The Best Stealth Build Payday 3


That said, let's jump straight into the template for the best stealth setup in Payday 3, from which we'll tinker and build on to perfect our strategies for each individual heist. Compared to Payday 2, where your weapon choices are essential to overall success and stealth. Payday 3 has done away with concealment and detection risk, meaning the rate at which you're detected is standardized.

144, this single-fire Marksman rifle simply doesn't require skills to be incredibly strong; one shot headshotting even heavy swats late into a heist without edge means it's the perfect option to save the day late into a failed stealth run. I have mine equipped with the CQC Barrel Edge Ridge silencer, line sight tack grip, angled ghost grip, and HQ stock in the secondary slots.


Again, you have free reign to use whatever pistol you enjoy the most, although I steer away from revolvers as they can't be silenced. Personally I've started leaning towards the signature 403 as a higher damage pistol with solid handling stats retaining a one-hot headshot and two shot body shot kill on regular guards which is normally enough to get the job done silently, although as I've already mentioned I don't tend to pick up too many kills with my weapons in stealth, this one is set up with the quick pull mag oist silencer slight RDS sight and Rib for your pleasure grip moving swiftly along for the Deployable I've been bringing along medic bags just to grind up the placement challenge but if you do want some hybrid utility consider a sentry gun or armor bag to assist in those last minute unexpected loud escapes, as for your throwable this one is not for discussion you absolutely need to be running the throwing knife on any stealth Bill to be as effective as possible, not only are they a silent way to deal with guards preventing any potential grenade related slip-ups they're also the strongest distraction tool in the game being used to move security around a heist at your whim actually giving you serious influence over their pathing.


Trust me when I say these things are gamechanging for any stealth build the tool is an area where I like to be quite flexible, as there's at least some call for using all four of these at some point on a heist but if you just want the most consistently useful and easiest to use option I'd say go for the motion sensor this thing can help you track the movements of specific guards or just give you more eyes on the Hotpot areas of a heist it's pretty effortlessly, strong, finally we always wrought the standard lining for Pure stealth builds this is simply due to its increased movement speed potential allowing you to make more movement intensive rushes on all stealth Heights, hybrid builds are probably better off dropping into heavier categories for more armored plates though moving on to the skills I start off in infiltrator with infiltrator a quick fingers and bagger infiltrator a is one of the best allpurpose stealth skills in the entire game it's a virtually constant source of Rush even when masked up thanks to its Ace component granting you it the second you start to get detected.


This 10% movement speed buff can get you out of line of sight rapidly or enable the activation of quick fingers, another pivotal skill in most stealth builds. This one allows you to instantly complete lockpicking minigames in a single rotation, so long as you have Rush available. It's also a nice utility to have, as it's essentially a speed skill, particularly useful when playing solo, as we all know moving loot is the slowest part of that gameplay loop.

In the Escapist tree, we pick up Escapist itself as well as Swift. Both of these skills are centered around movement speed, with Swift giving us 10% increased sprint speed when masked up and an infiltrator offering Rush. After sprinting for 3 seconds, if you have no other potential sources for that stat buff in demolitionist, we have the most surprising steal skill so far in the excellent extra munitions.

Even when committing blatant felonies, an open mic, on the other hand, is an insurance policy just in case we have to quickly answer a guard radio when we didn't necessarily intend to activate one. This bill will be leaning more so on the takedown mechanic, so we'd rather not answer radios at all if it could be avoided, but things seldom go exactly as planned in Payday 3's stealth.


Hacker is the next stealth Focus tree in the game and is absolutely the best payday 3 has to offer at launch we pick up hacker rased secure Loop rooted ping and glitch protocol, hacker race gives you access to two run times meaning we can influence two cameras on a heist with some of our other hacker skills like secure Loop allowing us to run an endless camera Loop effectively disabling it for the entire duration of the runtime, rooted ping on the other hand won't entirely disable a cam but it does turn it into an additional spotting device to keep tabs on C Patrol through high traffic areas I like to make use of this one once I've already dealt with the camera operator and don't need to use my run times on any Loops.


Finally, glitch protocol is just an insanely good stealth skill that allows you to essentially reset the action of any guard to their previous state, locking them in place for the duration. This can simply be used to hold them out of the way for longer, distract them while trying to escort you out of a private area, saving lots of time in the process, or outright prevent heist failure.

You see, you can even use this skill on a guard who's attempting to arrest you after witnessing a crime, resetting them to their prior state, which in this case is search mode, saving the entire stealth portion of this jewelry hit. I cannot express how amazing this skill is and how much of a necessity it is for all of your stealth setups.

In strategist, we just grabbed strategist Ace. I imagine this is an easily overlooked skill right now, but honestly, having the ability to mark three guards independently for a longer duration is seriously valuable. With the shorter detection period, knowing exactly what's around each corner is pivotal, so don't underestimate the power of guard spotting in any build you create.

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