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Setup correctly

Setup correctly

I'm going to be showing you guys a new tutorial on Payday 3. You can get infinite XP as many times as you want to do this over and over for a lot of player levels, so I'm level 37, and I know there are people already like level 70 and 100 out there, but as someone who works all day. I can't do that, so I'm going to show you guys how you can easily farm some XP.

Now, obviously, this is how you rank up. I'm not going to spend time telling you that. This is what you want to do. One thing you want to do is figure out some easy challenges that you can do and then come over to your loadouts, so for this method. As you'd see, CQC specialist, I've never even used this perk, so I would play this one on for one of my strategies.

all loot

I don't have any of these unlocked, so I would pick that one tactician. And so on, and so basically, we're going to be using this class and skill set just to get more XP because we haven't used them before. I'm not actually going to do this right now on this, loadout, or whatever the next thing you're going to want to do in reference to your challenges, buy a new primary gun that isn't already level 21 or, you know, level 12.

I bought the B9, and it's now level two. Now, doing this method isn't going to get you any weapon levels; it will get you only player levels, so this level 37 on the top right is the only level that this is going to raise, and it's going to do this from your challenges, so all these guns have challenges in this tab in the combat tab.

That you will get XP for the only reason that the weapon doesn't actually get XP is because you're failing the mission, and it doesn't give you XP for failing the mission for some reason; it only gives you XP for doing the challenges, so when I get into the mission and you guys see what I'm talking about, you'll understand more because you're going to fail the mission on purpose and you're not going to actually complete the heist.

But this is just how it works. I mean, I've gone from literally 30 to 35. I think just doing one of these things, like just one round of this, got me up five levels, so this is absolutely worth it.

The actual tutorial

The actual tutorial

They give you tons of XP for getting 1 000 kills with and without silencers equipped, so if you just do these long enough to get that XP, you will really rank up a lot, so we're going to go ahead and start the game. I'm going to show you guys exactly what to do. You can either do it two ways: you can go straight to the front door, or the way that I like to do it is go straight up the stairs, go ahead, and mask up because you're going to have to break the vent off of this.

You're going to climb through here, and it really doesn't matter if you're silenced or not; we're about to go loud anyway, so you're going to just come straight down here into the room, and what you're going to do is just start killing everybody. Now, really, the civilians don't really matter; you're really just going to be focusing on the guards and then the police when they show up if we can just find them to kill, so some more guards are here to kill.


Go ahead and get rid of them, and the alarm will go off. That's exactly what is supposed to happen, Will. Come in you can also do this with friends, and it'll probably increase your survivability a lot if you have friends doing this with you. So we're in this part. We just came out of this event, so at the main door, there's this double door right here.

deposit box

We're going to open this door, and we're going to come in here, and there's going to be a bathroom right here. Now as you can see this corner causes the AI to just tweak, out like they cannot come in here they can shoot you a little bit right here but if you hug this door and you kind of just you know keep swiveling left and right you can just line up the headshot especially if you're using a shotgun just like a one-hit kill for a good majority of the time that you're going to be doing this but if you're sitting here they can't really hit you could just continue shooting them now, one important thing make sure that this door doesn't go like this because it will mess it up so you have to make sure the door is open like this and then you can also shoot the handle and now it can't close so now you're set for good you can just sit here and I'll even put up gameplay of the end of the games when I finally died.

Because if you're just sitting here, you're just racking up XP. I would recommend doing this for about 25 to 30 minutes. You get a good bit of XP just from sitting here doing this. One of you just kind of sits into Corner One here, and you can just take turns kind of shooting everybody, right-dropping armor bags and medic bags.

And ammo isn't really a problem because all of the cops actually drop a lot of ammo when they die, so you don't have to worry about getting more ammo; don't put on any of the ammo perks. So, that's really the only part you have to worry about. As you can see, you can also sit here and, you know, just throw a grenade in there and use all your equipment if you're going to get it back.

All right, you can just rack up XP like this. Like I said, this is the best way to get player-level. I've already liked level 41 just from doing this. I'll do this maybe twice a day and then run some heist, whether you can see all the armor or not. The ammo bags you can pick back up, and you'll grab even more ammo back for your weapons.

It's really hard to run out of ammo completely. I'm about to die—not really, but um. I'm not sure if this is going to get patched; they might add like some kind of barrier here or just reprogram a to like walk in the building or walk in the room with you no idea, but you know, take advantage of this.

You don't know how long this will last; they'll get you some levels. All right, I'm going to go ahead and kill myself. I'm going to leave some more gameplay footage of me doing this and just getting a lot of XP up there in the end games and all that. So yeah, guys, it's been your work here. Remember to like the article and subscribe for more Payday articles.

I got a lot more coming in your broker ghost, and I'm out.

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