Payday (not The Candy Bar) Payday 3


All three of you may be asking where I've been for the last couple days. Let's rock the tutorial like I've never paid attention before. This is the combat training area. Mask up and get into position when you're ready to get started. I already like The Voice better than Bane ammo boxes. I don't know if I like the red boxes, as they are easier to distinguish.

I've been in this lobby for 20 minutes. After 84 years, the waiting is over. I have made a match with no one in a large group, so I guess we're going in alone. There are a lot of commuters now. Look where you are going. Like, look at this car; it's a car, and it's got doors. What are those? Wheels, damn man.

Look at that; I'm impressed. Color me impressed. I don't know what to say. Tony, I don't know what to say. Look at that rim blowing through my mind. All right all right, all right. That's enough of that. Hello, Mr guard, sir, why did you turn the other way for a second? I just want to lock and pick your gate.

Here, I'm not a trespasser. I'm a friend. I'm a fairy; don't you believe in that? Guys, guard, over there there's a guard. Thanks for those chains. You're a pal. How'd you even see him? Though there's a guard, there sure is. You've got to move, buddy. There's a guard. The standoff between us has to end; something's got to You'll need a red key card to open the power door.

lets play

I'm sure there's one around somewhere. yeah, shade I'm pretty sure there's one around here somewhere; I don't know where it could be, though maybe on this dummy thick guard. Please stay out of the restricted areas. Okay, yeah, that's my bad, bro. Burn How far can we fall? Can somebody help? Joy, not that far, Dallas; get down here, you goober.

Thank you reviving doesn't take time at all. Okay, into the unknown, hello, yeah. I had. Fine, well, lockpicking is a lot more fun when you're going through safe deposit boxes now; it takes a whole lot less time, so have you succeeded in stealthing the mission yet? No, I messed up. I definitely messed up.

I did too. For some reason, in the tutorial Mission, you know you had your pistol, and it's like, yeah, it was no big deal. You know you could shoot guards, but nobody notices. I did the exact same thing I was playing on, very hard or whatever. There was a guard in the security room, and I was like, All right, I'll just go shoot him, bam.

Everyone gets tired, so it's time to restart. See, I took him down. I was like, Okay, I won't take any risks. I'll take him down, and so I did that, and then I went outside, and a guard immediately saw me, and I'm like, Well, no big deal. I'll just shoot him. He alerted the whole place. I'm like, okay, cool.

Well, my pistol has Sil on it now, so I don't have to worry about that. Yeah, I'm sure that's the first thing I'm going to buy. Look at that. I do all the work, and you get to reap the benefits. Excellent, as God intended or as Bane intended, all we have to be quick about this rush in is just hard to die, Bag; that's also where's my shield.

Why aren't my shields coming back? Yeah, you don't get that anymore. What I thought it said during the tutorial was that you got to get your shields back; there's armor refill stations. My God, that's awful. I hate it. What did you do to make this mission so difficult? It's unnormal sniper got me; we have to rely on Dallas bot NOP; that's not how it works.

Okay, if we restart Level, does it just give us it back? Maybe we don't start from the beginning, but then we don't have to wait for matchmaking, right? I was just talking with this guy in here about the CV. If you just post F, you can access your phone. I don't know what makes civilians look more normal.

Check the C. Money is still hard to pick up, dang. It's starting to feel like these safes aren't worth it. Did you drop through the ceiling? I did i wanted to break the glass and just throw the thief down so I wouldn't have to keep running, but I fell. I am not a smart person. Yeah, so earlier I was like, hm, I wonder how bad fall damage is, and so I jumped through that roof to test it.

I didn't do it to test it. I just want to drop the thyme. I did it intentionally, so I'm better. That's debatable i killed a Cy. Nice, good, good job. They're going to send dozers after us. I try my best. Also, you know what I don't like so far? This takes a long time, and I can't track how long it's supposed to take.

Take, for example, that there's no timer over the top middle, like payday. We really need a timer, though yes, I'm sure they'll add one as an option in the settings. I'm going to get a mod that does. You know, there's civilization down there. How many of them did it kill? Several of them—all of them—get ready.

I got the shield. They're fine some of them are all right. I'm in the vault. I guess when the police force of Siy can't put them back down, I put a couple of them back down. Be prepared dozer is coming in. Be prepared i guess I killed too many civilians. I killed two. I threw a grenade, so get ready for it.

I thought you were joking about killing all of them, but it killed like four or five of them, making our lives hell. Here, I mean, I'm not doing much better. I only killed two, though. Well, I threw it at the bottom of the stairs, and they were on the upper floor. I thought they'd be okay. I have shrapnel.

I guess it is a fragmentation grenade. I heard a cloer get out. Get out, Karen. The godamn balls find a way to get rid of them. Get them ballards, the bollocks, and the ballocks; they'll need more than I need the perks to throw me any farther, lower the ballers, and I'll

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