Robbing A Bank And It Goes Wrong. Payday 3

All right We're playing Payday 3, the new payday game that's got mostly negative reviews because it's one of the worst launches of a game in history, given to even Activision Blizzard. I run for their money. It's crazy you have to play it online and the servers don't work, but hey, they're working on it, and it'll be a good game eventually, and we're going to play it.

look at look at me, are you Mr Rogers Yeah, that's right. You want to be my neighbor. Come on over to the house. Why do you have a That's a weird mask for Mr. Rogers what do you mean? I got my tears on there. Yeah, that's pretty weird. I don't know what you're talking about, but there's a reason.

I'm level 34, and it has nothing to do with time plate; it's because I can solo this stuff. Stealth Stop bragging about how you go; let everybody know how good you are at the game, whatever it is. Don't mess—how bad, how always. Messes, What's Howie doing back here? You need some help, guard, but I spotted a guard.

There's a guard. How do I know there's a guard there? A guard over there spotted a guard's. How can a guard help? There's a guard. He's looking at you. What are you doing? Watch the guard, Wait, there's another one. There's a God. What's the point? I'm so glad you guys are here for me. What are you doing in there?

Look at all these guys you're around right now. These red dudes are surrounding you. Yeah, I need his key card. Jeez, worry; I got this. I'm just looping Piic this real quick. Yeah, I got his key card. I'm all right about stealing this guy's phone. He's on it right now. Take it out of his hands; now I'm going upstairs.

Kitty, where are you going? Don't leave me. Why are you guys going upstairs? What are you talking about? This is where you were supposed to be. There's a guard, after all. Right, what are you guys doing? I'm being sneaky, all right. You know the hey howwi. What are you doing over here? There's a guard.

Howie What are you doing? Shut a guard. Don't let him see you. He doesn't see me. Look at you. You're the one I look at. You flamed out over there. You can't follow me, Flame. We shut the door. How do I get caught? You can't follow me down there at all. Right, that's not good. What are you doing?

What are you doing? Oh, nothing is fine. I got it. I got it. My God, jeez, we're going down. We're going down. Now we got to W this. Now we have to go down. Here, we have to take care of everything. This door is still open; everything's fine. What are you doing? That's why I went this way.

There's a reason I went this way. All right, guys, I got everything. What are you doing? Where's he going? He's running i got to the door. Gety i got that. That's fine i was about to blast him, okay? You didn't see; he didn't see. We're too sneaky, Master Sneaky. We are too sneaky. Guess what I mean?

What are you doing? Why are you down here? Well, you killed the guard, so I figured him out as well. Yeah, I did all right. Watch out for the cameras you got to get to the room. man, where did you guys get that gun from? Yeah, I just put a mask on and pulled out. You guys don't have an extra gun for me, or I got his key.

Guard, we're good. We're good okay, what about the money grabber? What is this? There's a bunch of things you whole bunch of don't worry about. Get on the ground. Get on the ground, everybody. Get on the ground. God get on the ground you idiot get on the ground, you idiot. Get on the ground.

All these guys get on the ground because Howie What are you doing? I need to tie this one up. You have to tie that one up. I don't have a gun. You have to tie that one up. The one you walk f, i TI him up I tie him up. I tie, I tie, I tie, I tie. Come come, come come. You got to stop slamming people, and you can just put them right in here.

Easy day! Hey lady, do you have an extra gun in? Here, get in here, God. The guard's here. The guard's here. He doesn't see it's fine, How he doesn't see anything, it's fine. I just picked that you're not going to die, even though you might die. hey you got the you got the door shut, right? Yeah, it's fine.

Yeah, of course I got the door shut; you always shut that door up there, Dane. Jesus, that's a bunch of guards right there. Why didn't we shut the door over there? Now we shut it. Now it's shut. How did you shoot? You said not to shoot the guards, and you shot the guard. No, I said the one up there didn't shoot.

Why what's special about him because we got to walk in here to do the damn vault? Yeah, give me a gun. Do you know who left him here? You killed the one cop without a gun; he's a security guard getting a little tight, if you know what I'm saying. I said, Yeah, so go. Fleck the blue switch. I'm going to try to get all these hos.

Where's the blue switch? The flip who sees me as a civilian Nobody sees you, guy. There's a whole guy with a blue switch. Yeah, blue, this guy right here. Blue, how the other guy grabbed one of the executives to get us into the vault. They'll be easy enough to spot. Just keep an eye out for them.

Corporate look, corporate look; maybe they're upstairs all right. Any of you guys? No, none of you guys look corporate. There was a guy on the roof earlier. I don't know if that's him or not. I don't think any of these guys are down here. Wait, I found him. If that's not a corporate St., come on, corporate.

Stooge, so easy sailing from here, all right? open the vault nerd watch the, save what is wrong he wanted to come out the corner manag didn't open it are you kidding me open the door what is wrong with you we were right here a come on my God yeah it's rob a bank rob a b Yeah, woo, why do I even try well?

The guard just walked around the corner, and, right at the last second, there's nothing I could have done. I can't believe You guys, what don't you blame me for? It wasn't our fault to get the thermite. Well, there are snipers, and it's rough up here. All right, serious business. Thermite's on the ground.

Yeah, they're outside on the ground. Well, dam, pick up the guy's shield, can you? That's rude; who's this, hello? They don't mind me just getting some thermite up here, yeah, almost through wonder if he just you. Know, wait, what owie what you? I just threw another bag in. Look at that. Look at that.

I can't wait till I get a scope on this gun so I can. See no iron sights. Baby, hey, we're through all right. Move out of the way, shield. All right, I'll go far. The stacks of money are rigged withs as soon as we need to move fast. Yeah, do whatever you need, or shoot him. That's fine, too.

Payday 3 has released with TERRIBLE reviews, so we're going to play it.
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