Stopping An Armored Truck Payday 3


Today it's our job to rob an armored truck rolling across a bridge, and let's just say the alarms go off real quick in this one. Yeah, there really isn't a thing called stealth anymore, so basically, for this one, we're going to hijack a car that has a bunch of minerals in it. Marie, let's do it. Let's do it, you say.

I don't know what you guys are saying. There's a bag here with an EMP on it, okay? So that'll probably slow down the vehicle we need. Is there anything else we can loot around here? Has anybody been forklift certified? There's two i need help. Someone has to get him so that I can put these Don't look at the other guy.

Listen here, you scum; that's worse than me. No cat, yeah, I'm going to throw on top of the EMP error [__]. Okay, all right. I'm preparing for the ambush. I should be fine if you want to activate the EMP. Jerome Yeah, sure, there we go, guys, activating. Yep, get ready, guys. Vehicles are here; why is he just standing there?

What BMP didn't go off? DMP wasn't activated; what was I activating? Okay, all right, so we found out what was wrong. We didn't set it up in time, so we ran out of time, but I also don't know how you can open it up like this. There's a medicine kit in here, guys. I've been there once. I already have full health.

payday 3

Good one i'm good okay, and the cap has an extra wheel ramp. Yeah, just in case I need someone to bludgeon it all, right? They're coming they're coming yeah, they're ready. To trade them in, maybe yeah. I don't think you can trade them in until all is right. Get ready for the police assault, guys.

The hack's not going to be done in time, I don't think. Yep, here they come. Okay, hey, watch the front. How did they get here so quickly? There's a sniper at the lighthouse. He's down hey, I've got a human shield. Stop that, God. He punched me. Oh, I thought he shot the human shield. I was like, no way up to police on me, one with the shield throwing grenade all right behind us, yep, in another direction.

Yep, I got him, man. I shot a face. Okay, buddy, I'm really sorry that he punched us, but I'm going to need to take you again. All right, I'm going to start escorting the truck. Yep, go for it, go for it, Go for it. All right, it's on the move. I think if you stand underneath the wheel, you get a bonus power-up.

I'm getting hit on my back left. There's a policeman over there, so I see one. Don't worry, buddy. I got you. I got you. I'm watching behind us out, yep. I'm getting hit, yeah, thank you, yeah, you, gotta stay on the other side, driving by himself. God, yeah, okay, clearing all these guys out; there's a lot of them here, okay?

I'm trying to preserve ammo right now and just use the pistol germ. I could have done it all right. This is your old sniper on your trade. Austin Sniper, we need hostages. Where's my boy? Where do they all go? There are a lot of them all around. Okay, I've got one. Right, throw them off the bridge cat.

Where do I put them? Marie has our minerals, and we need to get him out of there when they're on the ground. You can just look at them and trade them. Okay, they have to be lying down. Okay, tie a pan; there's one. Trade hostages for resources. okay, we got a health kit that was a bad thing, and I'm suing the police.

I know they're regrouping, but this is where they're going to be coming from. I'm suing the American Battle Cry. I just love that I'm suing; it's like, if we had any money to give you, we wouldn't be robbing this truck. Yeah, right, we broke. I don't know what you're talking about. My character is a millionaire, all right, so Steve's just sitting For the love of the game, you've done it for the game.

One more job, more police We just traded in a hostage to breach the armor train, getting ready to breach all rights and remain on the ground. I'm getting lit up right now. All right, it's breaking in right now, so I don't understand why they like to come from the sides. I don't see them half the time from the side of the bridge, okay?

I'm watching the drill right now. I'm doing it all. I'm doing an okay job here. Nice shooting dropsy could use some ammunition, though. All right, drill is through opening the truck. There are so many steps. All right, let's get him any die packs in this one, Steve, that we should know about.

No more paint, please. All right, the minerals. Look at them. Yeah, so there was an assassin after me. Wait, I'm already carrying a bag. I can't take more. Where do we put this grenade? I need to pick up the bag. I was watching it, and I am hurting hours after the vehicle. Jerome Okay, we'll get all the bags.

We're getting all the bags this time. Shields down here we are, but there's a lot of police still running, low on ammo all right. I'm picking it up I'm just gonna drop them on the floor outside yep just Chuck them on outside of the I keep picking as many Lots as I can let's go the Buddies commit felonies.

We're getting all the money this time. Jerome All of it—are there any die packs I could throw on there? You know, there's no die pack this time. God, God you're back i can't watch it forever. Let's get out of here. Where do we drop the money off? Well, first, look for transport. Yeah, we gotta get to some special stuff.

Anyone got a grenade for that guy? Thank you yeah, I just shot him in the face instead. Go ahead, Jerome, Signal plastic flare: stand it on the signal. I have to reload. There's a lot going on behind me. I am hurting. Kathy, you need help almost immediately. You need help. We're shielded i'm placing down a medicine.

You can't buy the truck. Yeah, I was going to say dropsy and cap. You both have medical kits if you hit X and throw them on the ground. All right, transport's coming, but God, you feel healthy. You feel healthy; this is close. So, does everybody have a bag? Yeah, I have a bag. I have one on me right now.

Okay, one, two, three, four, five—there's still six. There's a lot we're going to do. We're going to have to be quick. Well, the getaway's not here yet, Steve. We're just, yeah, we're just holding out for the getaway. 30 seconds is when he'll be here. It just so happened to line up with the police, and all I'm sorry for is that there were ninjas in our helicopter.

Thank God, okay, big all right. Drop off stuff, yep, just throw your bag; it'll reach it, okay, yep, and just come back, pick up another bag, and get going. Down, no, I got a bunch of cops on me. I'm picking her up. Okay, I'm running. I'm running, just getting the stuff running around the smoke.

We're greedy i have another one. God is acquiring backup. My God, we gotta pick up dropsy. We're getting all over there. There's a sniper, oh. I'm hurt shields, get the last bag. How do I heal eggs? Dropsy, how do we get out of here? How do I get help? Wait, how do I help Steve? All the way across, we have to go all the way up here.

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