The Easiest Way To Complete No Rest For The Wicked Heist Solo Overkill. Payday 3


In this article, I'll be doing the first heist, which is No Rest for the Wicked on Overkill. This house is actually kind of easy, but there's one frustrating step that we'll only have to do once, and if we keep failing, then you'll understand that this house is actually so much easier, so what you're going to want to do is just spawn in and run straight over to the store.

Here, I'll show you the perks that I have at the end of the article. So just make sure you're watching this article all the way through to the end, or you can skip to the end just to see what perks I've got. It's up to you. You only need seven, six, or seven skill points in order to get all the perks I'd recommend, but the main one is going to be Rush and using Rush where the civilians and cameras are around as well, because then you can get doing stuff much easier.

Now the RNG for this heist can be pretty good, but it can also be pretty bad, obviously. So if you're looking for the red key card room, sometimes it can spawn the roof, and that will make the whole thing a complete nightmare. But if you're lucky enough to get the camera room and the red room on the first floor, then you should be good to do this.


I'd recommend bringing motion sensors as well so you can check them on the stairs or guards so you know which things are happening, so you're just going to want to spawn in the run. And look for the QR code on the phone. It can be spawned downstairs in the first room that we went through in the cupboard; it can be spawned in the manager's office downstairs; it can be spawned in the it room, which is where it was for me today; and it can be spawned in the office as well on the table, with like the conference room as well.

So once you've got that, you're going to want to go and steal the red key card from a guard. It can spawn on the roof of a guard, and I think it can actually also spawn on the ground floor of a guard. and I think it can actually also spawn on the ground floor as well, but whatever happens, it's going to be on the back of a guard; it doesn't have a spawn that's not on a guard.


So, once you've done that, you're going to want to run downstairs and go back to this box. Obviously, make sure that the guard is around, so I'd recommend sticking this one of the motion to throw on this guide if you have it, but now we're going to be doing the step that we're going to only need to do once, which is grab an executive, so as you just saw.

I stuck the motion to throw on that guard. You don't actually need the motion detector if you know the rotation of the run that you're doing. Just be careful of the lead guard, as he can go up and down the stairs, and he's probably going to be the one more likely to get you. Also, because you're going to have to mask up to grab an executive.

I'd recommend grabbing the blue key card and then going into the camera room and taking out the cameraman just like that and then answering his page out. Once you've done that, you should be good to grab the executive. You can deal with the hostages if you need to, but you shouldn't need to because there's a room that the executive will always go into, so you can just grab them for it easily from there.


I'll show you that room in a second, as we're just going to be leaving the camera room here, and there's an executive right there. I don't think I actually grabbed them here, so what I'm going to do is I'm going to go. Well, actually, no, okay, there's two locations, so the room is opposite. This room, if that makes sense, is on the left of my screen, and there's like a printer room in there.

like a printer room in there; that's where you can grab him too. I'm just going to grab him here in the store. Wait for that card to do the rotation to give me the longest. I'm going to strafe along the side of the hallway. So, the civilians in the like managers computer room don't see me, not the manager's room because that's downstairs for confusion for what I said earlier, but then you're just going to want to make your way down the stairwell.

Hug the left side of the wall so that the civilians in the conference kind of room don't see you, and then just go through this gate here and Chuck him against the eye scanner. I don't actually understand why the manager's computer is upstairs when it's not in his office, but it's just something I don't know.


You're going to want to make sure that the guy is not coming up the stairs again. You're always going to want to be careful of the guy because he has a few spots that are like tucked in, so you're going to have to swing the corner just quickly to see if he's there; otherwise, you will get detected by maybe as well, and here you're going to have to do a little bit of an injury if you don't have Rush.

Because then the guards are like the civilians who are going to see you. It depends i'm pretty sure the computer always spawns in this room in Overkill, but it's not always the same computer; it's a dispute, and the number of civilians is also various. Just be careful of that, and if you can tag him when you can so that you know if he's going up or downstairs.


Let's run for a second. 5081 from the codes in the top left for what we got from the computer, once you've opened the vault, you're just going to restart the heist. You're going to walk straight into the vault, and you're going to input the code that you found in your last run, which is still the same 5801, and without masking up, you can open the vault.

Just be careful of the observed symbols on the thing because they can appear as you're about to complete it. What I'd recommend doing is, well, you know, it's not a recommendation because it really doesn't make a difference, but just lockpick a box so that you get your rush and then find the money bags in the lock boxes as well.

You can only get two, I believe, per run in the lock boxes, so if you find two and you don't want the extra little cash, then it's fair enough now. I don't actually know how you can get all of these bags without the die packs going off. It might be a favor, but I haven't seen the favor myself. So, as you can see in the gameplay, I nearly got six deaths diffused, but I'm going to get five, but it doesn't really matter because it's just a solo guide.


If you're doing this with more than one person, it'll make it so much easier, and you can get all of the money easily without getting killed on them. So, yeah, as you can see, I'm just backing them up and picking up all the extra cash. I've just made a little pile there, so if your camera RNG is here, it's probably the worst camera placement, so that's good for this guide.

It can be in the room to the right behind where I am now. So what I'm going to do is just go to Chuck and put the bags in the doorway of the public area. Now guards can see this. I believe in this run; a guard saw it from outside you. You can actually close the windows using the buttons on the side.

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