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There's something that Payday 3 did right. The gun play feels great, and steal has been greatly improved. The graphics are okay, and the voice lines are also great. Apart from joy, in this article, I won't be talking about the positive things that Payday Free has done, but only about the negatives, and boy, there's a few of them.

The progression system in Payday 3 stinks, and there's no other way to phrase it in Payday 2. After completing the highs, we got our rewards, which were cash, Continental, coins, and the most important one, XP. In the third installment of the franchise, you have to grind out the challenges, which are tedious and difficult to complete.

Nobody wants to spend their highs hugging a wall in a small toilet or shooting the spawn points like crazy during their gameplay just for a few XP points. The same also goes for the skill tree and gun level. I don't want to spend days grinding one gun just to have attachments for it, and I also don't want to be punished for the fact that it didn't play a certain trait, so I can't complete my stove or boat.

bad thing about about payday3

The lack of content is big. I'm talking here about weapons and heists. You can make an argument that Payday 2 at Lounge didn't have as much content as we have right now, but there's a huge difference in how Payday 2 and 3 were made. What do I mean by that? Payday 2 didn't have as big of a team making it, and the budget was way smaller.

Overkill got €50 million from Co Media and 170 employees working as of making the third installment, and not to mention the money they've got from the Epic Games deal and from the DLCs they've sold at the end of Payday 2's life cycle, we've only received eight heists and 17 weapons. I'm not demanding Payday 2 level of content with over 70 heists and [__] tons of weapons, but I was expecting More specifically, the special units are not necessarily bad, but they're not the best.

The only one that improved was the Dozer; he became more tanky and hard to kill throughout my time with the game. I've only seen Cloer destroy my equipment once, and he doesn't sneak up on you like he used to in the second game. The nater seems underwhelming; he can sometimes be annoying, but he's not much of a threat.

bad things about payday3

Taser, or should I say Zaer? What a cringe! He got a huge debuff of a big box on his leg, screaming, Shoot me. I'd love to see improvements to these units. Make ner throw different types of grenades that do different stuff; make tasers throw electric grenades that stun you or emps that turn off your guns reticles, if you have one.

Equipped the lack of offline modes hit us hard. The matchmaking feature, as of me recording this article, still doesn't work properly, and you're not always able to find a lobby with other players. The servers had problems at the lounge, despite the developers promise that they wouldn't go down. Mr pepper says since the game is online, only what happens if the servers go down Well, they won't.

Answer: The fact that people won't be able to play the game if something goes wrong and the servers are off is horrible. All the way around, things in that department were far better. I'd honestly rather connect with Evan from Russia, who screams Russian slurs at me, than Overkill Servers; they in this game is so [__] in this game.

bank robbery

Sure, they will occasionally drop you an armor bike or bug, but they can't stand in one place to hope you complete a hug. The feature of AI that we had in Payday 2 to make them stay in one place is missing. Sometimes the bots won't even revive each other because, you know, who gives a [__] about the homies you rob a bank with?

Not to mention the lack of customization we have when it comes to their equipment. I can't equip my AI crew with any other weapon than the one that the game gives them, nor can I change their looks or look at perks that will help me with an AI solo. Run as of me recording and editing this article, there's no microtransactions in the game, but during one developer stream, they've been mentioned, and they are indeed common.

bank robbing game

I'm not talking about the DLCs here. I'd be fine if I'd had to pay for the content I'm getting, but I'm not fine with some stuff under a dollar. I'm sure they are only cosmetic, but after playing Dro Galactic, I can see how those things are important to the player. If people are willing to pay 15 bucks for a skin in Fortnite or Rainbow Six Siege, it's kind of scummy to abuse it.

I know that the developers need the money to keep the show running, but Taylor, weapon pucks, and Heist DLCs are enough to keep the game running. Running and music are personal tastes, but in my opinion, Payday 3 is lacking in the music department. By all means, I don't mean Gustavo is a composer; his work in Payday 2 was amazing, but the trucks we have in Payday 3 are not memorable.

Payday 2 had dirt and dust soccer punch and on the road, and that's gustavo's work without mentioning Simon's work on the game's music. That will be it for today's article. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I'm open to a discussion.

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