The Best Adrenaline Build For Payday 3. Medic Bag Returns



All right, before I get started, be sure to check out the description for timestamps. For everything I'm about to talk about, you can jump straight to whatever part of the article you want to see. I'm giving a big breakdown of a lot of different things before you see the actual build, so if that's all you're here for, jump over to this, Time.

All right, let's get started. So you haven't played the game for three months, and now you're thinking about coming back. Now is probably the best time to try it out. The medic bag has sucked for months at this point, and they finally released two patches to bring it back, so we are finally mostly medic.

I'm posting this article before the update comes out to hopefully beat some of the celebrity partners to the punch on this one for the first time in my life. If something small is different, I'll let you know in the description. If there's anything major different you won't even be seeing this article because there'll be a different one up anyway their way of fixing the medic bag is the adrenaline mechanic added in update 5, as well they're making a couple skill changes so we'll talk about that so for this patch they've added the entire fortitude skill line and I'll go into detail on what everything does a little bit later they've also added seven more skill points into the game so when you start the game up you're going to have more skill points than when you left it I've got a chart right here showing the number of skill points you'll have depending on your level I've taken all of this into consideration, and I believe this build is going to require about 22 or 23 skill points to be really efficient that means you'll need to be level 77, or 83.

Respectively i don't really recommend less than that, but we can ditch a couple skills that you may or may not want to have, so we'll say the required minimum is going to be level 61. To get this build off the ground, that means you'll have 20 skill points. I ran a poll on my Twitter, and then they shortly after announced that the patch was coming out tomorrow, so now I'm rushing to get this article out within the 24-hour news cycle.

The news cycle is a bastard, but it seems like a good chunk of you guys should hopefully be able to put this build together now for a quick frame of reference. It's currently March 26th. At the time of recording this article, we're just about to release update 5, which is apparently coming out tomorrow.

Just to clarify, yes, this article is being recorded and edited before the release of the update. However, with all the blog posts and stuff we've gotten, I think this build is pretty solid and pretty simple. If anything minor's changed, check the description; if anything major is changed, you won't see this article.

Let's get started. I mean let's talk about some things before I mean let's talk about some things before I show you the actual build, which is at this time.

Playstyle & tips

Playstyle & tips

One thing I like to go over is play style tips because not all builds should play the same unless you're a Payday 3 player, then they all play the same, but there's a couple things I want you to focus on for this build, just like my previous medic bag.

B just like in my previous medic bag article, I want you to pick up everyone. That goes down, which benefits you and them as well. You're going to be the fastest person on the map, so you're going to rush objectives. This build should make you pretty unkillable for the most part, so it should be very easy to rush objectives.

Before you ask, no. We're not taking adaptive armor adaptive armor will hinder this build for a few reasons and I'll detail it in the actual build what you're going to want to do is take the lightest armor you're comfortable with I recommend starting with two plate armor because it's got a good regen, time and it'll get you used to playing with lower armor when you're really good at this build take the single plate vest otherwise known as the standard lining you can take adaptive armor if you really want to if that's what's going to change the game for you but it will hinder you and you won't be able to use adrenaline to its full potential, it'll probably still be fine but for this build I'm going to go with a single plate armor in mind as well I'm going to leave a few skill points open for you I want you to change your offensive skills depending on what weapon you're taking if you like the new r900.

Which is the sniper that has been recently buffed in the patch before this one? Use the Sharpshooter, stuff. I really recommend trying the sniper. By the way, if you're just coming back, it's really fun now if you're trying out the new Moscone. Which has also been buffed and is very good you can try to take more offensive skills like the enforcer tree allows or maybe ammo funnels so you never run out of ammo moving on from play sty let's talk about adrenaline, adrenaline is the new Big mechanic for patch 5 adrenaline is an overheal, mechanic it's given by all medic bags and first aid kits so all you need to know is any medical supplies can overheal you want to try to overheal if you're intending to run through a lot of cops or absorb a lot of damage at once this is why we want to rush objectives with it for some weird reason currently it's taken before your armor is taken, and for that reason I think you're going to be pretty unkillable and able to rush objectives very well with it runs out slowly over time you can pause this with certain abilities such as taking a first aid kit or, every time you take damage, it slows down the timer by a couple seconds, so you want to be taking constant but not massive damage.

As well, in this build, having adrenaline will boost all of the other three major buffs you get from skills: edge grit and rush will be boosted, as will pain asymbolia. Why did I just say that in a article?

Let's talk about the ways you're going to get edge grit and rush because I think grit is going to be the most important thing on this build. Let's go over that first. We're going to take medic, which means reviving people will give you grit, and you'll take 40% less damage while reviving those people.

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