Smash N Grab Solo Payday 3


Three bags That's it right there this time. I got there just in time, but try and get more if you think you can. Easy peasy, pretty simple, kills I use all right, so you might be wondering how I just did that achievement solo. It's actually pretty easy; let me explain. Also, the audio got [__] up, so my apologies.

I'm just going to show you what I did in another run, and the original run will be at the end. I heard you were back from retirement, so what you're going to want to do is mine. Pleased, I can think of nothing more than probably don't want public, just in case you're probably going to want to do this with friends only.

Of course, you can do this with multiple people, but just to prove it can be done by yourself, I will do it by making stones from, shall we say, conflicted areas appear, not so conflicted. There's plenty of valuable merchandise, including premium items. It's going to take longer to find a game than to actually go, so here are the skills: I'm using an AST infiltrator for Rush Quick Finger just to pick faster after I have Rush Escapist just to get more Rush Swift for the Sprint speed grinder again for Rush to keep Rush up.

payday 3

This is useless, and this is useless. That's pretty much it, man. All you need is to be able to pick the locks a little bit faster. Anyway, here we go. It's actually easier than it looks. Of course, you're going to need a suppressed weapon of some sort. You could bring knives, just a suppressor, whatever you like, and whatever you're going to want to do, hold on after it loads.

Man, they should make it skippable. They really should be there. It is all right, so you're going to want to burn a run. Just go in real Reckless, like you know, just cut the thing right away, just get in there on the mask, let's kick ass, take you know, it just doesn't really matter what you do.

You're going to want to find a phone, and you're going to want to find out where the code is. And now after that, all you have to do is make a beine for that door that you saw in the corner there, that little chain link fence. You run straight at that as soon as you get rushed by a civilian. Just sprint over here.


That's your call, right in front of this guard. We're just going to open this fence up. Wait for the bar to go down. Run on this side of him. He won't see you. Was it 1340? No, all right, you're going to want to memorize that code. I mean, I'm not really paying attention to this run, but from here, suspiciously, I want to pick this lock, don't you think?

Obviously, I would have had Rush there just a second longer. We're going to get this. Mask up, alarm run through here, and of course every spawn is different, so you're going to want to learn your spawn. Make sure you open that window on the way and grab this lady. Remember, you already know where the phone is, so as soon as you throw her down here, you're going to pick it up.

Phone, and you should have enough time to run over and press this, all right? it up there, I'm just making this look a lot harder than it has to be. All right, display, cases I like it when people make themselves useful. This run might as well be botched right here. You shouldn't have to answer any pagers if you do it quickly enough.

You're going to want to throw those bags out there, and when you do, throw them out, and with this last bag, you're going to want to carry it. Pick it up, carry it out, and just like that, you should have the run. That run should be set. You won't have to answer any pages; the van won't. Leave i mean, obviously, this one's probably closer to 3 minutes, but try that a couple of times.

Just figure out what your spawn is, like, look at that, that one was 210 211. I made a ton of mistakes. I didn't even get the red key card to work the first time. This should be super doable by yourself, so don't even worry about it. That's two i think we can send those three bags. That's it right there.

This time I got there just in time, but try and get more if you think you can do it. Well, anyway, I hope that helps a little bit, and again, just try over and over; you'll get it eventually, and that's how you get one of the hardest achievements in Payday by yourself.

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