The Future Of Payday 3

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The future of Payday 3 is coming sooner than you think. After a mostly negative start to the game at Starbury Studios, the Payday 3 people have had live Q&As to keep us in the loop with all their server issues, but in these they also leaked a bunch of things. Knxp says you are cute. and the answer is,He's unaccounted for.

I don't why 14 i mean, I'd be very shocked if he didn't, because answering that 14 times kind of makes me think we found our impostor. So first of all, the next patch will be coming out in the 5th of October 5th, and that will include around 200 bug fixes and glitches. I mean, it will fix the glitches, not that there are any in GL.

You know what I mean? This will not include any content whatsoever, just the BG fixes, and the ones that they mentioned are crash fixes. Fixes for achievements PS5 cosmetics based on the game, like gold or silver audio not working in cut scenes on PlayStation 5; aim assist on PlayStation 5 PlayStation 5 really got roughed out the first time you interact with things like civilians.

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Xbox player names disappearing, cage bags on rock, the cradle falling through the dance floor, you know, sometimes you dance too hard, rock the trade old VIP badge. Not working on Overkill fixes an issue with the guards not being traded during the negotiation phase issues where failing the heist or succeeding would not go to the end screen issues where you couldn't mark through certain Windows issues where access denied would play even if the right NPC was there.

AI crews are not reviving people. God, this has happened to me so many times that the bots aren't saving me. Someone, the BS, didn't save me; they just stood around. Me, it's okay. It's just a game. It's just a game fix: stuttering movement on 100 plus ping, and honestly. I don't think they should fix this, but an issue where the wolf would yell medic bag instead of whispering during stealth, and honestly, that is, that is wonderful.

They also leaked a new skill line that will be released after the next patch. This patch should also include some quality-of-life fixes and some bug fixes. So what is this new skill line? It's called a transporter, and the things they leaked were carrying two bags carrying two deployables, carrying two deployables with a slight penalty for carrying bodies more effectively, which means.

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I guess, picking up faster or carrying faster, and I wonder if they put the throwing bags further, because that would' be super nice. This should be out late October, so the next thing they mentioned a ton was the XP and the progression; they said that it would be a priority, and they said that we would hear about it in the near future.

Some things they had to say about this were that the future patch will see better communication for challenges that are easier to understand today. We're not currently working on any fun fundamental changes, but we are taking them into consideration. They mentioned showing challenges at the end or recommending challenges as you go into the game because they want to have a stronger incentive for the challenges.

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As they said, yes, the challenge book needs more love, and they also want to fix the UI and ux to guide players better. There's also an issue at the moment where challenges aren't being completed or are being delayed in being completed. They suggest closing the game and relaunching, but that has not worked for me.

The idea behind this system is to make people play the game in as many different ways as possible, for example, with weapons. Heists play styles, difficulties, and gear, but in turn, the game favors loudness more than stealth. There are a lot more challenges for doing stealth, and with Lou, you obviously get the weapon kill challenges as well, because there are a lot more enemies.

People mentioned XP from finishing Heist; they said they would consider it, but they don't want to make a change soon; they want to wait for the feedback because they said they want to make an informed decision and don't want to make a kneejerk reaction, and reacting quickly can have a negative long-term effect on the game.


They also said that I don't want to add another problem to fix the current one. For example, if you receive infam points for completing one heist, they don't want you to just spam that one shortest heist over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. And over and over and over and over, and they said it's possible that they could add more challenges, but as they stated before, they want to make sure that they're sure, but more stealth challenges could be an option.

In the end, they said that we expected people to play one way, but they're not; they're going for kill rooms; they're sitting in that little room shooting their little guns; they didn't say any of this. I'm kidding they said that the level is supposed to be based on the challenges, to show how much of the game you've experienced, so 8 to 100 means you can adapt to most situations.

They wanted loud players to play stealth and vice versa, and they said that levels should be based on knowledge, but there's a bunch of issues, like people getting stuck on levels if they don't want to play loud if they're already playing stealth. The challenges are really not easy to find, like my dad finding milk.


Sometimes it's hard to know if you even did the right thing for a challenge because there's no progress bar. It just says if you did it or not. When talking about this, I think it's important to hear how they review feedback. Community is their first thing where they look. Online forums Reddit my YouTube channel streamers Etc The second is analytics, so their backend stats like how long people have been playing, their levels of weapon-specific kills, how often they complete heists, and then their third is internal: what do they think is a good fit?

What do they know? Where do they want to take the game? And then they want to use all of these to make an informed decision about what they should do. Other things they can confound Payday 3 music will be released on streaming platforms. Unreal 5 will be during Year 1, which is pretty cool. I'm excited for the fact that Twitch drops have been confirmed to be available at some point in the future.


Plans on adding more difficulty in the future said that we don't want to have one shot kill because the game is death by 1, 000 cuts, so they want to balance it around that. They said if they add one, they want to make it meaningful, because they generally said for Payday 2. You just pick one and stick with it because there were like six in there, and honestly, I could never tell the difference.

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