Quick Thoughts On Payday 3


Finally, after spending some time with P Tre. I think I am ready to talk about some of the positives and some of the negative stuff, and just to remind you that this is coming from a longtime pay fan and just a regular consumer. I'm not affiliated with Overkill in any way, and I'm not going to sugarcoat anything like many other content creators tend to do, but I'm also not going to be overly negative like many other content creators tend to do as well.

This is simply a personal opinion from a regular player, and that's it. Starting off with some of the good stuff, I genuinely like the heist. I think they're really well designed. They're fun to play in. We get a decent enough variety, and I like that we're not necessarily limited to either stealth or loud.

There are a few highs that are, of course, limited to stealth and loud, which are the armor transport one and, of course, the Turbet station, which is just a murky station, but I think it's fine. I like having those highs around, but I also like not being super saturated. With highs like those, like I said, the level design is great, and the BS are good too.


In my opinion, the weapons look, sound, and feel good to use. I like the animations, I like the way they sound, and I think that's extremely good. I also would like to praise the gameplay because it just feels nice to play, and I think that's definitely good. It definitely got more attention than loud, coming from a person who never liked playing steal in Pay2 because, to me, it felt a little bit boring and clunky.

P tre feels good. I know that a lot of people have criticized the mechanic of not putting on a mask, and then you can do a lot of the heist without having a mask on, but once again. I'm not a super hardcore stealth player, so I don't feel like I have the proper right to criticize. This is something I'm having fun with, and that's a plus to me.

Like I said, playing loud got a little bit less attention, but I don't think it, but I personally prefer playing loud; it's energizing, it's fun, and it's a great time, especially if you have friends to play with as a solo player. I hope they let us customize the bots in the future, like in pay-to, and I hope they improve the server situation because a lot of the time matchmaking is just painfully slow, but I really like the way cup waves are handled.

death sentence

I like the special enemies. I like how they work with each other, and I also love that bulldozers are menacing. Again, they're not a meme like Imp Pett either; it feels a little bit closer to paying for the heist. I also like the concept of overkill weapons; it's a nice reward, and I'm just so excited to see what new weapons are going to be added to the overkill category.

I'm hoping to see more explosives. And of course, like machine guns, the weapon variety right now is a little bit limited, but be assured that they're going to add new weapons with DLCs. The ones they added so far, I think, are really good, and I just hope they continue this strength of good quality in the future.

I just generally want to see more weapons. More masks, more clothing options Bringing back characters from Pay 2 could be a nice addition too, but I want to see new characters, and I want to see what Overkill can do with their creativity. I think they're a relatively creative studio, so I would love to see more new characters from them.


I like Pearl; she's one of my favorite heroes. Of course, she's not going to be my favorite, like the way Clover was. I like the way they handle joy as well; she's more mature and grown up. They brought her back because she's a hacker, and I think Petty has updated itself when it comes to technology, so it makes narrative sense as well.

Last but not least, I like the tonal shift of the game. I hope they continue to take the narrative seriously, and I personally really like Shade; she's one of my favorite contractors. In the series, I miss Bane for nostalgia reasons, but I really prefer Shade. Her boy actress does a fantastic job, and I think the voice acting in general is really good, but generally, it has always been good.


In the payday series, there's a fair share of cringey Bo lines, but to be honest, there will always be cringey voice lines in Pay. That's just how it is. For some reason, a lot of people were complaining that there were a lot of female characters in the game. I think it's a minority of players, but if you generally think that women make things a bit worse for you, I would encourage you to take therapy.

Don't fall for the hateful rhetoric of certain YouTubers and streamers. Speaking of the music. I think it's great, and I don't think it's perfect, but I also don't think it's bad; I think it's incredibly hard to recreate the style of a particular musician, but as long as they give this electronic tone and are explosive, we're going to be all right.

One thing they do need to add is the ability to change the music during a heist. The tracks are nice as standalones, but it's annoying that you can't change them. I think right now the worst thing in the entire game is the challenges and the challenge menu; it's hard to navigate, it's hard to keep track of them, and before the most recent update, you had to complete challenges to level up.


Now you will get XP for both completing the heist and completing the heist with all backs, but I simply do not understand why that was not a previous feature in the game, and if you think about it, there's a lot of missing features from both pay the heist and pay T. I think the outfits and clothing look particularly ugly, but the quality of the new cosmetic items is great, so I'm just hoping for the best.

I think in general, with pay, if you're a recurrent player, you have to be cautiously optimistic, especially with the way Overkill has behaved in the past. I genuinely hope they keep up with quality control because it's going to be extremely important going forward. To sum up my thoughts, I think the game is better now; it's a long way from being a perfect game.

Essentially, no game is perfect, but I think continuous updates will help the game. I just hope we get the big positive changes as soon as possible so they can focus on creating good-quality content for us. I think it's fair if you jump on the train now or at a later date. The game is simply not perfect, but it's been good enough and fun enough for me.

one down

But I understand that this statement is coming from a longtime payday fan, and I also understand that a lot of newer players are extremely disappointed with the game, so I think in general it's kind of a mixback so far, but if you find the game on sale.

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