The Best & Most Hilarious Payday 3 Mods Of Week #3

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Pity 3 has officially been out for just a little over two weeks now, and the modding community has brought nothing but complete joy to the players. This article marks number three of the best of the week mods for PayDay 3. But before we get into that, make sure to check out my other articles. I've got the best HUD and the best quality of life mods.

Make sure to check those ones out now. First up, we have a Sanic cloaker, and this one's a funny one, but it actually deems it extremely useful. Next, we got this funny one called the guards Squidward walking sound, and yes, you heard it. It's the guards walking around; they sound like Squidward, but the tentacles are just walking around now.

This is just something funny again. Modding is meant to be fun, and this has brought Greyjoy to me, but it turns out this will help you pinpoint wherever the guards are, which is kind of like a little cheat if you ask me, but fun nonetheless. Now this next one's kind of funny. It's called I need more bullets from that meme from, like, Tick Tock.

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Like I said, pretty, funny, not necessarily useful, but just gives you a better time when you're playing the game. HUD This one allows you to see your current kills and damage, which helps you complete your challenges and stay on track of them. On top of that, you can actually alter them to move them up and down, left and right, and increase their size.

Zoom it in and out, etc. You can also see the other players, so it's almost like a DPS meter for you and your friends, which is a lot of fun if you ask me, but truthfully, its most important role is keeping track of your combat challenges. This next one isn't actually a mod; it's just a website that you can download.

It's called the vault combination generator. The reason I brought this one up reason I brought this one up because it actually has quite a few downloads and people are appraising it. I think it's just a quick way for those who go up to the vault and can see the fingerprint markings with the black light to quickly just enter into the code, and it's going to output the different combinations available for you to put in so you don't have to worry about getting a manager, etc.

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To unlock it for you now. The next one you've probably seen at this point is called the engine. It basically just makes it so that your FPS, no matter what kind of PC you have, will be able to run much better. Alright, this next one is called the Payday 3 Custom Fov, and this one just gives you a big slider all the way up to 150 and down to 50.

Basically, it just gives you a bigger range of motion, which is really nice for those who like to play up on a higher foot. I personally like 110, 120, and 150 for kicks and giggles, and it is absolutely out of control moving. On the list, we have the RGB HUD buffs and skills. We've covered a lot of different types of mods before, but this one is like the ladies and greatest and actually will show in game the skill buff that you currently have in the color that coordinates it with in the loadout menu based off the skills.

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Nate, for example, you have Edge in red, Gray in green, and Rush in blue. Next on the list is the Payday 3 Challenge Viewer, which has now arrived at a much better place. Before, I used to download an executable and check your challenges. Now you can go straight to a website called {28}. You can sign in via your Nebula account or your Steam account, and you can see your challenges in real time.

You can also create a skill loadout and share it with your friends. I thought that was really cool. You might want to check that out, guys; it's PD3, GG. There's about two more left in our lists here, and we have always shown the page count. This one's simple and elegant, but really nice to have.

Even when you're in stealth mode, you can see the number of pagers that you have left. Of course, if you just started out, you're only going to see what's there, but once you go on stealth, this is a simple mod but nice to have, so you're just always aware and remember how many pagers and counts you have next.


On the list, we have the mod called useful description. On this one, I didn't think it was going to be as useful as I thought until I actually looked into it and realized it's extremely useful. Check this out right here. Stungrenade, all it adds is one more sentence to the description, but it's a sentence you had no idea existed.

It's status stunt time: five seconds. Yes, you knew the stun grenade was actually going to stun the enemies. I get that, but did you know it lasts for exactly five seconds? Probably not, or at least I didn't, and now that we know the same with the M67 hand grenade, we now know how much damage it does.

The fact that it has armor penetration on top of that means that you can see the smoke grenade here with a duration of 14 seconds with a two and a half-second delay. Another thing you may not have known is that, thanks to this useful description, you can see here that with the light ballistic lining, you have three downs, and with the medium, you have three downs.

The standard lighting gives you four downs, and the heavy ballistic only gives you two downs. Things that were not shown in the game are now being shown by moderators. That's my mod article for weeks two and three.

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