Sony Offering Free Ps5 Game. Payday 3 Is A Disaster


Neither of them stopped Nintendo. Don't click off the article yet. Come on, I like to talk about PlayStation. I like to talk about Xbox stuff, and that's what we're doing today. Subscribe if you're new. Share this with your friends. Rgt85, I hope everyone's having a great day. We got to talk about Payday 3.

In this disastrous launch, we've got to talk about PlayStation and their new incentive program for brand new PlayStation 5 buyers only in the United States, but I think it's pretty cool, so like I said without further ado, let's talk about what's going on in the world of article games, where we can start things off with payday 3.

I played it much later on in its life cycle, so maybe the development team had time to make this game and craft this game and put all these different modes in there and all this different stuff, so maybe my expectations for this game were too high, but, holy hell, this game. Payday 3 has been a colossal disappointment, not only from a gameplay and technical standpoint but also from the standpoint of it working because, unlike Payday 2.

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Payday 3 is an online-only game, meaning that you always need to have an online connection to do anything in the game. Okay, you know I don't like that, but I understand that's the digital age that we're moving into. Always online stuff. This is the other, okay? Whatever I get, the problem with Payday 3 has been the matchmaking; it's been pretty much non-existent.

In Payday 3, you could play with up to four players total in a lobby, so I spawned. Wave MVG and Nate the Hay all got in a lobby together; we were all in the same party, and then we went to search for a game, but we couldn't find one. What do you mean you cannot find a game? What are you actually looking for?

We picked a map that we wanted to play; we're all in the party together; put us in the map; put us in the map that we have decided to play, but the game will not do that now. It has gotten a little better since it initially launched, but it's still bad; it's still rough, and half the time it doesn't work.

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We played a round or two last night, and then we went to play another round, and it was like matchmaking unavailable right now, so you literally can't play anything within the game, but the more disappointing thing to me is the game itself the game itself. It's not good. I don't think it's better than Payday 2, and like I said, maybe it's because I experienced Payday 2 when it was established and seasoned, and they had a lot of modes and stuff in it, but they've taken away so much stuff from Payday 2 in Payday 3, and they didn't really add anything to Payday 3.

The missions themselves are fine, but looking at the graphics, they look a lot like Payday 2. I don't think it necessarily looks any better than, like, an early PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One game, where the character models aren't very good. There's lag and slowdown sometimes when you're playing the game on the Xbox One X.

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I'm playing this on the Xbox Series X. I suppose I thought this was supposed to be most powerful system in the world but there's definitely some frame rate issues in the game there's this new ninja character that they put in that I never recall him in Payday 2 maybe he was there but this ninja is literally Jesus Christ and he just appears and like if you don't see him coming and you probably won't he will knock you down immediately it seems like they've redone the, whole you know cop system in this game and now there's like hundreds and hundreds of cops it felt much more reserved in Payday 2 where the cops and all the people trying to stop you were just more tactical than, just throwing at you in sheer numbers it's, it's just not a good game like it's not a good game fundamentally, the shooting does feel a lot better than it did in Payday 2.

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It feels a lot tighter and a lot more responsive, but the fun just really isn't there anymore. You would expect this to be an evolution of the payday franchise and sort of push it into a new direction, but really it's a step back because it's the same old thing but Stripped Away features added in more inconvenient things, and the game just doesn't work this has been one of the most disastrous, launches of a game in 2023 if not in a very long time because we are literally days removed from this game releasing, and the online functionality, is still broken to say the very least and the crazy thing is people paid money for this game Maybe you didn't get it on Game Pass; maybe you bought it on PlayStation 5.

What are you doing? What are you doing? Then you have a 40-coaster, a 40-digit download of 26 gigs on your system that is just sitting there, taking up space because you cannot enjoy the game. I hate this in modern gaming. I wanted to get that off my chest. We're all here together; there ain't any Kumbaya stuff on here.

I want to hear your vitriol, your hatred, and your anger for this because it's a freaking joke. And, finally, if you've been debating buying a PlayStation 5, now might be the time, especially if you live in the US, because Sony has just kind of announced a new program that they're doing that's active from now.


September 24th, until October 20th, but only in the US now. People are a little bit hesitant with all the rumors about a PlayStation 5 Slim or a PlayStation 5 Pro. Look, none of that stuff is coming out this year. I mean, if it were going to happen, it would have been announced already. We're almost in October, so I do feel like you have enough time to enjoy your PlayStation 5 as it is, plus you probably don't even need this new version.

I can't imagine they're going to be doing anything too crazy with it. PlayStation 5 of course has Spider-Man 2, coming out as the big holiday title for it. It has tons of third-party games as well, but the Spider-Man 2 first-party game looks absolutely incredible. I am such a huge fan of the Spider-Man games potential, Game of the Year candidate as well 2024, Does.

It looks a little bit questionable; we made a article on that last week on the channel, but I'm hopeful that Sony has something up their sleeve. I just hope they talk about it sooner rather than later, but like I said, they have basically announced, kind of stealthily, a brand new program where, if you are in the United States.

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Have a PlayStation 5? You purchase a PlayStation 5 between now and October 20th and then activate that console. You basically get a free game. So, I mean, that's pretty cool. Of course, the game has to be good in order for it to be worthwhile. But when you look at the lineup of games, there is some good stuff, so to redeem it, you buy and activate a PS5.

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