The First Ever Custom Payday 3 Map - Proving Grounds


Brian is back again for another article. Today we're going to be taking a look at a brand new map in Payday 3. This is one of the first or the first ever custom map in Payday 3. And once the game loads in, I'll let you see what exactly this game is going to let you do. This map requires you to own a PC copy of Payday 3, and it requires you somehow accessing the debug menu.

and you can get this fix right here, so it's not so blinding. The map also requires you to install be able to install mods onto the game. I have a article in, I have a article on my channel explaining how to install mods on the game pass version of this game, so check that article out if you want to install mods.

The mob we're going to be taking a look at is Proving Grounds, the very first ever custom map in paid A3, so we're going to host it, and it should start loading up right now. Um, this is the very first map ever created for Payday 3. They're not going to attack you. Their AI is currently disabled, so it's a good model viewer.

There's that; spawn a security guard if you want to. Surprisingly, the AI runs on the exact same seems like it runs on the exact same AI as the security guards and all that, so that's kind of cool. Here's the brand new cloaker. Look at them so neatly. Kill him with one shot, lead security guard.

custom heist

That's cool; there's a brand new-looking Dallas. And here's the sniper. You're not really meant to see the sniper, but you can pick up his body for some reason. The shotgunner kind of looks like the Grenadier; this is the Swatch shotgunner. I believe there's a heavily armed shotgunner. Here's a shield.

This is how they look on average. taser You see, he's got a battery pack on the side right there. You can shoot to disable the sniper or the taser; it's still called the taser in the files. That's crazy because they call them Zapper in the normal main game. And finally, yeah, that was the SWAT SMG, and we got the final heavy shotgunner.

I think it's heavy. I don't know. He's got a lot of car binders; also back here, you got some of the examples of the bags again. normal blue duffel the dyed pack bags the Thermite Overkill weapon thing, ammo armor medic bag, or it's not even, yeah, it's just medic bags. the turret ECM microcam, infrared mine, motion sensor, and your phone, which somehow has my custom image on it if you want to see it.

custom heists payday 2

I can't wait to see when people actually make full-on custom ice and what they do with it. Stay heist in heisters

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