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So you've been spending a little too much time on the subreddit, and you think armor is the only thing you can take in Payday 3. My good pal John Nanner and I have been experimenting for a day, and we believe we've found a medic bag build that works now. You have to hear me out on this one. You're not going to agree with it when you see it.

Okay, I haven't shown it to you yet. You're not going to agree with some of the things on there, but trust me, it just works.

Gameplay tips

Grand reveal: here we go. Is that the standard armor lining? I know that's probably what caught your eye right away, but like I said, hear me out, this build just works.

We ran through the whole game twice; that's 16 heists all in loud. It works on every single one of them now. This was obviously done when I met a hundred for me, so I have 21 skill points. I would say this build maybe requires, let's say, 17 or 18 to be safe, unless you're like level 75. I don't know how well this will work just as a frame of reference.

It is currently October 3rd. The game has been out for two or three weeks at this point. There hasn't been a single update, so I'm not sure if this is going to change in the future. Check the description to see if there's anything that's changed. I guess let's talk about the entire goal of this build and its play style.

Before we get into the actual skills, you're going to rush over and pick up everybody that you see. It doesn't matter if they're a bot or a human, or, you know, the worst player in the game; you're going to pick them up because it's going to benefit you and it's going to make you more powerful, surprisingly. You're going to rush around two objectives because you're going to be the fastest person on the map with the lightest armor and the most open speed, so your job for this build is to rush objectives and pick people.

Edge, grit, and rush

Edge, grit, and rush

Up Okay, let's get into some of the more nitty-gritty, Of this, I say that because you have to use Grid in this build, it's funny; it's a pun.

Let's talk about all the ways that you're going to get your edge grit and rush into this build first, and then I'll go from top to bottom. If you want to see the skills from top to bottom on the skills, skip to this time. The three important parts of a build are edge grit and rush grit. Edge grit makes you deal 10 more damage, grit makes you take 10 less damage, and rush increases your movement speed.

It seems like about 10/10 may not seem like a lot, but with. Edge on the revolvers. You can actually headshot most enemies for ten percent less damage with grit. That doesn't really seem like a lot, but it's going to be really important to practice other skills in this build, so we'll get around to that in a sec.


The first way we're going to be getting edges is through the Sharpshooter tree. Alongside that, I took combat reload and enforcer, and that's going to refresh your Edge anytime you reload a MAG that still has ammo in it, so you can get rid of the ace point in Sharpshooter. If you'd like to put it somewhere else, we also have Escapist Ace, which is going to give us Rush after three seconds of sprinting.

We can slide and turn it into Edge, which is very important to get a quick injection of Edge to make sure we can knock out three enemies with the revolver. The most important part of this build is actually going to be maintaining grip, so we're going to have grip by using the enforcer and skill killing.

Two enemies within four seconds that are within 5 meters of you will give you grit, and then with that combat reload I mentioned earlier, we can refresh our Edge and Grid at the same time by reloading a magazine that has ammo already in it, and then we're also going to get grit and Rush from the medic tree.

We have code blue in the medic tree, which is going to give us a rush anytime a teammate goes down, and then we have medic Ace, which is going to give us grit anytime we start.

Full breakdown

Full breakdown

Reviving a teammate, which will also give us 40 percent less damage when we're Reviving them Let's go from top to bottom on this build, so we took the entire medical line. I know that's a huge point, but it makes the medic bag very viable. Okay, with medic Ace, we're going to get that grit, we're going to be able to revive people 20 times faster, and we're also going to have two more chargers on our medic bag, which will be important.

I took steady hands to give you additional chargers from the medic bag because, as it is without any extra benefits, a first aid kit or medic bag hit will restore maybe a quarter of your health. Whatever deployable you're taking on any build, you should always get an extra charge to get those two more charges on it, whether it's an ammo bag, an armor bag, or a medic bag.


You should take the two additional charges just so you can contribute a little bit more to the team. It's just one skill point: the beauty of this build, the glory. This is the best skill for this build, maybe, besides one other combat skill, medic. If you have grit, when you revive a teammate, you and that teammate have five seconds of damage immunity.

That five seconds isn't trivial and gives you plenty of time to get over to an armor bag or a medic bag. Whatever your team needs, you can get away from anything in those five seconds. This sprinting for three seconds is going to give us Rush Code Blue, which also gives us Rushes or Refreshes. Rush whenever somebody goes down.

That's why your priority is going to be picking people up. You can pick them up quickly using Rush, and then because you have grit for medicine, you and your teammate both get five seconds of invulnerability. And then grit's going to come into play later. I'll show you even more invulnerability that you'll be getting from this build.


This build is dedicated to making you an unkillable god, or Sisyphus. Depending on how bad your teammates are now, this is the only one for which I can say maybe you don't need to take his triage. If you have edge grit and rush, you will get up to 45 percent more healing from a doctor bag hit. This is the only one you probably don't need to take.

You heal quite a bit with all the other skills in this line, so you probably don't need triage. Interaction can sometimes save your life as well, so consider it, but don't take it if you don't want to, and then on here we have field surgery, which restores an additional 10 of your max health, but you also get a downback, which prevents you from ever going into custody.

It's not super important because taking the light armor will give you four downs anyway. Hopefully, you won't use up four downs, and you'll just prevent going down by healing up, but this can be very good in certain situations. I know a lot of you think taking tanks and armor up is very important for this build.

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