Perplexing Pixels: Payday 3. Xbox Series X (review/commentary) Ep547

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I walked out here. I thought you were here. I just got here. I just walked in the door. I was down at the other end of the house, and I came out of here, and then you walked in with a fart mystery fart. Anyhow, you know how every week you say we're playing the same kind of game over and over again?

I just walk around and chop dudes, and that kind of thing is something different. How would you like to rob a bank? Because that's today's game: payday-three bank robbery. Listen, I'd rather not play Mortal Kombat in a article game. We're doing it in a article game, so I Today's show is Payday 3. Wait, what's that about?

Never mind, I want to play Mortal Kombat. No, if ever there was an episode for us to wear masks, it'd be this one because, wait, we can get them. Bank robbery: if you have them, go get them. Are you ready? I am ready to heist. I am ready to come here to Heist no rest for a wicked first and foremost.

I'm going to put you in a private game where it's just you and some bxs before I put you on the actual internet, how about me and some babes? I like babies better than boxes. I know you wear my glasses. Keep finging up. Yeah, it's not a great look. I'm going to rob a bank. I got to keep my identity concealed; that's, yes, very important.


This game is supposed to get patched. Today. I thought all right if you're can patch it on the day usually it's in the morning, you know, right first thing like and didn't happen yet no didn't happen yet got the mask on looks just likely you have multiple options. As far as the bank heist goes, you can take it the smart way or you can go the loud way.

So I like the loud way. What usually happens is that you usually start the smart way, and then things go wrong, and then it has to get loud. Can you do this? say, walk over into that bank. SCB, don't put your mask on yet; please don't all right, so. Right now, here's your goal: get past the security gate on your right, which is on your left, and it's locked.

Can I just shoot that guy? I mean, you could, but let's start the other part first, and then when you get to shooting and looking at this, I mean, I'm already suspicious. Well, you're not in a public area. Right, walk around, and we're getting a drink of water. We're not doing anything suspicious; no, why is it upside down?

attackslug and grim

No one's going to bug you because you know you're just in a bank doing your bank business. It's fine, hexon bot, wolf bot, and chain bot. There's your guy, just being inconspicuous. Yeah, they don't look suspicious at all. Yeah, we're just hanging out here in a suit. It's fine yes, so go to the other side of this room; there'll be a brown door that you can go inside as long as the guard is not is not looking.

You can—kind of. Walk in, so yeah, that door there, staff only. No one's looking; no one's paying attention. It's fine it's an x-button; there's no open door. We go now and watch for the cameras, because if the cameras catch you, then you're just all right; you're good. You're good you're good it didn't go all the way.


If people see you, then yes, that's an issue. Well, there's a woman over there. Normally, I go over to the right here and Crouch, which is B now. Crouch, now that guy will stay in his chair, and the guy in front of the server will usually stay there, so you kind of just sneak past them without an issue; they have no idea that I'm here.

Look to the left. Yes, all right. Don't go yet because he's doing something there, but you should be able to get straight, and then there's a door to your well. Don't let that be all right. That's the problem; he's very curious. Now here he comes; he's going to get you, uh, all right. so hold lb, what's lb left bumper you're going to get arrested here, did I put on the mask no you got to hold lb I did you didn't I'm holding it that's not be, how many times I got to explain this there now you got a gun, don't shoot the civilians they aren't just all right See now, that's going to cost you more money.

perplexing pixels

Well, this guy's going to try to get me. Well, yes, shooting the guards is fine. Shooting innocent people who are innocent is not something that costs you money, so yes, that's an issue. So now, first of all, hit. Y, because better gun there you go nice, and now you're waiting on a chopper to drop the thermite get to the chopper and the thermite will burn through the safe to get to the money yeah but in the meantime the cops are coming so the reason to not shoot all these people here that are innocent is you can use them as hostages ah and then you know you can have the cops you know negotiate with you and stall for time as you do here but you obviously, are so you know you know there's that he's already dead, so yes at some point outside here you will have a drop of stuff but the cops are on their way it says assault incoming right there, shoot him aim the gun properly and shoot him, did a good job Yeah, that was all your boys, so how do I get the money?

Where's this it's getting dropped; it's not; it has not; it says hold for the drop. So in the meantime, here come all the cops. You shoot them, and then, when they know, they give you the money. If you go for the drop this Fu, then you're good. This is the way a police robbery game should be played.


Sure, yeah, we're going to have a shootout with the cops. Shane Yeah, no, we go find all right, so now collect the thermite with the outside bash the window and then hit a out the window. hey, that is the jump button. You're up hey, you are the worst. First, you go there. It goes now. Head toward that little symbol.

It looks kind of like a tiny briefcase. Yeah, that is the thermite; it should be out here on the street, so hit X to open that door. Yes, the chain door. This is what you got to stop at the top. You missed it. You're getting shot at. You're going to die here. You are all right. How do you get to do that?

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I have no idea now. Still, it should be on the ground here. Yes, that's the way to get that, so look down and hold X. Now go back. Inside, there's a lot of copper. Yes, you're probing a bank. So yes, that's how this goes. No back-in; just pass the door. That's the only way I came. Fine, sure, that's not before you came, because I'm still there to be comfortable.

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They'll be back. Nope, that's not a window you can shoot out. There you go. Now head up to the stairs right here. Yes, up the stairs, so one thing in this game is that they randomize the objectives, like it's always the same thing, but they will change where the location is. I got shocked. Why a grenade?

In this episode Attack Slug attempts to teach Grim how to play Payday 3.
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