Speedrunning. Payday 3

dirty ice stealth guide

Nice, good job. F good, and then that person, that person, and get all the B we're good nobody gra all the B We're good, we're good, we're good, we're good, we're good, we're good, we're good, we're good, we're good, we're good, we're good, we're good, we're good, we're good, we're good, we're good, we're good, we're good, we're good, we're still good.

We're good and still possible. We can come back. We can come back. No, we're good. We're good thank God I don't have my grenade. Did you use a throwing knife? I used a throwing knife. God, yeah, you're never getting your grenades back, young man. I want, from now on, to just search for what that is, all right?

restart sh Jake [__] fell and broke his feet. This was a good run; at least it happened before any crimes were committed. Yes, I'll take it, unless you consider brandishing firearms a crime. If you consider it, yeah, you're telling me I can't wave my 45 around illegal possession of illegal firearms.

Yeah, that's another one. My AK semi-automatic I'm fine. Is it semi-automatic? Just don't touch that wacky little lever on the side; you're fine. Hello, don't worry; I got it. He just shot him out of my hand. God, okay, they're stuck. I think they're in. It's okay it's not bad. That's not bad.

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They're in the main room that we need to get to. I like the sound of that. Okay, power's off; it doesn't matter if we're unable to do anything, are we? I think so. All right, let's do it again. I took care of him. Okay, I'm coming. God, that was. Do you guys have any perks? Are you guys done with them yet?

Sorry, we've only run this heist 20 times to your 55. You know, sorry. Yeah, I can tell you're only level 28. I know you should be done by now, really. We pretty much are. Happy, I just turned around, and they're both passed out at the bottom of the alleyway. Hey, can you guys get up? Hey, 20s can you guys get up?

Don't get it, bad rep for the 20 gang right here y'all are. Insufferable ever very hard who did very hard very hard guess who did that not the 20s not the 20s idiot ready up 40 ready up 40s y are no I was the first to get up. No lowly, 20 disgusting, unlucky for y'all, I have an unsuppressed clock, so you and I, right now we're All right, I was just searching, and somebody hit the button quickly.


go go, all get it, get it, let's get out, let's get out, he said, go go. go g[__] go, hey cam, quicker, hurry hurry, come on get in the, get in the car, get in the car, get the car quick We did it. We did it finally. We finally did it. It was so clumsy, but we finally did it. We did fine. They didn't alert us.

That was high. I just got three levels from that, my God. I unlocked the crate. 50 [__] coins. It's really expensive. Fast god it is i don't care, though. Right, like, okay, I might have spent $3 million. It's fine; though PR million on an [__] extended bag, it's fine. I don't use money for anything.

You spent $3 million on a [__] standard, just an extended, 45 I can go to the store and get one for, like, how much is it, like $20 or $30? No, I will still say it's probably 60 bucks. I thought it came from California. yeah, that's it. I think it's a little too high for California. Still, this is New York, which is kind of close to LA or California.


It's like on the other side of the country, I'm meant legally. Why, Ben, can you invite him back? It won't let me invite him. The 40s are slipping. I got it. You shut your goddamn MTH 20. You shut your God 20. You're nothing i can't hear you from all the way up here, standing on top of all this money.

I actually have no money doll on a [__] 45b, magazine [__]. Why are you there? Don't be there; you've learned your lesson. Ways of going I don't know if I was doing pretty well. I think your one job is lockpicking and moving bags, yeah, and I was doing great, and he did true. That is true. Yeah, you know, I shouldn't complain.

I just have to sneak into a basement around two guards in a camera, pick a key card off of some guy's back, and then loot a safe without anyone noticing, get all the way back up, loot a jam, and help somebody else get him all the way out the door, but yeah, you know it's my fault. I'm sorry, I see no problem, because I was literally in the middle of lockpicking the door and the camera rotated the bag.


You have never used your Loop. I've never seen No I No I Loop the one in the bag room, but I guess I can loot down with two. You can loop too, loop too, and I can. Wily Loop toooop whoop too sh the [__], my whooping with my. Face, have you watched Gen V yet? I just watched it, and yeah, it was pretty good.

I like it so far. I'm a big fan. I want to [__] that Asian girl so bad that''s So yeah, we're halfway through, you know, you can smash some puss and then you can play some Call of Duty after, yeah, pretty f-gun game, we're good. everyone I'm coming. I'm coming on the radio, and I'm coming. I'm coming okay, we're good.

We're just going to search. We're good we're still silent, okay? It slid out of it, and I'm getting lag. All is well; we got it. That was silent. Got it yep, nice we're good nice you're going to get a ton of XP from this one. Nope, well, you're level 4. I already have any. You're at level 48.


Look at your perks. How many perks did you upgrade? I don't think I upgraded a single one. Shut up; you did. I've told you I don't think stealth does anything special. Ben Cam's, clear, never mind, I didn't see him; he was right there; see him either; I didn't see him just sitting there; it's clear you're hiding.

Yik, come on, I just said we're all dead, guys. I wasted my time getting him up. Goddamn it, I didn't see him. I swear I didn't. I did not see him either. He wasn't even the one that K.

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