The 3 Best Builds To Cure Your Payday (3) Blues


In one of my recent payday 3 articles, I mentioned that the game has surprisingly decent build variety; it just doesn't encourage you to actively seek out those unique builds. So I guess I'd better put my money where my mouth is and showcase three of the most interesting and strongest builds you can run in Payday 3 to keep things at least somewhat fresh, and think of it this way with update 2.0 coming shortly and bringing with it the only classic that is cuck off now would be a good time to hop back on the game and try out a few new builds with pure armor one shot setups surely, receiving the imminent Nerf Hammer before I jump into build number one I'd also like to give a huge shout out to Lucky's best medic bag build, this was such a cool Innovation using skills like Last Man Standing to make even the med bag feel worthwhile uploaded at a time when everyone else was firmly locked into the armor bag Andy main frame, and is also well worth trying out even though it isn't receiving a direct Spotlight in today's article, that's said you know what is finally getting its time in the sun post launch, my most requested setup you guys have seen in gameplay since before payday 3 even came out the endless Moscone.

Build conceptually, the idea behind this one is to leverage the ammo funnel and replenish skills alongside one of the highest spike damage weapons in the game to one shot virtually every enemy type without ever needing downtime to reload. This build is exceptionally dominant at the moment given that most Heights in the game are relatively close quarters and small in scope, enabling shotguns like the Moscone to dominate in their natural habitat.


Of course, we start with the Mosar 12 gauge itself, equipped with the range Barrel Comp RDS just for its reduced gun kick, as we'll never actually aim down sights with this thing. The CQC stock for switch speed and the stub grip for tighter hip fir spread in the secondary slot. We run the J&M castigo revolver with the range barrel box, RDS sight biofit grip, and parted compensator.


Alongside these weapons we run the armor bag flashbang grenade red fox Overkill weapon and then either medium or light ballistic lining as I value speed slightly higher on shotgun builds, take your pick from the tool category highlight motion sensors and infrasonic mines usually, as for the skills we pick up ammo specialist alongside scer for more flashbangs as they can help you compensate for your limited range then we move down to MOA with ammo funnel and replenish for the endless shotgun combo turning the Moscone into much more than just a double barrel shotgun for our armor we grab tank extra plates and armor up then in Sharpshooter it's just cutting shot for that armor penetration, here I grab extra Munitions and the demolition this line to increase my supply of flashbangs to five then I pick up and forcer quick reload face to face as this 10% damage boost can actually push you over one shot thresholds for once before grabbing quick reload and shock an or as a somewhat unconventional form of survivability.

We ace out Gunslinger, one of the build's key skills, alongside the heavy hip fur and finish off the build with a quick draw to make activating Edge even more seamless. The mosone is a serious monster with its ability to onot body shot at close range, but when even that fails and you find yourself out ranged or outmuscled by sheer numbers, you can switch over to the all-powerful castigo revolver to Fan the Hammer with its almost perfect hit-fire accuracy.


After all this time speculating on the best weapon in the game, you know, was it the SAA 144 or the VF7 S? Well, my new conclusion is that it's simply the castigo. With the right build this thing can one-hot everything it needs to is insanely ammo efficient which makes it ludicrously strong alongside ammo funnel and replenish and has pretty much unmatched weapon feel it really is the perfect sidearm acting like a pocket Marksman rifle allowing us to switch between both weapons fluidly which is exactly how Gunslinger build on meant to be played, whilst it isn't as ineffable as my best build at launch setup has one-hot kill AR builds offer the same stopping power just at any range I think it's better insulated from future potential Nerfs and is just way more fun to run around with in my opinion, and don't get me wrong it's still comfortably strong enough to tackle Overkill without too many issues being one of the few non stealth specific setups where I use armor that isn't the heavy ballistic lining prefering lighter options for their Superior movement speed and regen.


Okay, if you like that first one, you'll love what's coming next, as this build is absolutely insane. Payday 3 has undoubtedly targeted a greater level of realism within its world, and Heist For Better or For Worse, with the addition of more realistic hostage situation protocol and real-world deterrence to crime such as jewelry store laser wretching or bank vault die packs, the collateral damage in this search for Hollywood realism has been all the crazy Payday 2 builds that wouldn't be ideal for robbing a bank but were still a ton of fun to play.

Think gray sniper rifles, crossbow heisting, or even 30 mph Dodge builds. These are the casualties of the game's more grounded approach. But that doesn't mean we can't still get a little wild with a play style that even Payday 2 didn't accommodate. How does throwing an almost endless supply of frag grenades at your feet and taking exactly zero damage from the blast sound?


well then this is the build for you simple combination of overcooked Gunslinger moveing cover and blast Shield can make your frags more effective whilst remaining completely resistant to them yourself giving you the recipe for one of the most damaging builds in the game and enabling you to effortlessly shut down most SWAT spawns, this one nullifies explosives main downside completely that being their insane self-damage radius but do watch out for those pesky dozers as they don't take too kindly with all their mates blowing up around them when it comes to setting this one up you have a fair bit of weapon Choice freedom but I'm rocking the VF 7s with the she 30s, cylindric silencer CQC Barrel biofit grip compact mag as it massively increases the amount of ammo this thing can carry alongside the HQ stock and quick hold grip in my secondary slots I run the strike 7 pistol just because of how spammy it can be with its massive extended magazine oist silencer Bogard s scope and grain grip for once we'll be disrupting the armor meta by actually grabbing the ammo bag Deployable, of course the frag grenade throwable Mar mber Overkill weapon and heavy ballistic lining.

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