The Best Assault Loadout #payday3. Unlimited Ammo

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It is your boy, pure ghost, back again with another payday 3 article. In today's article, I'm not going to be going over any mods of any sort. The infamy basically exploits, or it's not really an exploit, but you can sit in this corner and basically be invincible and farm police kill and do your challenges, and if you just do that over and over, you can get a bunch of XP.

As I'll show you at the end of this article clip, I'm about to play, so with this article, I'm going to be going out over a loadout. Now, this loadout is going to be primarily just killing, so ammo. Health and stuff like that, just get the fastest kill possible on all the enemies, and basically with this build, you're going to have infinite ammo, you're going to be very strong and you're basically going to be unkillable, so what this will allow you to do is just use all your weapons and get all your weapon challenges done so you got to get like HIIT fires you got to get ads kills you got to get head shots stuff like that you got to shoot the you know the Mast off of the Juggernaut kind of shoot his face plate off like 100 times you can get all this done very quickly you know use your throwables.

assault loadout

So in today's article, I'm going to be going over the loadout that I have for Loadout 4, which is what I like to call just killing Loadout. All I do in this loadout is just kill; there's no stealth; there's nothing else; there's just killing, so we're going to go over this right now. All right guys, so obviously I am level 88 in the game, almost 89, so I'm going to have 19 skill point slots unlocked now.

If you're lower level, you're not going to have these unlocked, but there are certain ones that you're going to want to focus on first, and I'm going to go over every one of them starting from the top down. So we have medics; we revive teammates 20% faster, but that one really doesn't matter; it is the medic bags you deploy, which have two additional charges.

We're going to be running medic bags, and I'm not right now because I have a challenge to use armor bags, so it really doesn't matter, but this is the one to use when you use medic bags again. We have an extra charge, so we have two additional medic bags, so we have four additional charges from our own medic bag.


When we use this, it could probably be swapped out for something else. Combat medic, if you revive your teammate, you know that when they go down, most of the time they're not even going to go down in the exploit glitch that I have because they're pretty much invincible. But if you revive your teammate or someone you're playing with like a friend, you both are invincible for 5 seconds.

It has its uses, but you could probably swap this out with something else. All right, then we have field surgery, so interfacing with any medic bag will restore an additional 10% of your max health and bring one down. So if you go down during a round, I don't know if you knew this, but if you go down and then you get up and then you go down again, it's basically game over.


The bots don't try to read you anymore; you're kind of just dead. So if you have this on and you know hit a medic bag and you've already gone down once, this will basically give you another down, which is really helpful for when the cloakers come up out of nowhere and they hit you like through the wall and jump on top of you, they can really ruin your whole run if they do that, so this is kind of useful.

I would probably choose the first one, but I would choose these. Over these and so on, The same with the mower category; these are important as well. So we have the reserve ammo capacity, which is increased by 20%, so your ammo, which you pick up off the ground, you're going to have way more of that in your reserves.

This one is super important as well, so all of your ammo drops that you pick up from cops and stuff will replenish one of your throwables by 10%, like it has a 10% chance to, so that's very useful. If you're going for your grenade challenges, your stun grenades, and your smoke grenades, all of those things you got to do, you got to do at some point, so it's super useful.

dirty ice

All right, guys, the mower tab might be the most important tab. You have to have this whole tab unlocked. Because you need these three perks, we're going to go over them. This will basically give you full ammo all the time—infinite ammo. All you have to do is kill cops. This is why you need this category, because now as soon as a cop dies, it picks up the ammo bag from them and puts it into your weapon, and then that perk puts it into your magazine.

So I mean, these two perks are literally the whole load out, like this makes the whole load out right here, definitely super useful. The infiltrator tab: you actually don't need anything in this tab; you can just do like the special one; this one gives you another 20% chance for throwables to be replenished after they are destroyed; that's pretty useful.

I just threw this one on because I've been using grenades, stun grenades, and stuff. You don't really have to have this one on, but it can be useful if you're going for the challenges we have on the tank perk, which are increases in the regeneration speed of the armor chunks, so when you get shot, it'll have a little red bar on your armor, and then it will slowly, or.


I guess, after a second, replenish, so you'll get 20% back. This could be helpful if you accidentally get shot through the wall or if you peak and instantly get your head shot off. This will help you regain some armor. We have Disengage, and this one is super helpful now. I don't always have to use it, but sometimes, like I said, the cloaker can just hit me through the wall, like he'll just start beating the crap out of me through the wall from where I stand in the touch of the Sky Mission, so if you have this, you can press F to disengage.

And then it basically frees the cloaker or the zapper, and he can't attack you again for 5 seconds, so you can fully kill him and get out of the way before he can attack you again and fully kill you and down you all right. So this one we have solid, so if you have edge and grit, which, as I said, that perk that we just went over will give you both of them as long as you're killing people very close.


You're basically immune to stagger effects, so any stun grenades or anything like that, as long as you have a grid and Edge, you don't even get staggered from them. It's super useful, but actually, it's not really that useful. You could probably swap this one out as well, but I have 19 slots, so I just decided to throw this one on because, as you get down here, the perks become less useful.

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