Payday3 Xp Glitch. Millions Of Xp Per Hour. Exploit. Player. Weapon Level Glitch. Payday3

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It is your boy, Pureghost, back again with another YouTube article on Payday 3. All right, so it is actually ridiculous, and I'm also seeing people say that it'll show. XP, you know, at the end of the game thingy, but then when you get to the main menu, it's not actually there. That's just a visual bug, apparently.

If you just reload the game, just quit the game and load it to back up your weapon level, and your player level will actually change in the game, so it's just a little visual bug. It does work in loud mode as well, but stealth is honestly just easier. As you can see, it only took 20 minutes until I'm already at this point, just getting XP all right, and if you have an auto-clicker.

I can literally go to sleep right now because it's 1:40 in the morning, and I can literally just come back in like seven hours. You know, if my game doesn't crash and collect God knows how much XP I'll actually get from that. I'm not going to try it because I feel like my game is just going to crash and it'll be all for nothing, but if you want to do that, you definitely can.


Another thing to mention is that it depends on what weapon you're holding as well. So, you know, my pistol is already max level, so I'm not going to hold that out. I'm going to hold the AK out, and now all of the XP that I get from going in and out of the zone is going to be routed to the AK's, the same as it did last game.

I'll go ahead and throw up the little in-game article of how much XP I got from last game doing this, and hopefully you know this doesn't get patched by the morning because I'm sure they're probably on it because this is a crazy exploit and XP glitch right now in Payday 3. I have a lot up on the channel right now; now you can go check other ways.

How to get you to know player level and weapon level, and all that, I have plenty of guides plenty of stealth guides. Overkill, you know, gameplay, and all of a sudden, but anyway, guys, comment below what I should do next. Catch you guys later. So guys, as you can see here, I reset the game, and I've now ranked up a whole level 47, and my AK just went from level three all the way to level 29 pretty much instantly.

I have all the attachments now; actually, I had all the attachments before, but that's because I'm running a little mod thing that you can do. You know, don't ask about that.

This is NO JOKE guys millions of XP per hour. I got 47k weapon XP for my AK within 15 minutes! make sure you jump on this quick.
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