Ranking Payday'3s Weapon Preset



Before the article begins, this article has two parts. The first part I will be talking about is the main primary weapons that we have on the preset weapons, and then on the next article. I'll be talking about the secondary slots, so yeah, that is all I have to offer. Goodbye; just by making this article, I already want to shoot myself.

Hello and welcome! Today I will be ranking all the preset weapons that are included in Payday 3. The way I will be ranking them is based on these three categories, the effect in this during loud their attachments, and their design. I'm not going to waste any time, so let's just get straight into it.

The first one on the list is the free weapon that is provided to everyone who gets it and claims the fruit of the star breed nebula. Website that being the good old car 4 Old Faithful preset.

Old faithful


Despite its simplicity, the overall effectiveness of the weapon is really great. It has a solid rate of fire, a pretty good amount of damage, pretty good recoil and handling, and the iron size that it has is actually pretty good.

It's not one of those iron sites where you cannot see [__], but rather you can sort of see stuff. Everything about the weapon is simply great. There's no flaw to it that I can name; even against heavy SWAT units and shields, it is able to kill them really easily with the right skills. The only complaint I really have is that it suffers a kill at long range due to the night being somewhat complicated, to say, so I would give the overall weapon effectiveness rating an 8 out of 10.

It's a powerful rifle that can kill almost anything at close to midrange but somewhat suffers at long range, but it's not really particularly bad. The attachments may not exactly seem like they don't have much, but the main point is how useful they are for the weapon itself and how they will make a difference.


The attachments of the Old Faithful is the hybrid Muscle Break, which both reduces the vertical and horizontal recoil making it much easier to control but increases the time it takes to aim down the sights which doesn't really affect that much Reco is not really a particularly huge issue for the car 4 since it's really easy to control and the increased ads time is not really particularly, that bad so you can just practically ignore it also has the speed pull magazine which allows you to reload the weapon much more faster which despite it simple it allows it to be able to hop straight into B without having to worry about it being rushed by the enemies so the overall attachments I would give is a 7 out of 10 the only complaint I would have is that it doesn't have any sights that's pretty much yet other than that it's pretty good it doesn't need any sort of Auto modifications except the side itself like I said, visually it may not seem that amazing since it's a conversion to the basic [ __ ] M4 that every single American love for some apparent reason to the Chad called M16.

And the M16 is the only American weapon I genuinely love in real life, while any other American weapon that exists I despise sincerely. But regardless, the overall aesthetic of the weapon gets a solid 6 out of 10; normally, I would give it seven if it had some colors here and there, but it doesn't have any.

Again, it's nothing new; it's simple but nice-looking.



Next up on the list is the disgusting invention that is the scar feather light. What do I really need to say about the effectiveness of the weapon? Okay, it has the capability of one-shotting 99% of the enemies, with only Edge itself on close to mid-range. And that's the only positive thing about it.

On to the negatives, which are a lot: the recoil jumps around like it's a cowgirl doing cowgirl moves; the rate of fire is slower than the geriatric old man trying to run; the magazine capacity is shorter than a dwarf itself; and the hit-fire accuracy is less accurate than a blizzard. So the fact that it is capable of one-shotting 99% of the enemies without any effort makes it A8 out of 10 in effectiveness.


The attachments are somewhat mixed since they make the weapon even more uncontrollable, but they also make the weapon slightly better in a way; the light frame Str decreases the time it takes to ads and makes it so that your transition from sprinting to fire is much faster. However, the hip fire sprit is much less accurate, meaning it's much more widened and the overall recoil is completely tucked as if it's not already [__] up.

Second, the perforated grip decreases the time it takes the air to aim down the sights and makes the transition from shooting to firing much quicker, but the overall gun kick with the weapon is practically non-existent, so you're going to have to be a veteran of beating children to be able to handle the weapon YouTube I am joking.

If you can't handle the recoil, then stay [__]] away from it, but if you can handle it, then it might be effective, but for god sakes, don't hit fire with this thing; you're going to hit someone's grandmother more than accidentally hitting a bulldozer that is standing still, so you might as well just be in their [__]] faces.

Overall, it gets a five out of 10 for how the visual design looks. Okay, it's nice. I like the dark gray and the red color to it, but I'm not really sure what exactly the drawing is on the weapon; it looks like some sort of mosquito or bug in a way, but hey. I can't tell, but regardless, it does genuinely look nice, so I give it a 7 out of 10. Next on the list is the worst preset weapon to ever exist in human history , that being the Save Commando kick murder, one of the worst.

Kick murder

Kick murder

I wouldn't ask my worst enemy to take a [__] in what you're trying to say; it's awful, and I'll get into why. First, ever since the Z Commander got buffed, it has an actual purpose, but this preset weapon practically [__]] it over sideways while it was dry.

First, it is extremely effective; it kills light enemies quickly and deletes them instantly; it's accurate when hip-firing; and it has great recoil and easy handling. But the problem is, it's horrid at mid- to long-range, and the magazine capacity is so large that you might as well just become Mike Tyson at this point and just bite someone's ear off.

The overall effectiveness of the weapon itself is 7 out of 10, but the attachments are the main reason the preset weapon is literally the worst. First, the compact magazine reduces the amount of ammo there is inside the magazine of the weapon from 25 to 20 but increases the reserve ammo and the reload speed.

You might think that is nice, but keep in mind that the SMGs have a better ammo pickup rate, and the speed pull mag literally exists and concerns the fact that if Commando has an extremely fast rate of fire, you're going to be resembling a [__]], and the obsolete suppressor just practically makes the weapon way worse in mid- to long range, because, why not?

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