The Problem With Payday 3


The reason this happened on the first week of Payday 3's launch is because the game is always online, so when the servers exploded for the entire launch week, many players weren't able to play the game even solo because the game couldn't connect the servers. And that's just one of the problems plaguing Payday 3 now.

I'm not exactly the picky person, but coming from 10 years of Payday 2, I got to say that the UI is [__] for Payday 3, and I don't mean the in-game UI; I mean the menus. You can't rename loadouts. Your selection of gear is extremely limited. The social tab is trash and isn't efficient. The favors are a lame system and comparison to the pre-planning phase in Payday 2, and there's so many more issues as of right now, not to mention they have this new cack currency, which is like their fake in-game cryptocurrency, haha funny, which doesn't have any uses right now aside from getting like these iconic types of weapons and.


I guess, like mass or cosmetics, and that currency has issues in itself, which I don't really care to cover right now. The level system is completely dependent on the challenges you do in game, so if you haven't been paying attention to the challenges, you're going to have a hard time leveling up, especially if you're like me, who just mindlessly runs through heists with friends and randoms.

In regards to the matchmaking and lobby system, lobbies are timed so your friends have 5 minutes to join the lobby before the high automatically starts, and there's an invite-only lobby option. Who knows all I know is that the game uses its own servers and login. Essentially. I should be able to invite all my friends using their nebula tags and a social tab, but once again.

I cannot, and there's another kicker: you do not stay in the same lobby with your fellow heisers after the heist concludes, friends included, so everyone gets thrown out back into the main menu after every single heist. Yeah, and guess what? Payday 3 does even have voice chats, so if you get a team running in pubs, you can't use coms to communicate with them except for using just shouts or typing in-game chat.


Anyone who's played any online game knows that in-game text chat can be unreliable for randoms to actually communicate with. Such a mess. As for the heists themselves, they've been pretty fun for me. Honestly, there's only eight heists, but it seems like there's a variety of ways to play them and challenges to be done with each one, plus your decently packed heists in the previous titles released, usually with a similar amount of heist, so it's understandable as to why, especially since these heists offer more scale than the ones before.

Also, the perk system was revamped, and I don't hate it so far. I haven't gotten very deep into it, but my current setup right now is working pretty decently, so I have no complaints at this moment. The only problem for me is leveling up, since well. I've got a bunch of challenges to do since I've been doing nothing but stealth mostly, and I haven't even looked at the challenges much honestly, so I have some work ahead of me now.


From a gameplay perspective, Pay3 is actually really solid, with a few small exceptions and plenty of options while unmasked. Now new hostage options pick pocketing keys off civies and guards updated ragdolls in Payday 2 interactive mini games for lockpicking and such, and there's just generally more involved gameplay.

The conceal liit meter is completely gone from the looks of it; however, you still have to be careful about being detected. Bots ping guards and cameras when you're doing yourself to sum around, so at least you're doing something while you're doing all the hard work, and all this wrapped up in a nice little bow to death of the diesel engine from Payday 2 as stars.

Breeze adopts Unreal Engine 4, so the game should be more stable than Payday 2, hopefully, and the developers said they're going to upgrade to Unreal Engine 5 post-launch, so expect that sometime within the next year or two. That being said, going loud is both fun and painful since the fights feel a bit more reminiscent of Payday the Heist.


You don't have a lot of ammo; the cops will drop a bunch of ammo, and you have to be mindful and use cover more or else you'll get dropped pretty fast. At least in the early game. I'm giving all this from the perspective of someone who's done most of the heights kind of stealth and a very small handful.

That I did loud, and I'm only about level 12 right now, so yeah, so all in all. I'm pretty torn. I'm having fun when I'm in the game, like playing it, but there's so many issues I have with the game itself that it just hampers the experience, and I know the developers are paying attention since they do those dev streams and they constantly take questions on Twitter and such and concerns from fans on.

The platforms, but if it's anything like Payday 2, it's going to be a long while before things actually get ironed out. The developers also have a road map for upcoming heists and content, and they're seemingly planning for DLCs by the end of next year, 2020–24, and they're already selling a season pass personally after the whole launch.


Fiasco I don't feel comfortable at this time getting the season pass for the game, but I hope that changes in the future following updates and a few quality of life changes. At least I hope my opinions on the game change over time and that this article eventually feels outdated in relation to the state of the game.

I really enjoyed Payday 1 and 2, so when I heard Payday 3 was going to be a thing, I was generally hyped. It stinks that the game came out like this, and I honestly think it could have used some more time in the oven before launching. But, honestly, seemingly at least launching a messy product and fixing it over time is a new norm for gaming nowadays.

With all these broken launches and years of patches and major updates, it's making games feel more like a long-term investment that may or may not lead to the promised product instead of Simply launching as intended but at a later date, but of course there's a lot behind the scenes of that ideology.

That's for another article, or not. I don't really care right now. I want to do some prime-time gaming on some cyber.

Honestly, I'm just disappointed and pissed at the state of the game's launch. I'm hoping for the best, but this burned me good. Such a shame since I really enjoy the PAYDAY series. I could slightly forgive the UI, but damn is it not great to look at.
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