The Great Dogecoin Heist (payday 3 Funny Moments)


I am so zesty. It's looked at the menus, man. Road Rage is a new heist, estimated at 300 to 700,000 work ahead. It's a GTA heist. What's this i have guns placed and activated the EMB AR. We have 90 seconds—just an EMP in a duffel bag. Don't worry about it. Yep, yes, I do go on. Yeah, I'm sorry.

Yes, sir, the playset is activated. Are we sure the truck isn't coming here? There's no way a truck is spitting here. This guy's wrong. Yeah, we alerted him. We're okay, so I think we have to tie up all the possible things so you don't have to drop the bag, and then yeah, all right, three, two, one, hey.

No, it's a payload. They're jumping the food, honey. My, on the flank, on the flank on the flank my, my guys. I'm down, guys. Let's [__] Go, he hit me from the pisser. Come on, don't open that [__]. Open that [__]. yeah, cut that nice pick up of rare elements, excuse me. I just got [__] fully killed.

My God is all right. These guys were trained to stay in the truck. Yes, tactical nuke on the truck. Whoa, you die too. We got the Huskies. We have the Huskies. They're looking at us. What are they doing? They're looking they won't shoot you if you have a hospital. I'm so safe right now; it's so insane.

I'm trying the body; there's one right there. yeah, give me. Yeah, he's still shooting. Wait, where did the Winter Cell character come from? All right here. Here we go. You're the only one with the gun. Good luck all-time for the green dudes. After that, don't let the deuce of green walk up to you, yeah.

This is a great spot right here. Actually, low-key, yeah, I'm bringing some more and bringing you some more. I missed the bag. Where's our last bag? Are we good? Are we good? Do we get it now? I'm down i'm down i'm down god, okay, I'm going God, okay, I'm going to go. These cops run so slowly.

Final charge [ __ Is that it that wraps my god? It's too easy, baby. I am so rich. I blame everything. Listen, man, we have dirty ice. Jeff, we're about to be rich. Welcome to Ashton Fine Jewelry. How do you do, Madame? I'm looking for some diamonds; it would be a shame if I took them. Wait, you can just cut it.

There's other stuff to see, guys. Hello, sir, he's coming to chase you. That's me, okay? How did he see what, yeah? I don't know; that's really weird. Okay, I got a nice lay of the land. We have the break room here, and the Wi-Fi password is 7660. Don't touch Hans's Coca-Cola, please. I gave you guys a hostage.

You are lying. As you requested, I changed the passcode for the basement to the ID number of the employee of the month frame in the front room, all right, whose Employee of the Month is Riley L. Manager, 7294 okay, sorry, my finger slid. Wait, are you guys actually wrong? I've been shooting cops at the front.

Rose reminds me of some I actually saw when I was in New York: somebody was [__] with their private helicopter on a trailer driving through the [__] City go go. Eight civilians were killed. Watch it hey, slow down, pal. Slow down, Cal. Is he getting angry with me forever? I did nothing. No, it's just not going to happen.

I can pull it off. You have to mask yourself. I know I can do that. Okay, now five, seven, one, and six. What I just got, bruh, I got debated, nah, are you serious? Take evidence of the face fraud; am I giving you this [__] IRS for you? Who are you? Why are you running? Get your ass back here, all right?

Is she wearing [__]? Kevlar, yeah, that's a joke. Gotta go hold on. I have something for that. Hold on, why is a jug able to run that fast? Is he running back? You never get my [__] phone back; let's go as camera guys and get a camera. I can hack a camera and loop it. I don't think it's me; yeah, there's you; there's no [__] way.

It's me, nah nah, somebody's [__]. The urinal kills me. I'm sorry, what sort of splatter spree were you going on, foreign? How do you think it feels so good? You guys are getting Buffalo Wild Wings. What are you good, honey, barbecue boneless wings? Even though I've never eaten there, you've never been to Buffalo Wild Wings.

I've been to Buffalo Wings and Rings. I don't think it started Buffalo with a bit of Wings and Rings. We had one of those Wings and Rings places open. At least I thought it was open. Let's just say I walked in there, and there were some very confused employees in training. Nothing indicated that they weren't open, so I just kind of walked in there and stood there for like 15 minutes, and they're like, What are you doing?

and Amber rolled up to the club so he could pull some [_ 100]. Yeah, my cargo shorts and [__] Nike t-shirt are all right. What's your name? What's your default pickup line? If we're rolling up to a hot babe in the club, what's your signature move? Are you a traveler? Because I'm trying to like you up.

If I had pencils on my desk, my [__] eardrums could be [__]. Gonzo It's your non-destiny pickup line. You know it, but you know it is the Lightning McQueen. Are you lightning because you're my queen? What's getting us What's getting us You're going to be the only one not messed up. Alex [__] that's me.

That's fake; literally, you just jump off and you die. Pick up the cocaine. Hold up i got the digital key in two seconds. I don't know if I can get out to you, though she's coming. That doesn't sound like Paper Mario music. I'm literally stuck between a rock and a hard place here. I don't know what to do.

Wait, I think I know how you get down here. The issue is that I'm over here and there's two cops in between here, and I can only kill one. You said you found the thing right, Jeff. Yeah, it's in the middle of the [__] Dance floor on the second floor. You have an invitation, all right? God damn God, we are getting Gerald all right.

I need to drink my [__] sorrows away after we have a big issue we have a big issue. I fell, and it made me put my mask on. Do you have the blue key card, dude? You remember that vault foot? It did the same thing to me; it did the Amber, so I like the Whiteboard. Yeah, L115 Green Jeff You know where the switches are; they're just there.

What color is it? Oh, reset the biometric. Is that near you? I don't know where that is. Where is that guy coming out the door? Yeah, he's out, okay? I'm going to get it now, accessing zero seven zero four, Out here, yeah, or escape. Yeah, I'll get some cocaine. I came this far, and I'm getting Coke.

Have you ever done a silver stream, brother? The question is, How are we getting out of here or not? There's a bag in the doorway. Someone's question is marked. Yeah, surely the guard isn't suspicious of the guy throwing duffel bags along the [__] nightclub. I think that's everything. All right, are we good?

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