This Ku-59 Build Is Broken. Payday 3 (14 Skill Points)


I'm back with another article. We are going to be playing some more Payday 3, and I have a little build that I want to show you guys, and that is the Ku59. I did a article on the Ku59 on how it's probably the best gun in the game. Of course, I haven't unlocked all the weapons. I still probably have the MP7, the SCAR, or the VF7.

or the VF7, I get that when I get there, I'll most definitely do a article on it, but right now we are on the AK, which is probably just the most buffed gun in the game. Let's just get into it anyway. We're going to be starting off with an ammo specialist. We're just going to get an ammo specialist on the basics.

You don't really need it; it just increases your ammo capacity by 20%, but you need to get it so you can get a plate up, so any ammo that you do pick up regenerates your armor mower. For this build, you need a good amount of it anyway. Ammo funnel I didn't or didn't replenish, but we need ammo funnel here because I think with the AK, you want to do as much damage as possible, and you're going to be mowing down a ton of enemies with it.


What you're going to want is to not reload. So that's what the ammo funnel does: the more enemies you kill, the more ammo just goes into your magazine, where you don't have to stop reloading. I did a article of the last article on the revolver, and that was pretty cool. Now I put Sprint loaded so you can reload while sprinting.

We're going to go on with Tank. Just get tank basic, which increases regeneration of your AR armor chunks by 20% extra plates. You get two additional charges from your armor bag, so interacting with an armor bag gives you an additional chunk. So I'm going to be running the light lining, so I get two chunks.

This helps a lot if you're going to run the standard lining, where you only get one chunk. Do not run this; you can use another skill point for something else. So, it's just Edge; you just get free Edge, and it's just very good. Escapist, basic: you run faster if you run for 3 seconds, and then we're going to get Swift; your base sprinting speed is going to increase by 10%, and then we're going to go down to strategist; we're just going to get strategist basic and one additional target.

payday build

And then if you have Edge, you do 10% extra damage, which you know can be pretty helpful, but yeah, this is my build. If you guys tried it, I don't know if it's good. But yeah, just comment down what you think you would put instead of some of them, because there's some of them that are kind of just justified because of what you're running, and some might not need it.

Armor up, because they're running the standard lining, but I'm running the light lining, so this means that you wouldn't need this and you could dump it into maybe Sharpshooter, so let's just get into this. I was never really wanting to do Mission Silent on Payday 2. I just never really saw the reason for it.

It just pissed me off because it was like, Why the hell would I ever do this? I get on payday to like shoot people, not [__] sneak around and be a [__] Also. I don't understand the [__] that goes into a public game; of course. I don't know this because I don't do it, [__], stealth, but I don't understand the [__] that going to a public game looking for help like isn't stealth supposed to be like solo, like you don't really need an extra person to do a mission, and stealth are we [__] for you need to burn your way into the vault with all right before we start.

Wait, did I just gain a level from killing three [__] civilians? Also, there is no preference for attachments because my gun is not max level, so I don't have all the attachments period, so it doesn't matter if I'm using something like the reflex or the starting suppressor, and then I think that's literally it.

I do not know one thing that feels weird about this game, is that there is no like perk tree like you know how in Payday 2 you had like stoic you had muscle you had hacker you had all these other ones and we kind of have it in this game but it's different, it's liter like they match the, they match the perk tree and the skill tree together it's weird and I don't know if I like it I kind of like it but I don't like it because one of my favorite things about Payday 2 was that perk tree those OP perk., yeah it's that easy to get edge with this build you just aim down sight for 1 and 1/2 seconds Kimo, you get, you get.

Edge, or you just get a head shot, from turning them off, I got the sh*t to get him in a kill. See you, I'll take it, but I do like how high quality the heists are. There aren't a lot of heists in this game, but you can tell that they put time into them; they're actual, like replayable heists or change [__] in the lobby.

You're going to do it; I mean, they're just going to fix server issues. I mean, they're already fixed, but not fully fixed. You know what I'm saying, and then I heard that they were thinking about making an offline mode or not making one, but they were going to think about it, like think of ways that they would implement it.

It's just speculation, but you know. Any offline mode would be amazing considering that the tutorial is actually offline, so I don't understand why they can't make an offline heist when they literally have an offline mode in the game or a heist the [__] tutorial thing that's all put down your weap, but if there isn't an offline heist, just make sure that the servers work because the launcher is terrible, the bastards kill, and you can get all of them.

The most I ever got was that was the most I ever got. All right, let's make this quick. Let's make this quick. Goddamn B ards, find a way to get rid of them so Van can get in a bam one. We have one right here. We have one right here. Bam another one, light work, light work, bam look at. More—that's how we do it.

Ah, all right, that was the AK build pretty fire. I hope you guys like that build. I liked it, op strong build. There are some changes that you could make to it if, of course, I just have my I got my 15th one, so I don't even know what I would add to this. Now let's do a little bit of looking here.

Why not i'll add replenishment to it. So here we go, but this is a 14 out of 14 build. Make sure to like and subscribe. That would really mean a lot, like turn on, turn off, notifications, you know, and peace.

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