The Fastest Way To Farm Infamy Levels Payday 3


With me now finally hitting that massive level 100 landmark in Payday 3 and getting there in about 60 hours of gameplay around all the server issues. I think we're finally starting to get a handle on the fastest way to level up an account. As we expected right now, at least there is no secret method to this or house you can repeat over and over, as was the case in Payday 2.

This is because all experience or infamy points are run solely via the completion of challenges, which are split into heist career and combat in some ways. This smooths the leveling progression that encourages you to try out new builds and weapons as well as mix up the heist you're playing, although I like many others right now.

I'm not fully buying into the process due to how it's been implemented. I enjoyed the challenges well enough up until about level 70, as they gave me something unique to focus on during each host, but at the same time. I think there should be a base reward simply for completion of the heist, ranging from at least 30 to 100 IP, depending on its complexity and difficulty.


That way, you don't finish a slog of stealthy completion with nothing really to show from it. Also, let me tell you that those last 20 or so levels really will be a grind with how things are currently in any case. I think your best approach will be to predominantly stick to the combat challenges that seem to have almost enough of these when combined with passive completions just for playing the game to do a lot of the heavy lifting on your way to level 100 and beyond.

You should look to augment them with a few fast stealth clears of heists like dirty ice and rock the cradle to level up your weapons in order to unlock the career modding challenges, as these are also incredibly easy ways to earn some extra experience without having to go too far out of your way. Matt said the book of what you will be doing if you want to purely power level your account for weapons skill point unlocks is grinding, killing challenges on the heist, and touching the sky.

This seems to have the most intense spawn logic from start to finish whilst also providing numerous holdout locations to help grind those harder difficulties where again swats. Spawn in more frequently when choosing the heist, unless you have some very patient friends looking to support you without stealing any kills.


I like to get it on Overkill invite only, meaning I head in with the crew AI, who get absolutely decimated on this difficulty, meaning all those sweet, sweet kills will be yours alone from there. I immediately go loud, grab a hostage or two, and start the master bedroom objective. I do this as it seems to influence the intensity of the spawn rate, but even if that's just Placebo, it does induce earlier grenadiers, who we also do need to kill for their own combat challenges, seeing as this is played on Overkill difficulty.

Tech, you can take refuge in one of three different bathroom locations on this house to go for as many challenges as possible with almost complete invulnerability. I've seen some people favor the two upstairs bathrooms, which work fine if you don't choose to progress the assault of our objectives, but if you also want achievements for dealing with zappers.


Grenadines, and the like, you need to be mindful of the cloaker spawns that might catch you out mid-run. That's why I've come to favor the downstairs bathroom when power leveling myself. There, your back will be truly against the wall. I also like to drag a civilian in here with me, as it will encourage shotgun swats to switch over to their weaker pistols as well as prevent any nasty gas grenades from coming in, which should make the strategy even safer.

There's just a case of completing the specific challenges you set up for this heist, with all weapons earning IP up to 1000 kills and also having a specific challenge. Can range from hipfire kills to killing specifically on heavy swats, as long as you stay within the cover of the bathroom. I can do this safely and sustainably thanks to the skills I'll cover in just a second, although I'm impatient and tend to push out quite frequently, meaning I rely on the crew AI at least being alive at the end of assault waves to drop me some more armor if this feels too aim-intensive, especially.


On the console, I know its aim is virtually nonexistent. At the moment, just plant yourself further inside and use the door for cover, as the swats will bottleneck at the entrance and file in one by one. In terms of how I'm doing this so sustainably, that can be ensured by a simple skill combination, even at early levels.


I recommend some sort of edge be it Sharpshooter, or Gunslinger depending on the challenges you're after and then the skills ammo funnel and replenish to prevent you from needing to actually head out to pick up ammo boxes or reload as often cutting short for dealing with armored enemies and scrounger to help you through your throwable challenges in all that's an eight-point investment so available from quite a low level and at the end of the day these skills aren't a necessity they just speed things up it, is important to vaguely track how many kills you've picked up on the heist so you know when to leave it and move on to the next challenges you see challenge progresses, are not regardless of highest completion so you can happily quit or restart the heist and move on to the next weapon combo as soon as you're happy you've done enough the.

The nice thing about restarting is that it tends to avoid a bit of that server jeopardy once you have one. I do think this is kind of lame and somehow worse than just spamming the same Heist completions over and over again, but it is the optimal way to speed through these weapon challenges, unfortunately.

When you get fed up with that, you can always look to lower the difficulty and grind out a few very hard completions of Touch the Sky, as that will also reward you with milestone challenges, or switch it up completely on a high, slightly dirty eye where you can actually farm kills on the swat's primary spawn location once.


The FBI van calls in an endless assault it's a change of pace and music track but you're still going to be hearing the sounds of lots of hit markers and screaming regardless while, they haven't really touched on yet though is actually planning these farming runs as that's about as essential as pulling them off you, want to go in with a few challenges in mind and a bill to reflect that there is no best or most efficient challenge for you to tackle as far as I can tell but heading into a house prepared and covering as many bases as possible is crucial I like to go after two primary weapon challenges per run, two secondary weapon challenges, as well as an equipment throwable gadget and an Overkill weapon challenge, at least in the back of my mind.

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