The Payday 3 Experience


Brain shut off there and have a great day. I feel like I should mention this is Tommy's first time playing payday; sometimes, you know. Sometimes I just want to be that, so I can't kill them all. That's a great Yeah, in the first, why aren't you guys in the lobby? No, I don't know what I'm doing; I'm still at the menu.

A little longer than a few minutes later, this should be the whole article so far. Quality gameplay wait, is it working? It's impossible we're all in holy[__]. I never thought I'd see the day. How do you like to tell them to stay down, Jesus Christ? Mike I trade one message to negotiate. I don't know if we have one.

Why are the cops shooting? I don't know. I think I did something. Could it be that they are shooting us? I don't know, but I'm shooting back now. I've been shooting back since the moment I saw them, at least on the roof. Honey, you're just a good trooper. Yeah, the human shield. [__] that's all wait, where let me see it.

Let me see him. Don't shoot me. Daddy I kill the civilian, hey, one of us, but yeah, because we should trade hostages for resources, okay, which one am I from? Hold on, let me find one. I found it really stupid to look right in front of me. I didn't even see you, but I just knew you were talking about me.

first heist

Look at all these people not working. Are you okay? so we have to we have to turn off the die packs, so don't open the door. Don't open the door. Don't open the door. Tommy Tommy, don't [Laughter]; know go; in there, turn them off and throw on the money; they're the game boys, where I don't, Holy.

[__] Yo, they're taking the bags, and they are trying to steal our hard-earned cash. We are in that parent square. How dare you? Liberals don't want to work for your money; we're too. This map's actually really big. Guys, I'm getting like I'm getting tased. By the way, yeah, we're going to go save them.

That's a weird default message, but yo, that's not like, you know, guys, this guy's straight a hostage. All right, so I'm going to play another one. We have to stop it. Just looking at you, like, where's this game suspicious of me? This guy's been arrested. This guy arrested me. Pick up some scumbags.

funny moments

That's just the grenade, but why did he shoot me? Take one okay, we can make him kiss. Sorry about Miss Click. You know, yeah, I know. Like, literally, the cop shot me. Yeah, like, what's wrong with them? How do I not get caught? Don't get caught. We start, but we're going to go from that side, and we're not going to get caught.

Michael I didn't get caught; I was just trying to pickpocket him; that was the one we did all the time. Shadow Heist and something like that, yeah, and you threw a grenade. I'm not putting my mask on because I'll just throw a grenade in an accident. Is that what you did? Yeah, he did. That's exactly what happened, and then Boom, yeah, I think we're good.

Okay, so flip the right switches. What does that mean? That was not me. I know it was probably the person who said, Packing. Mike, yesterday, hold on, wait. I think there's a certain color that you need to get. I don't know how to find those colors. These people leave good milk on the counter.


What are the evil people? Everyone in this bank deserves to die. I said, What are we waiting on? I'm trying to figure out something. You have to flip the race, Brennan. I think it says Michael. Okay, I can't move my mouse. Wait, maybe we can do one of the dead ones. Grab this guy. Okay, you guys have one.

We have a dead one for them. To be against it, it has to be alive. Guys, just come grab this guy. Go get him. Someone get him. Michael can you get him? I can't, guys. I have an idea. No rush here. Oh no, are you sick? I don't have the AR kind of dumb pick the washing. Rock, Brian I'm looking at advertisements.

Hold on i know he's coming. Hold on there's quite a few people in here, hi Brennan. Don't worry; Daddy will handle it. Don't kill the man in that room; he's protected. He's our prince. Are we going to clear this room? Okay, I gotta go. I got it. We have to clear the room. We have to clear the room.


We're breaking into the ball. Let's go nothing could up until now, I could think of a few things, like whether everything is a smooth criminal. Be suspicious of me holding money. Yeah, you're good for some reason. They aren't suspicious of you with a giant bag walking out of a bank. Hey Brennan, try to remember where you fell off the map, like when you died.

Yeah, try doing that if I can make it up there, or I'll guide you. I'll be your guiding light. What you are about to witness is proof that there is, in fact, a god. Also, I have never wanted to kiss my brother more than ever after the events that are soon to take place. All right, let's go follow me again.

okay, we're going, yep, and then over here, and then just keep walking, like that you like that, I'll get you, no Tommy. Thank God, you're lucky.

Today's video, me and my friends play the new and hip game Payday 3, a spiritual successor to the classic hit Payday 2, which was also a spiritual successor to Payday The Heist.
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