The Real Issue With Payday 3 - It's Not The Game


The game's still fun and has plenty of updates down the line in order for it to achieve what it was originally going to be, but you know what the real problem with Payday 3 is facing. No seriously, the payday community itself has shown time and time again that they can't imagine conceiving an original thought for payday 3.

It looks like it was just copied and pasted. Honestly, I could almost say they're milking this thing more than Overkill. To milk the epic games market, it's absolutely ridiculous and downright annoying how Overkill bad pd3 bad articles are made constantly at this rate; it's stupid. What's even worse is when the articles themselves are 20 to an hour long, and I genuinely me who in the right mind wants to hear the exact same points someone else's made just minutes beforehand.


These points themselves don't even make any sense anymore. P3 Noah line ped three too little too late, Deep Silver Star Breeze Overkill, he choked my dog. I saw it in a dream. blah blah, we get it. We get it; we really get it. I hope we get it in this article. I'm just going to be as brief as possible, not only so I don't waste my time with this absolute bastardized community, but also so I don't waste your time because who in the right mind has the time nowadays to sit around and listen to a pay3 bed because I said so much nonsense for hours.

So let's just start with the two biggest targets: Noie recently made a article describing Operation Metag and its somber and disappointed tone. I guess they fixed over 300 bucks, but Hell Divers 2 does fix servers in days. You know what? That's great a+ for your gold star, If you're feeling that special, here's the issue: If the article is about payday 3, stick with payday 3.

I don't want your advertisements for Hell Diverse 2 or War Thunder. War Thunder No, I seriously don't. I don't care. I personally couldn't give two shits, but imagine giving a game over 300 bug fixes. That's impressive that's very impressive for a development team like Overkill to fix major bugs that were plunging the game here, and you're sitting there with fingers in your ears, pretending that this isn't something big, and this tone Seriously, you me to tell me the bug fix patch that was exclusively said for bug fixes and nothing major added is disappointing because it brought.


A bug fix or patch. Give me a break for a second. General mcbadass man, you fell off hard ever since you shat on the community for [__] on overkill for the microtransaction. Fiasco Back in 2015, And you uploaded several hour-long articles of you playing Neopar. I seriously doubt you have anything new to say other than regurgitating and reusing whatever everyone else has said about Payday 3.

This hour-long article about overkilling greed Hey, you know, that's a great article if it weren't for the fact that someone else literally did what you just did but shaved it down to about 20 minutes. How the hell do you somehow manage to bloat a article so large that it took you an hour and 10 minutes to do it?

So let's talk about other PE YouTubers. Red Archer is repeating the same nonsense that the other two keep saying again and again. I seriously could not imagine what it's like for three Gs to say the same exact thing over and over again that people have said, like a broken record, but he seems to have a more positive outlook on things.


The problem is how, as soon as things go bad, he abandons [__] immediately, but as soon as there is something involved in P3, he immediately jumps back up on its backstab. Be damned, even though I personally don't have a problem with Red Archer. I have a minor grip on how he handles this; he even gets personal insights with py3, and this is how he treats it seriously.

You treat personal little bits of information from Overkill themselves, and you just throw it right back at their faces, carrot uncle, and Kev kill. These names sound familiar; if not, don't worry, you're really not missing much. They constantly do DSOD and shut on overkill for DSOD in Payday 2 for being a bad difficulty [__] and on Payday 3 for being a disappointment.


Really, for being a disappointment, damn, I bet if they had played P2 on release day, they'd throw a huge hissy fit over how buggy and messy the game is compared to today. It couldn't be me, and speaking of couldn't be me, imagine waiting 5 months for an update. Imagine you're a article game studio that has worked with only a few games, and you kind of [__] up around trying to do things and survive two literal bankruptcies and a SWAT raid for tax evasion.

Now imagine that your popularity was steady until a big, and I mean big, YouTuber made several articles about your game. Well, what do you do? You pleasantly panic, and you're kind of surprised about this huge jump and announcment to your game that this huge crowd you got now that a beta comes out, and it's a good beta; people love it.

Now, what would you do? Would you. A lash out and [__]] on the community completely give up, or B put on your big boy pants and keep playing the game because you know that things could get better as long as you're updating it well if you choose to be your Overkill Studio? Despite this, I have seen plenty.


Of this garbage of a community to notice this audacity, look at these screenshots, and tell me, are these the words of an upset customer or a batshit community that's whing like a child when its favorite toy is taken away? honestly, it could be both, but ooh, that server line is not looking very clear, but overall, it can't go too insane, like it wouldn't make the League of Legends Community look like an [__]] angel.

Right here's the thing: there are three, no, four people dedicated to [__]] on Overkill, so much on Payday 3 forms that they've gone into Payday 2 and Shin on Payday 3, and Overkill on the Payday 2 forums dedicated to doing this day in and day out at an hourly rate, especially this guy. Here, how do you go on about dedicating your entire profile to [__] on a game that wasn't what you expected on release, and yet you want to know the you want to know the funniest thing?


This man is several hours into cyberpunk. 2077, the sheer irony, speaks for itself; surely this kind of treatment can't get any worse than this, right? Right, but here's something else. Let me ask you something. Take a look at the screenshot. I caught it before it was deleted. community No, it's not, and if your answer is yes, what is wrong with you

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