The Greatest And Best Sniper Build, The World. Payday 3 Build



well, it looks like you stumbled upon the payday 3 loadout you've been yearning for. Get ready because we're diving deep into the dark and dangerous world of crime, and this kind of loadout makes your enemies wish they'd never been born. First things first, we went with Ammo Specialists because that extra 20 ammo capacity is crucial, especially when you're playing Overkill.

Next, we went with Mower, and we aced it with 35 bullets. You get an edge. You reload your weapon when it's empty. You get Edge impressive fire. As long as you have that edge, all your shots have a chance to stagger your enemies. Extremely overpowered ammo funnel as long as you have it. The ammo you pick up is directly added to your weapon, along with replenishment.

As long as you have Edge, you can pop an enemy's noggin from 200 yards away, and you'll get ammo. Next, a sharpshooter. Another one we're going to Ace. Stand still for 1.5 seconds on your given edge. You get a head shot. It refreshes your edge. Y'all are starting to see the picture here. Long shot as long as you got Edge.

There are no distance penalties for headshots. That's another doozy. Then we got a cutting shot. As long as you have Edge, your armor penetrations increase, so with all that increased Edge ten percent damage on top of the armor pen, each enemy is getting dropped within two to three head shots. Now with strategist, you get to mark one additional target in the last 20 percent longer.

The follow-up to that is combat marking. As long as you have Edge, you deal an extra 10 damage to the marked target. Now that all of this is combined, you are a killing machine.



Now I'm playing this on Overkill, and it's a pub match. I don't know these Fellers in here, okay, and they're all low levels, or at least lower than me, so I wasn't expecting to live here. I did want to show y'all how effective this build is.

Connections, stop now obviously, the goal here is to click on the heads; that's going to refresh your edge, but if you can recall using this weapon when he first started playing the game versus using this build right now, they are going down exceptionally fast. Now at this point in the game, people start leaving and people start dying, which I expected again because it's pub and they're all low levels on Overkill, but I was just trying to showcase the effectiveness of this build and how beneficial it is to a team.

best loadout

I'm curious to see if it's helped anybody out or if anyone has had something similar. Most importantly, don't forget to have fun along the way. I feel like after these past few days, people have forgotten that, and it's important to have fun. That's my two cents anyway

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