the right V code, and just walk out the front door.

Honestly, you could even run; it doesn't matter. This is the easiest way to play stealth. In the game, it's way easier than putting on a mask, but the major downside is that you don't get those sweet two kills for your weapon XP and your levels. And also, you lose the ability to use your legs, so you can't jump, but the crazy thing is that the game seed is always the same as soon as you load in, so what you can do is run in and find everything, including locations of key cards and lock codes, and you can just restart and then do it all again without masking up.

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I do really enjoy this way of playing, but I see no benefit to masking up. Above all and above all of this, it's so safe. As I said, even on Overkill, if you're in a private area, the guard will just walk you out. If it's a secure area, just hack their phone and walk away, and they just don't know what to do, so they start searching again.

It's honestly broken. There's not a single reason to mask up apart from jumping. The craziness of this whole build just makes it even easier. But it's not that hard to begin with; you can even touch the sky 100%. If your friend just opens the front door for you, just hope your friend can walk out the front door without alerting everyone so this whole mission can be done in full mask.

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You may go back to where you came from. In i swear to God that I'm so upset. I did the entire mission; all you had to do was get to the front door, but other than that, it's perfect for getting the spec ops achievement for not killing any guards and touching the sky on Overkill. You don't even have to get the guy for the ice getter; you can just guess the code, and if you still have that VIP badge, you can do whatever you want; it doesn't matter for this NPC build.

I use Grifter for the Rush when you go near a civilian walk, so if you have Rush cameras, they can't detect you in private areas. social engineering, if you have Rush employees will ignore you just like you crush you could take slippery for safety, if you mess up you can escape your handcuffs and it puts you into searching mode but then you just have to continue with your mask on then I would get all of hacker except the last one because we don't need to answer Pages because we walk the great mountains, we went on a journey of self-discovery, we found inner piece, for cameras, and guard control options, like Lo hacking radios.

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And disabling cameras infiltrator Ace for The Rush, and if you have extra points, quick fingers for easy insta lockpicking, and bagger for looting faster when you have Rush extra marks, so help for tagging enemies so you know where everyone is, and for the load out, the only thing I would recommend is micro cameras, because you need to see your micro di, but armor is Just For Speed, so I take standard armor, but if you know a teammate or friend will probably do stuff like this, we can go outside.

God, he's running. He runs he runs i didn't know what you were doing. I didn't know that was a thing. My, I need a new do, then you can just take heavy armor to finish it out loud. This build just lets you walk around and do whatever there are a few missions you can't do 100% of course, road rage being one of them, but even with under the surface and 99 boxes, you can do a lot of it, which allows fewer restarts and makes it an incredible amount easier.


The thing I enjoy about Payday 3 though is that you're not just locked into one way of playing mask off or even loud; they're so smoothly intertwined, and it just flows so perfectly, but a lot of times you'll just be escorted back to the start, and then you could just walk in and do whatever again without your mask on.

You can run in public areas. You can carry bags in public areas, and no one cares in private areas. You can run around gods; they won't hear your footsteps. You can carry bags, and civilians don't care. God will obviously care if you're around code. I just guess you might have to be there for a little bit, but all you do is guess.

I do this thing where I guess the first two, then I do the last two, then I swap the last two, and then I just keep going through every combination like that, and eventually you'll go through everything. I even saw a clip of someone asking GPT. So maybe even just do that. Wait, I have to check. This code has four numbers and has to use all the numbers at least once.

The numbers are 3, 4, and 9. What are the possible codes to generate all the possible values? digit, yes, the possible codes are. 3349, 343 Wait, I've tried all the numbers. Wait, what do you mean, am I being gaseous? Did I type it wrong? Is it my fault? You know what? I'm just going to find it.


Let's see if it was a me issue or a let's see if it was a skill issue or chat GPT. Wait, the code is 9394. Wait, did they write that? Wait, it's not on here. What i'm being trolled. It's literally not on here anywhere. All right, never trust Chat GPT ever again. I'm just going to go back to guessing, but honestly, I would recommend it.

The build is safe, super fun, and just easy. Honestly, for the majority of maps, it's great in solos, and it's a huge addition to the team. And with only three maps that you can't do 100% without your mask, I would recommend the stealth build for most maps. But as I said, even if you get caught, you can just wear your mask or even go loud to finish off the rest of the mission.

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