Should You Use The Fik Pc9 Payday 3

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Me and my boy Caveman are both using the fic; we're going to see if he likes it, and I'm going to show you guys what it does. He's going to be the ammo guy. I'm the armor guy, and we have two guys who do health. I'm also running smokes and the like M1911 sort of gun, so let's get going. The truck will be here at any moment.

Let's get this going. Let's pick up the EMP set. Caveman will go do the thing it looks like we're going to have to set. Shoot, here it comes. Where is it? We're going to pass it this time, all right?

You want to set up the ramps; where are they? There are some right there. My mark, hook me up to the vehicle, and I'll get us going. Yes, they are. I'm connected, but it'll take a second. Suck there's security do these ramps. We don't have to do the ramps. They do go another way. Yeah, I don't know if that's going to happen; that's why, I think, they spawned in here because of that.

Out, it seems to be good up close; it's good from close to medium. Hey, I didn't even notice you. I thought you were friendly for some reason. The freak, don't you do it, don't you, snipers are always trying to aim at me. Construct snipers; no sniping. There's weakness in the underbelly. You need to stay close to the truck, or I'll lose connection, and the truck will stop you from sneezing over there.

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I killed a civilian man. Rest in peace. Rest in pepperoni, buddy. Yeah, that's the thing with this gun: it runs out of ammo so quickly, which I don't like. That opens the gate right; here, move that [__] out of the way so the truck can get through. I already did it excellently. They're backing off.

I don't think they'll give up that easily. Yeah, you see how the ammo doesn't really mean it's bad. yeah, the ammo in this game isn't scarce, which I don't like. It This is not a bad gun now, no, it's not that's the only thing I don't like is like, ammo. I have 90 bullets that's going to be gone in like 2 seconds, just a little bit more, then level up your gun more so you can do more damage, that's how this game developers think I should say or don't use up all your ammo, well.


I aim for the head mostly, but it's still you still run out of ammo. The C drill is through. Get to those cables. We're almost there. I spotted you. It's open now get into the truck and grab the loot. All right we should be good now to grab the loot again. My butt shot up, man. I hit it too soon.

I ate it too soon, too. There's nothing in it. There's a piece of bread with cheese on it, and I don't know what that means. You're just bags of rock, but this is what keeps the world going; without it, it would be the Stone Age or the 1970s. The chopper is ready for hell. Was that when you were ready?

What question why is the chopper not already here? Let me go put the chopper and let me place a flare. Your character runs funny. Is he okay? I'm here yeah, he is going to be on the right side. We need at least bags to make this operation. Anything more is a pure bonus; we'll get it. And yeah, good luck with that bud when you're dead, Shield.

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I feel like we're John Wicking them right now with this gun. I have enough. I'm tapping him with this pistol. I keep getting FL in my throat, really? That's why I keep coughing. You got it too. That's all of it. Let's get out of here; it's not say we. One needs this. You hear they're coming up with a new John Wick.

There's only one left. It's the Continental show. I thought it was Constantine, or whatever it's called. No, it's called Continental. They're going to have it where John Wick never died or did not die. Well, some people might not have seen the John Wick four, so spoiler. It takes five bullets to take one cop down with this pistol.

We're done we got it. We delivered it all. Yeah, I'm going to throw a smoke grenade. Regroup until you're dead all right, cutting, cutting thingy. Let's go be careful there's cloer, you. That was a good run. I'm going to have like 5 mil, I think, but yeah, that was a showcase for that gun. I hope you guys enjoyed it.

It was pretty good. I don't know how you guys feel about it, but I kind of liked it. I just don't like the magazine size.

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