The Best Shotgun Build Payday 3 (13 Skill Points)


Just like no vest, just the standard lining, so that will really help keep armor. After this, we're going to go with the mower so we can get the other good stuff we're going to get. Funnel which as long as you have Edge ammo, you pick up is directly added to your weapon which is really good because if you're using a shotgun you don't really want to just run into like a bunch into a hallway with a bunch of things especially when you don't have a lot of health so you're going to want to play kind of strategic and you would want to play this on a smaller map so you can actually use this and then we're gonna put on replenish is pretty good because you, if you kill an enemy you'll automatically pick up, the ammo and it will you know from the enemies you killed so you again you don't have to go run and go pick it up all right anyway we're gonna go down to tank just get basic tank and then , go over here and get extra plates so you can get the extra two charges since you're gonna be using the standard lining you only have one chunk so there's no reason to get armor up because you don't have two additional charges you just have one.


So just get this. I think that should be fine if you do have an extra skill point. Put on just Escapist Basics so you can get that if you're going to be sprinting a lot. Extra Rush which makes increases your movement speed but you don't have to have that this is a 13 out of 13 skill point if you have 14 get escape this that's probably the next one that you would want and then get enforcer aced, so whenever you kill one enemy within five meters because you're always gonna be within five meters you're gonna get a grit and Edge, and that's and that's really good for a shotgun because you're always going to be within five meters of them and then get a quick reload because these shotguns are slow as hell and even with the quick reload it's still pretty slow it's just something that you really want to have so it's just a little bit quicker, and then get face to face as long as you have Edge and grit you deal 10 of more damage to targets within five years of you again you're gonna be always within five meters because you're using a shotgun so it's really good.

And then you're going to do a combat reload. Whenever you reload a weapon, you get edge and grit, so then again, all these give you edge and grit, and that's something that you want when you're using a shotgun and just anything in general shock and awe. Killing an enemy within eight meters of you has a chance of Staggering non-special enemies: this is really good with a shotgun because you're always within eight meters, and that stagger is actually pretty good, especially.

I don't know if shields count as special units; I don't think they do, but I think if you shoot at the shield, they'll stagger them. I've seen that a couple times. It's pretty good; it's really good, and that is it. We are going to be using the best shotgun in the game, which, from what I've used, is the Ryan Field 880.

shotgun build

Then grab, of course, the armor bag smoke grenade. That would be cool, but you know anything here is fine. It's all personal preference. That's why if you can get escapists, if I had an extra point, then I would put it on escapists, and then, of course, this is your choice. You could choose whatever you want here.

You know, I'll put the sniper on why not, but yeah, this is basically the secondary whatever you want. This is basically the build. I hope you guys enjoy it. Try it out. You can even tweak it a little bit to your liking. If you have a little bit more points, you can add some stuff to it, but this is the base layer.

This is probably the cheapest version of it that you can make, so let's just get into it. I mean, I don't really mind, but I should just grab this [__] time to fix the drill. A good point You started dating your ex again. Remember, reading a book twice won't change the ending. That's exactly it, in my personal way; it's actually hella valid, though enough is enough.

Running is enough. All right so that was some gameplay of me using the shotgun using the perk deck. It's pretty good on smaller, more closed-in maps I don't know about, like bigger maps. I would think to use something else on a bigger Mac, but, like, I mean, the perfect map to do it on is dirty ice, or maybe even or maybe even like, Rock the cradle.

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