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Payday 3 was one of my most anticipated games of the year, unfortunately. I go through payday phases every six months or so. As a gamer like myself. I was absolutely hyped for Payday 3 because this is a franchise that I always felt like I was so close to truly being absorbed by, and PayDay 3 seemed like it was finally my time to get absorbed, even in the release period where Starfield and Mortal Kombat were already going to be absorbing me.

I was so excited for payday 3. I downloaded the Game Pass version on day one. I was super ready to jump in, and here we are, like, a week after launch, and I'm yet to play a single game. Payday 3's launch is one of the most comically botched. I've ever seen the decision to make this game online only be incomprehensible.

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I'm amazed there are still Studios who think this is a good idea, but Payday 3 has either been unplayable or borderline unplayable since it came out, and according to the most recent reports and leaks, all of the server issues that the game's experiencing are due to the third-party server provider not being prepared for the influx of players and for how big the game ended up being reportedly because they were going off of the beta numbers, which gave them the impression that they were prepared even though the beta was hosted in the middle of Starfield's launch period and didn't include the PlayStation at all, like just Think about this for a second, assuming this story is true, like assuming the reason for the server issues is because they were going off the beta numbers, like, assuming that's true, you host an open beta on Xbox and PC literal days after Starfield comes out, and you don't include the PlayStation in the beta at all because of the question mark.

I guess, and then you use that data to determine whether or not you're prepared for the number of players on launch day. Are you [__] kidding me and granted that's what the leaks are saying that's the theory that it's not 100 confirmed, that what I just described is the Canon way that things played out, but if it is, then good Lord, this game deserves to fail because the people calling the shots need a [__] wake-up call, and it sucks because, to my understanding, the game [__] slaps.

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When it's working. I can't wait to [ __ ] play it in a year and a half when you get your [ __ ] together. Star Breeze, but in this article we're just going to sit back, we're going to relax, and we're going to take a gander at what the Steam Community thinks of this game because if you're ever having a bad day or if you're ever down in the dumps, you can always count on the steam user reviews of literally any game to lift your spirits at the time that I'm recording this article.

Payday 3 has a 32 approval rating on Steam after 26.621 user reviews. So, I guess we can only go up from here. Okay, at the time that I'm recording this, the number one most helpful review at the top of the Steam page is not a recommended star. Breeze has created an incredible successor to their beloved Payday 2.

Too bad you can't play it. In case this is seen by anyone important, give us the option of peer-to-peer, private lobbies, or offline single players. At the very least, if this happens, thousands of negative reviews will turn to praise in an instant, including this one. It's all anyone wants. People bought your game, so let them play it.


The fact that private lobbies have to connect to a server is insane, like the fact that there is literally no way to play this game, at least at the time of this [__] article. Maybe we'll assume things will change by the time the article goes up if we all pray hard enough, but the fact that you can't even start a private lobby without having to connect to a server, like the fact that just a single player can private lobbie you.

I can't do that offline like that, can I? That's what I mean when I say it's incredible to me that stuff like this can still happen. It's incredible to me that we can be there in 2023, and we're still trying to do this totally online thing. This isn't this isn't [__] Pubg Gee, this isn't [__[__]].

Apex Legends This isn't a game that can exist at all if you don't have people like me on the server with you. This is not that kind of game. Why are you treating it like one with all of the online games that have come and gone over the years? How was this not something you were accounting for? Let's see another one.


They made the throwback button into the throw grenade button, and I blew up my whole team. I love the part where Dallas says it's payday time and steals the servers. Truly a masterpiece, the real heist was in our wallets. I'm Joe, and this is not my favorite game on Steve. Here's a more real one: no chat, and Lobby, one, two, a damn timer in Lobby, what, three can't host.

Yeah, four melee weapons are removed, five, No numerical values on weapons instead a slider that doesn't actually tell you anything why. When you make a new game, shouldn't it be better than the previous game? Why make the same thing worse? perfectly valid criticisms I would love to give my opinion on the on the like the gameplay criticisms of Payday 3, but I still can't experience them.

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You can't have bad things in the game if the whole game is gone. 99.8% of matchmakers quit right before they hit bid. What do you get when you cross an online-only game with servers that don't work? You get your money back. Porn games have better matchmaking. I paid 39.99 for the main menu recommended; robbing banks is really fun, and playing payday is a great way to unwind after receiving the product for free.

40 hours into payday 3. Nice! Is it a good game? I don't know; I've never played it. Payday has three main menu simulators. I love getting all the loot stolen on Overkill just to be rewarded with zero XP because I did not play the way the challenges wanted me to. The feature, are you serious, is that a thing now is like a complete challenge-based progression.

Is that a [__] nonsense thing this game's doing too? I don't get why games are doing that. I don't get why there's this weird it's. I'm starting to feel like there's this weird transition from multiplayer game progression systems based on total XP and now based on things like milestones and challenge completions, and I hate it; it's stupid.

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I hate it; it's completely counterproductive. It's literally only there to cheese people's concurrent player counts, when in reality the backwards thing is that if you just had an XB bass progression system, I would want to play the game more. You wouldn't have to count the player counts; people would just play the game you [__].

Dingus Egghead I have 113 minutes in this game. I have played 0 heists as a forklift-certified man. I inspect the forklifts in every game I play. I can say with confidence that these are the best damn article game forklifts I've ever seen, 10 out of 10. I have not recommended matchmaking for 20 minutes of solo play.

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