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Payday 3 is one of those games where once you start to learn some of the nuances, mechanics, combos, and tricks, it can make a world of difference in how you approach a heist, and one of the more fun and rewarding parts of the game for me is finding faster ways to get past tricky parts of missions or finding ways to rank up even quicker.

Today, I want to share some of the best tips and tricks that I have learned along the way. Now, one of the easier things to overlook, especially when you're just getting into the payday, are the skills, synergies. There are some crazy, powerful perk combos in Payday 3 that let you do stuff like instantly pick locks, perform illegal actions in front of pedestrians, run around with a permanent, unstoppable human shield, and even get free revives from the police.

Yeah, I'm not kidding on that one. Understanding the perks in this game can completely change how you approach a heist, so what skills do I recommend? Well, one of my favorite early skill combos helps make picking locks a nearly instantaneous process. All you need are the starting perk and quick fingers.

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With these two skills, every lockpick after your first will only take a single jiggle, and while that might not sound like a huge deal, it is a huge quality of life. Improvement, especially for heists that are locked and heavy. Just look at how much faster it is to pick these locks with these skills.

Be active if you're doing a heist like road rage where you need to pick over a dozen locks quickly. Having someone in your squad run this perk can be a lifesaver. Let them worry about the lock while everyone else deals with the cops or bags the loot. Now the next skill combo really is crazy, but first I wanted to give a huge shout out to the Payday 3 developers for sponsoring this article.

Okay, so the lockpicking skills are somewhat straightforward, but what if I told you that you could become basically invisible? The Grifter skill tree will let you do illegal activities in front of civilians and employees and even let you get away with trespassing. In view of any camera, the base starting skill in this tree activates Rush when you're within 1 meter of a civilian while unmasked.

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With Rush active, the walk-to-walk skill lets you trespass in view of the cameras, and the social engineering skill lets you perform illegal activities in front of employees. This is a skill combo that basically rewards you for being brave. The only caveat here is that you do have to have your mask off for it to work, so if you're more of a smash and grab robber, it might not be the best skill combo for you, but for anyone else, it's kind of like doing a magic trick, just waltzing around a bank doing pretty much whatever you want the whole time, being able to grab key cards and unlock doors, and the No Rest For The Wicked bank.

Heisting is just so much easier with these skills since a lot of the things that you need to unlock the vault are in private areas or near employees. And in view of cameras, without these skills, you need to do a complex ballet to avoid detection. With the skills, it's pretty much like working at the bank.

Now, one of the most powerful but less obvious skill energies is what happens when you put the enforcer, Ace, and solid skills together while holding a hostage. Taking enforcer Ace ensures that you always have grit and Edge active, which is essential as the solid skill requires both of those to make you immune to stagger effects.

you'll drop your hostage if you get staggered so having solid will make it impossible for the cops to stagger you as for why you'd want to walk around with a hostage all day well there's some crazy benefits to this police are forced to resort to mostly less than lethal attacks when you're holding a hostage, they can still shoot you but they won't throw explosives, or gas grenades at you when you're near a civilian holding a civilian as a body shield with the enforcer and solid skills essentially makes it impossible for the police to kill you and as long as you face the cops head on they're way less likely to shoot you and they can't stun or knock you down you can even tank a dozer, charge attack with this combo so while you're limited to using your pistol this combo basically turns you into an invulnerable, tank which is perfect for objectives like standing near the truck on road rage or in the Wi-Fi zones on touch the sky.

The next skill combo that I want to highlight is probably the most insane. What if the cops who just downed you could also be forced to revive you? That's pretty much what the manipulator skill tree is for. Take the base. Park Plus menacing and Stockholm syndrome menacing give you the ability to shout at squat or heavy squat units and force them to surrender.

Once they do, they are converted to civilians. You stack this ability with Stockholm syndrome, which lets you command. Cowering or tie down civilians to revive you gives you free revives for basically the entire Heist now it can be a little bit tricky to activate since you have to stay aimed at them while shouting, and if they take any damage while being converted you have to start the process over, but once you've converted them they behave like any other hostage and can also revive you and what makes this combo so powerful is that well it's pretty rare for you to go down while you're right next to a civilian hostage but you're pretty much guaranteed to be surrounded by cops while you go down so basically you always have a get out of jail literally, free card when you go down with this perk combo, now as a bonus tip keep an eye on which perk combos require one of the three status effects to be active to get their full benefit You can often use additional skills to boost how often you get the status effects that you need.

For example, if you do my lockpicking build while also taking the Escapist scale, it will give you a rush after sprinting for 3 seconds, so even your first lockpick will basically be instant. Instead of having to pick one to activate Rush and then speed up the subsequent picks, once you get enough perk points to combine crazy synergies, you'll become an unstoppable Heer.

Now, outside of these skill combos, there are quite a few other strategies to help you maximize your profits. Being able to maximize your damage per second is essential to surviving Heist on the insane. Overkill, Difficulty If you're not using your ammo effectively in this mode, you're pretty much a goner.

Obviously, going for a headshot will increase your DPS, but there are a few other ways to quickly down cops that would otherwise be bullet sponges. Base-tier police and squats are very susceptible to headshots, so that's going to be your best option with them, but as you move up to different enemies, things get a lot more interesting.

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