The Payday 3 Response Is Awful


Star Breeze has done an entire hour-long live stream updating us about the state of payday 3. It is an absolute disaster, and we are going to take a look at what they have to say, how they're going to defend this, and break it all down. I feel like we should be calling them the heisters right at this point.

I feel like they're the ones doing the heist on US Payday 3. This is one big heist for the audience. The purpose of this stream is not the heist with the Almir stream; those are usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays the purpose of this stream yeah. I was most concerned about that. I was the most concerned if this was a heist with the Almira stream.

I thought it wasn't Tuesday. Why would Star Breeze be going live about payday if it's not the heist without a mere stream? I mean, that makes sense. To respond to the last few days, you probably know who I am—director and head of community here at Strawberry. I have the lead producer on payday.

beta gameplay

Andreas, you can say hi, hello, hi. We are here today because Launch. You were heisting and having fun, but then the servers went down once. We got them up, then they went down again, and then we got them up. We tweeted about that, and then they went down again. Obviously, this has created a terrible experience for you that we would like to apologize for on the team's behalf.

It's not an easy situation, so we wanted to ask as many questions as we could jump on a stream with your gang to answer as many questions as we had time for today. I guarantee you before watching this. I can guarantee you they are not going to add offline mode because I am sure that would involve having to revamp their entire infrastructure to make the game even possible.

devs respond

Run that way matchmaking software encountered an unforeseen error which made it unable to handle the massive influx of players the issue caused an unrecoverable situation for starbridge third-party matchmaking parlor a new version of the matchmaking server software was gradually deployed across all regions leading to improved performance however a software update made by the partner during late Sunday that's last night again, introduced instability to the matchmaking infrastructure the partner continues to work to improve and stabilize pd3's online system the issuing question did not manifest during the technical betas or Early Access due to the specificity of Rapid user, influx and load balancing Starbursts, we are currently evaluating all options both short and long term in the short term this means our focus is to ensure that your player experience, in the long term this means us evaluating a new partner for matchmaking services and making payday 3 less dependent on online services they are including the onus mostly, on a matchmaking a third-party company that handles their, matchmaking service for their online component now if my game was always online I.

I would not put that in the hands of a third party now. I'm sure that the scale here is a big issue. I'm sure that, like you know, to serve such a large number of users that they may have needed to outsource, they felt you knew whatever it may be on. On the technical end, I'm sure that they have their reasons, but obviously, that's risky.


We see why that's risky, and they can't do a ton about it. Looking at what worked and didn't work with Payday 2, we wanted to find a way to avoid the negative aspects of Beta 2. Among those rampant cheating and unreliable hosting. Payday 2 is peer-to-peer, and it ran off of Steam's servers, and now I believe it's running off of epic games like Epic Online.

Servers, which I wonder if that's who they're using for Payday 3, because if that is the case, this is a very bad sign for Epic Online. For using them as a third-party server host, but I don't know for sure one payday community across all platforms to deliver on that and other possible editions such as cross-progression leaderboards, and more.


We needed to ensure that every player is on the same version of the game with stable hosting across all platforms; neutral hosting outside of the platforms would solve that. There is currently no Safe House in PD3, and I definitely see it in the post-launch as an opportunity for us to create one. A safe house will be an interesting feature or not, and that's up to us as a development team to think about it properly and see how it aligns best with the payday 3D experience.

What was the point of making this game at all? Did you have a game like Payday 2, which was a finished product? Finally, it took time. It had a rocky launch as well, but they added a lot of content to it. There's a lot to do in the game. It has a lot of features. It has a lot in the progression system.

It has a ton of stuff that is cool-looking or whatever that you'd want to play the game for to unlock, and all that has a lot of missions that they added over time and a lot of content. Why did you even make a third game? Why did you release it so soon? Does it not have all these features that were in the previous game?

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Isn't the sequel supposed to be bigger and better than the last? So why did you cut a bunch of stuff? I know the answer; I'm just trying to go through the thought experiment; we'll do it together. But the focus is not to make the game more fun, to make a game that's more complete, to make a game that's more polished, or to make a game that's better than Payday 2.

That is not the goal; the goals are several other, self-aggrandizing reasons before fun for the player, fun for the players, and several bullet points down the list. That is why there's this incongruence. And revitalize that community, bring new people in, make more money up front off that 40-dollar price tag, and then start nickeling and diming them for microtransactions.

Post-launch, at some point, it's pretty foolproof; it's pretty genius, but now that's all messed up because they have this big snafu to. Wade through, and that really wasn't part of the plan they were going to go full steam ahead on monetizing their audience more than ever. Now that's kind of troubled, so those plans are put on hold.


This part and the game work as intended for you, and you can play the game and start focusing on feedback rather than saying the servers aren't working. What the frick can we then do? Or you're on Game Pass, or whatever it is, we're the victims here. You should feel bad for us. That's literally what he just said because he didn't say.

I know this stinks, but this is only the beginning. We'll fix it eventually, and you'll just forget about it because you're dumb. These guys are all dumb, and you'll forget about it, and it'll be like six months from now, no one will remember or give a, and you guys will play the game anyway because it'll be pretty good, and we're banking on that, at least it's.

The developers of Payday 3 have responded with several livestreams where they answer community questions and feedback. The first stream was riddled with excuses and almost zero actionable changes they promised to make. It seems that things are going to get much worse for Payday 3 before they get better.
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