Players Are Hating Payday 3


Daman Oh, it was a civilian. Jo is here. God help me, they are coming. You cost us $100 at the beginning of the mission. Help me with my need to reload. No, I'm like, go help me, okay? Joel sees you in like 5 minutes, big, jug, fuing. Wacket, I'm okay. I'm bent over. I'm dead my GS were in the sky.

Yeah, we did. We're back on this game again because nobody wants to play with me. What's going on, guys? For today's article, we're going to be continuing from what we did on our last payday article; check it out if you haven't already, and we're going to continue on with more of the missions. We're basically just going to talk about the whole payday, problems that are happening at the moment, how a lot of people are not really enjoying payday free, and all the bloody server issues lately.

It's been like my God Man, so besides that, this is my character right now, still wearing the exact same collector's mask and gloves, red camo on for the M4, because why not, and this is going to be my load out as well, so it's going to be like, eh, it's whatever. So from the last article, we played No Rest for the Wicked and Road Rage.

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Of course, let's get into it, Eyes, if you're interested in a high-paying job. I can think of nothing better than Ashton, fing jewelry store, all right new objective taste the jewelry store Well, that sounds pretty obvious. I've seen lately that a lot of people are not really enjoying payday Fe at all because of the server issues.

Recently, a lot of people on my last article were complaining about all the server problems and how they couldn't find a match. It's also annoying how they can legit put a single player into this game, but they did play [__] so I understand why a lot of people were pretty frustrated. On this game entirely, and it's unfortunate, because payday fre is quite fun to play; it just really stinks that because of the Soviet issues, people just decide not to want to play it, especially when you look at the reviews on Steam.

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Like you know, they stuffed up when they've got mainly negative reviews, but it is unfortunate. I really do hope that developers can really update the servers and also add it in single-player offline mode. If they did that, that would be plenty awesome. But for me, I am enjoying the game. It's like a different story because, for me, I don't really play the game as much, but for a lot of people that play the game every day, I understand why you're frustrated.

There's a sniper. That article did incredibly well, and I really appreciate every single one of you for liking, subscribing, and sharing the article as well. Sincerely, thank you all so much. I really appreciate you. The one thing I want them to do as well is: Can we have more missions as well? Please, like the missions that we have right now don't really seem to be a lot, like there's only like 11 I believe most of the time it's like I would have thought they would have had a lot more missions, but hey, it's 2023, and a lot of games nowadays don't have like barely any content, which is why I sort of missed the old days of gaming.

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But it's like what I said in my last article: I didn't really play a lot of basketball when I was younger. Well, I wasn't helping. me help anyway. When I was younger, I wasn't really able to probably play payday because, well, my mom was very strict on having all the games. She was very strict on payday going to die.

And I played a couple times on my cousin's Xbox 360, so I had a bit of an understanding of what the game was, but now I'm like, I'm old enough to buy what I want, and it's like Galaxy of this sucks. Camel dick I do know that, because one of my friends said that the game's quite boring, which really interests him.

He looks like he can understand why. Well, I mean, you do have like 20, 000 reviews on Steam, and it's a little bit. Yeah, I like how I'm just caring about all this. Like, hi, guy, man, the place really hates us now. Don't they have a new objective escape already? I mean, I could do more. Actually, you know what stuff?

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Let me get that bag, okay? Stuff, it's going to have an end of high success level 17, okay? All right, $48, 000. My God, I'm terrible at it. You serious i mean, the developers can do so much on this game to make it two times better than what it is. It would be really good when they added more heists, because we all know that the game will be better when they add more content, but at the moment it's pretty bad.

B [__] If the developers listen to what people really want, then I don't think they will have an issue, but because in 2023, a lot of gamers, including myself, hate when they launch a game and it's completely busted and broken, like if you go back in the early days of article games like they were perfect and now so many games have barely any content, like the servers are bloody bad, but it always seems that they can add in so many microtransactions into the game, and it's like why can't you just fix your game first before adding all of this [__] into your game?

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Like. Everyone is different. Some people like it, some people don't, but it's really up to you anyway. That was that mission, and that was a year with that 2.5 million in my bank right now. Now we're going to do Rock the Credle. Rock the credle at the neon credle, powerful rub shoulders in the VIP area, and you will find legal gambling and part-time drugs.

Get to me. Why are we looking for a match when I want to play by myself? I also realized that the UI in this game is so buggy. I remember when I was trying to invite my fans, and they were like, It was just py ass. The man could be very quiet this time. I don't know if I should be quiet {41}n I see you, sometimes I wonder what's the point of being quiet, but whatever crap, what do I do again?

No well, sh right, okay, don't really work out okay, let's do it. I would never have thought there would be a gunfight in a nightclub. Trade one hostage for delay assault. No, how about you go and get [__]? These cops do not care that I've got a person with me. I stuff it, and this bum music reminds me of S-Punk time.

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Lately, I've been really enjoying that brand new DLC of Phantom Liberty on S Punk, and my God, it's really good. I've been trying to do different games lately because Co is just not really it at the moment. I'm pretty bored of playing Cod, so I'm just like, You know what? Let's play something different.

We've got more articles down the line, and I think we've got more Starfield articles on the way. Z, okay, 8828, okay. I wonder what it would be like if I played on the harder difficulty, but at the same time. I don't think I really want to do that because if I'm struggling to play on normal with my friends and myself, yeah, good luck me trying to play on those ones.

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