Road Rage Is Kinda Like Payday 3's Version Of Hoxton Breakout (normal) Payday3 Ps5 Gameplay Pt. 2


All right just going to make some quick, simple changes to the gun at a red dot sight. All right here, we forget the name of it, but it kind of gives me echoes of that other Payday 2 heist on the bridge. I think it was green for the green bridge or transport. and get the [__] down; change just has such an intimidating voice.

I'm mad that I don't; at least I don't think there is, but I'm mad that there's no Inspire in this game because that was some of the best voice lines I just heard chains say. Hook up the remote steering device to the truck, which will give us access to the vehicle's controls where exactly is this.

Go get it; it sounds like she was really listening to me. 30 seconds until they hit you focus people all right. Let's get that. Let's get going. I know they like to spawn behind this pipe and just kind of jump over in groups of five over and over. I'm connected, but it'll take a second. There's security in place to prevent this sort of thing.


I guess taking civilians really didn't do much. We didn't even get to use them; we didn't even get to use them as a way of delaying. Okay, this is where they're going to spawn interesting Just a few more seconds and done. Okay, let's get this truck to where we want it. Yeah, like up close, I don't think the aiming is really that bad because I would still like to be able to hit head shots a lot easier.

It's not that bad up close, but far away, when I really feel it, that's when it really gets bad. I can go grab that other one; it looks like it was grabbed already. Okay good my way is all right. I lied, even up close. I feel like I want better aiming, like I need it. It needs to be a thing. Those corners say that cloakers are coming, so I'm ready to get [__] kicked in the head again because pokers always seem to love coming for me.

Finally, I get hurt by my own teammates grenades. I mean, I guess it was like that on Payday too. Yeah, this game needs better aiming, for sure. It feels good. There needs to be a better way of doing this. Definitely take cover. All right, we're going to run back here. I don't even know what this is.


Sincerely, okay, this is the team. It's nice that there are still two armor bags left in there. It's very nice trying to be a good teammate and leaving for my teammates. You know, I used a couple of my guy's grenade launchers or his Overkill weapon, but you know what it is; he's happy. Are you telling me that Dozer is that tanky?

I mean, my God, I know he is, but imagine just being able to tank an entire mag from an AR to the back of your head; it must really make you feel like you got [__] balls of steel. I do not like the Dead Zone in this game. I don't feel confident that I can hit them from far away and be able to make small adjustments, but look at that half a mil on that one.

Two civilians were killed. One of them was definitely my fault, but there we go. That was a pretty quick heist. I see why people say that's the one you want to do to grind out money; hit it in under 12 minutes. I know people who can do that in five minutes from what I've seen on YouTube, so that was actually fun.


I like that. Let's see what the cutscenes are for this. We got two more cutscenes. I'll muffle my mic again. Do you all know anything about this shade? I know she was mixed with Bane around crime night servers, and what Dallas knows is from before. As long as she keeps the jobs coming, I'm good.

Yeah, fair enough, so what you do for retirement—it's kind of a blur, man. I'm just glad it's over. It started to go crazy, and you've always been bunker [ __ ]. All right, it was a quick one. Where is the second one? How's it going? Just more dead ends. Whoever these people are, they know how to cover their tracks, and they've got serious resources.

I still have a few more cards up my sleeve, but we need cash to keep on pushing already. I've reached out to an old friend; speak of the devil. All right, well, that was the cutscene. I guess we're just slowly uncovering the story of who [__] us over who took all of our money, so it looks like the next mission is dirty ice at a jewelry store.

Sounds good to me, right? We already had a robbery at a bank, and we've had our escort mission on a bridge, basically kind of like a Hoxton Breakout, and dirty ice at our new jewelry store. So thanks for sticking around.

One of my favorite heists so far. Mostly because I dont have to worry about fucking up stealth. Reminds me alot of Hoxton Breakout where you basically just escort an armored truck. Small play area to just grind these ridiculous challenges.
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