Please Don't Buy Payday 3


One of the worst game launches in history. I've got that; I'm saying it; it's got to be that bad of a game launch. I'm not being funny, but this game's made me spend more money than I was immediately hoping to spend on the game. First off. I knew it was going to go wrong when my collector's edition was delayed, and I had to buy a second copy of the game to be able to even play it, which I fully regret doing because the launch week of the game has been absolutely trash.

How can you release a game with such awful servers? I thought they were fixed by today; we were having a great time playing the majority of the day, and then it gets to around eight o'clock and they go down again. There's absolutely no hope that the servers will be fixed. The worst part is that I picked up the game on launch day, but the three prior Early Access days that people got, they were able to play the game because not as many people were on the servers, which makes sense.

The worst part about this whole thing is the fact that they run service stress tests in beta. On different beta occasions, they run service stress tests, and people had the cheek to say to me that this game was going to differ from the beta weekends that we had you people that were sticking up for the fact that I said this game was not ready for release year or absolute, morons.


Your monks are absolute idiots for thinking this game was ready to be released with the server issues they have, and the worst part is that this game is incredibly fun when you're able to play it. That is the worst part; it is so addicting and so fun when you're able to play this game. Yeah, there might not be many heists, but the replayability so far that I've had with my friend has been insane.

It's such a fun game and such a different game from Payday 2. Obviously, there are things I miss from Payday 2, but that happens with any game that releases. It's just the fact that this game came out with such terrible servers, and the worst part is that you know they've gone down, and then you go over to Twitter or X, whatever you want to call it, and they immediately realize the servers have gone down again, but the thing is, they're not doing anything about this issue.


The way these issues are fixed is that people go to sleep and then say the servers are fixed. I wonder why that is. It's because people have gone to sleep and the servers aren't as influential. With players, it's not hard to understand that that's why they keep saying that the servers are fixed; they're not actually fixing these servers.

Honestly, the best day we've had so far is today as I'm recording this, but I'm recording this at half past 10 at night, and the servers have been down since eight o'clock, so even though today's not been a good day, the fact that the servers have been up all day since my friend was on at eight o'clock this morning up until eight o'clock at night is good for this game so far because other than today.

I can't think of another day where the servers have been up for this long. Each day that I have played so far, you've been able to play until around about 4 p.m., UK time, and then bang. There Go the servers on launch day, I think I was able to get into about two or three games, and then the servers were gone.

do not buy

I had to wait until the next day, and then I got on with the game again until, about three or four o'clock, the servers were gone. Down there's, my day ruined, and the worst part is that I paid twice for this game because I paid for the standard edition, and I know that I didn't have to do this, but I wanted to play the game on release day at least because of the collector's edition, which.

A scam in itself doesn't give you early access, which is ridiculous when I'm painting a 120-pound price tag and I don't even get early access, but I had to pay for the game twice, and I've hardly been able to play the game. I've spent a lot of hours on the game, but you'll find that probably half of my hours are from bloody loading and waiting around on the waiting screen, as you can see in the background here.

This is a 20-minute clip of us trying to find a game that I've sped up to fit behind this article. We kept searching for games, and we kept quitting out to try and find a new server, but it just wouldn't happen because the game was broken. Anyone who told me or tried to tell me it's a beta or whatnot in my previous articles where I said the game was broken?


It's a beta; it's almost like they're trying to test it. You're all morons, you're all morons, and you're hiding under your rock and pretending that this is a normal thing. It's not a normal thing. The game shouldn't have been released with servers like this. The game should have had offline play.

I couldn't care less if they don't want hackers in the game. It should have had offline play. I should be able to play this game solo without having to connect to the internet, and there's nothing to do with not being able to connect to the internet. There's nothing to do with not having good enough internet for the game.

I've got perfect internet, but it doesn't matter if I have good internet when I can't play on the servers. What's the point? There's no point in having the internet with this game; just give us offline mode. There are people who want to play this game solo without having to go online. Online, let them do it.


You let the allowed moderators in Payday 2. There is no problem that you're causing problems for yourself with these awful servers. So far, the game needs fixing, and it needs fixing soon, and there needs to be some sort of compensation for the amount of time wasted that people have already spent.

As much as I love this game it comes with the huge pitfall that are the terrible terrible server issues that they can't seem to get a hold on currently.
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