The Best "stealth" Item Payday 3 (apparently)


I'm trying to figure out why the fun that you tell me apparently is not all right. Well, all right, Well all right this next time we get it, don't worry. All right vote to restart. Let's do this again: grab, restart. You're the worst guy in the world. Can we restart? Can we restart? Can we i got caught.

Guys, time out. Is there a reason not to just kill this cop right here? I did that's why I killed the cop and then blasted the camera, but they saw you there. I didn't know there's a civilian just standing over the goddamn. honestly, if I put a mask on in public like that, they got that upset. He pulled out a gun.

It feels like an infringement on my rights. Just stand here, waiting for him. no, don't lockpick that space bar. Okay, we're doing this all right. No, I got it. I got it. I got it. Yeah, they're just on the team now. That's kind of cool. My Payday 2 If you failed that, it just immediately called the cops.

The security officer doesn't answer their phone for 2 seconds, like something's wrong. Send it to the military what me CU You're the manager of a bank. Yeah, what this is, her there we go, all right now we start, lockpicking, get a bag of loot break, get over here, I made a mistake. God, I hate this.

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We're doing so well. God, you're so [ __ All right. One more time from the top, about to make you guys sit in the getaway car; just let me do this. We've been trying, and Eric has thrown a grenade by accident seven times. I did the same thing. I did it once you did, you know. Z It's really nice, J.

Remember that thing you did the first time? Once, by accident, they've done it like eight times. Who brought the [__] Nerf gun? What is that? is that the is that the Joker Nerf gun? I love that that's a Fortnite skin right there. Don't worry, guys; Daddy's going to take care of this one. I don't think your attitude is right now.

Okay, see, I was literally right there, and they saw me last. Okay, no, you didn't. You walked up the stairs. I saw you. No, I was right. Here, I saw you. Okay, file cabinets are in this room. We're looking for a file cabinet in the VIP room. This is the VIP room. Yep, S 5604 I got it, got it, the iPhone Master P to M.


no, I don't want that. Activate the lure. Don't do that. I don't know what it does; it's new, and it's scary to hit the big red button, but where is it right here? This big right button What does it do? I'm afraid to press it. I'm afraid to press it too. I don't want to redo this. Again, why'd you do that, Eric?

You didn't hit the button; you shot; he didn't, even though the button doesn't do anything. No, he shot a gun. It makes you feel better, but the button didn't do anything. All right, I'm giving it one more shot, then I'm quitting here. Just keep your gun away. Yeah, don't even put your match. You don't need it.

These poor security guards are just being paid, like, $8.95 an hour. You know, they're probably all retired. Yeah, I know you guys should start lockpicking the VIP room if you want. I've turned off the power. I need a Q code. It's on; it's in the office on the couch on the couch. why, why'd you do that?


It was an accident—my C, my keyboard. You want to do this one again? You just do a different one. Let me get my cat away about to ground Eric from his grenades and give him tennis balls. Instead, silencers are still very loud. The power's off. Also, I don't know how a building in the city doesn't have a backup generator, but you know, yeah, especially a bank.

Yep, it's not a bank, It's a still though it's still high, Yeah is the power out yep the power's out. You can start lockpicking. The best heist of Payday 2 is the holiday heist because Santa It's like Santa's Workshop; he's cooking crack cocaine; the manager's coming in here; get ready, manager's.

funny payday 3 video where we keep accidentally throwing grenades and alerting everyone payday 3 gameplay.
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