The Best Loud Build Payday 3. Infinite Ammo & 1 Shot Kills

best dsod build

For those of you who watched my Tier List article. I've changed my mind since then because, as I've said, this car is going to be better when it's fully leveled up, but I don't think it's worth the time. But now we've got an X glitch, so it's officially part of the most broken build right now, so let's go over the build and show you guys some games.

playay, starting with the SCAR or the VF 7s, The site is up to preference, but I would recommend the tactical site. The hybrid muzzle break is, in my opinion, the best of the barrels for onage. Take whatever you'd prefer here. The Bofit grip is the best grip for Recoil; the Xend magazine is the best, and you have to get it in stock.

I like the HQ stock, but the TQ stock works too, and lastly, the stop grip for the second We are going to take the castigo revolver with these mods. I take Rench Barrel, but again, anything works, whichever site you like. I like State RDS and Biofit Goup for the best recoil, and I like the compact compensator for the best vertical recoil.

best loud build

Overkill weapon I like the Red Fox armor line; I like heavy ballistic lining; I like frags; the plil here; I really recommend armor; and for the tool, I like motion sensors. Now for the skills, the important part is that the only skills you truly need for this build to work are ammo fun and replenish sharp shooter R long shot and cutting shot.

I highly recommend you also grab armor skills and speed aim; the rest that I personally like are field surgery recoil handling, sprint loaded, and Swift. But none of these are necessities for this build. Now, this is how the build It works by aiming for 1.5 seconds for Sharpshooter Ace to activate and grunch your Edge, then start popping heads off since the SC will kill any normal unit from any range with a long shot and a cing shot.

As long as you have Edge, remember to always aim downside to refresh your Edge with Sharpshooter Ace, and you will never run out of ammo because of ammo. fun and replenish, and there you have it—you're now an infinite ammo range, one-shot machine. Just remember to play From a Distance, unlike what I'm doing in the footage, and keep their helmets flying one last thing whenever you're in a pinch.

Pull out your revolver and start the demolishing since it's one to scops from close range and has a great fire rate from up close.

Sorry for rating you B Tier Scar, when fully modded you're freaking awesome.
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