The Game Payday 2 Players Wanted Payday 3 To Be (and Why I Don't Really Like Payday 2)


Payday two player derogatory, someone who thinks that. This is a good game design. It may come as a surprise given this number, but I don't really like Payday 2. Specifically, I don't like Vanilla Payday 2. In my last article, I talked about an overhaul mod called Restoration Mod, and this is the good version of Payday 2.

I might make a article talking about why it is so good, but for now we are talking about Vanilla Payday 2. But yeah, I don't like vanilla Payday 2 because it is like Warframe, and I don't like Warframe. Don't look at that. Warframe is an interesting game because there are things about it that I really like, which is why I've spent so much time in it, but there's a lot of stuff that isn't good.

The same goes for Payday 2, as both of these games are what I would like to call stupid. It's hard to describe what makes a game stupid, but it looks a little something like this or something. Maybe that might just be me, but I find this level of power to be stupid. Being an unstoppable army does have its appeal, but I usually prefer my games to have some sort of challenge and skill expression instead.


Just, yeah. Payday 2 and Warframe have so many similarities that I made this copy pasta a while ago, and I thought it would be good to go over it line by line and discuss why I think these games are the same. I have come to the realization that Payday 2 and Warframe are the same [ __ ] game simple intro line Not really much to say here; both were released in 2013 and have had over 10 years of updates.

One thing not mentioned in this copy pasta is that both the companies behind Warframe and PayDay started out very small but are a lot bigger now and have even held multiple conventions about their games. Both are co-op PVE Hord Shooters, where the enemies have guns. This is opposed to other popular H-shooters like Left 4 Dead.

Antiac, both have special enemies that have more health and are actually threats if not dealt with. In Payday 2, specials like cloakers, tasers, and snipers can effectively kill you, while in Warframe, enemies like Xmus and Nullifiers are able to mess with your abilities and kill you very quickly if you let them.

bob feet

The bosses in both games are complete jokes; this is a boss fight in Payday, and this is a boss fight In Warframe, the lower levels of SL difficulties are so easy that they are boring, and you only play them to complete them.

Maym is also just as easy as [__] but at least it is possible for me to go down if I'm like AFK or something. In Warframe, anything on the normal star chart is also so brain-dead easy that the game is honestly boring for the first couple hundred hours until you unlock the higher-difficulty stuff. The game only starts being enjoyable on the Steel Path.

SL Deathwish, I feel like death wish is the most commonly played difficulty in Payday 2, and for good reason, it is difficult enough to feel rewarding but not [__] difficult to feel unfun. Steel Path is similar; enemies actually have health, and it is possible to actually die, so you have to make a competent build, and this is when Warframe actually becomes truly enjoyable.

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The highest difficulty endurance SL death sentence is [__] and stupid, and the only way to beat it is to abuse shield SL armor gates and frames. Here's my hot take for you. Payday Vets Death Sentence is the worst design difficulty I have played in an FPS game. It's not hard; it's very doable, but it's just designed so.

Well, you die in literally two bullets without armor, and you are facing hordes of enemies with automatic rifles. The only way to beat them is because of the eye frames from armor gating and [__] overpowered decks like stoic and leech. You don't beat it through skill; you beat it through cheese. The equivalent difficulty in Warframe is achieved when you spend multiple hours on an endless mission until the enemies reach level C.

This is not how the game is intended to be played, and the game is not balanced around this because you have no reason to stay on a mission this long. It is purely a bonus challenge for those who are really dedicated, like death sentence enemies. One-shot you, and the only way to survive is by abusing the eye frames you get when your shields go down outside of specific abilities.

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On that note, there is a play called Island Warframe, which was actually recently changed to be a bit better and work more reasonably. Basically, you intentionally have your max shields be as low as possible, and you use things like free for Spite and the augur mod set to recharge your shields instantly with abilities to get your shield gate back.

You don't tank with health or shields, but instead you tank with the eye frames you get from your shields going down, this is just. Anarchist the Meta has like three Warframe perk decks that people say are required for high-end content, but you could really just use whatever you want if you have enough.

Really skilled players in these games are able to use the garbage and make it work, and that's where the fun comes in these games. The most fun for me in Warframe is taking a single thing, be it a weapon, a Warframe, or even just a single mod, and building your entire load out around making that single thing as strong as possible.


Payday players like Carrot have made many articles where they use garbage decks like Biker and Crook and make them work in DSO. There are only like two builds for playing optimally crit or status anak kerker with Jokers. Lee stoic first aid kits with Jokers, but you could really use whatever you want if you have enough copium.

In Paid 2, some things are just way too strong. The fact that leech exists and is just so much better than almost every other deck is just stupid. Jokers are also op as [__] and are so lame, and everyone just uses the meta ship because you don't need to think. Warframe is similar in the fact that most weapons are built exactly the same; you just slap on crit mods if it's a good crit weapon or shus mods if it's a good status weapon.

The fun comes from thinking outside the box and using an obscure [__] like amalgam DQ. Target acquired with an Aona using Exodia Brave and getting endless energy and health that [__] is fun; every weapon is the same except the newer one is slightly better. The latest Payday 2 DLCs have so much power creep, and some good examples are the shotguns.

death sentance

The Trent shotgun was added as kind of a new damage class able to one-shot heavies with just overkill, but it was slow. It was really good, but it had downsides. Then they added the Moscone tactical, and it's just a straight upgrade to the trench shotgun and was just like the best shotgun in the game until they added the Argos, which is just even more broken and is just objectively the best shotgun in the game, and it's a secondary.

Even though I have played Payday 2 for thousands of hours, I would not say I enjoy the game. The current state of the game is one that I find stupid and unfun.
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