Payday Devs Care More Than You Are Led To Believe


I got a decent amount of feedback on my last article that I made talking about the launch for Payday 3, and I just want to clarify that all the way around all the way doesn't really matter all around. We knew that they were going to get better. YouTube channel, and basically, you, for about an hour.

Hey, we're working on it; we have. Recently, they were like, Hey, we got this from this time the servers are going to have to be under maintenance, and honestly, the maintenance has helped at least for me. I have not had a single issue with loading into the game or anything like that. The only time that if you're an Xbox or PS5 player and you have put your console to sleep and then opened it back up to the game, the game keeps running, and then when you try loading in, it kicks you out because you need to rejoin.

That's the only time that I've had issues, but anyway. A lot of stuff that they have said that they're like the development team, the art team, and the sound team. I don't know what your audio is, but they are all very excited for changing certain things and making things better, and something that they have also said, if you have no idea, is that it's been 10 years, commitment was the same as how Payday 2 was, and something that they acknowledged was that yes.


Payday 2 has a ton of content compared to Payday 2. Not the whole hundred of being back to normal, but it's doing much better, so I feel like they do have the time to basically say. We can focus on this now, which is great, and I am honestly glad. I'm glad that the servers work. I'm glad that people can't complain just about the servers.

I understand if you are on an Xbox PC or anything and you are having issues. They did fully announce it, and they had announced it for a while; I just hadn't seen it, and October 5th is their first update. It's just going to fix a lot of bugs. That's the first thing that's going to be done. That's all it's going to be, and for payday 3, for PS5.


You are going to get your stuff if you get the silver or gold edition. You are going to get it some time later. There is a specific question: if, for some reason, somehow the payday developers manage to see this. I would say that they are most likely never going to because you know that just wouldn't ever happen, and if it did, that'd be crazy.

But my only gripe or question is: is it going to work in a specific way? Similar to the idea in my head is the way that GTA makes it work when you start a heist in GTA and you are the only person with this machinery to operate the heist, for example, the submarine, that you can use to do the KO Paro Heist or whatever it's called.

That one person needs to own it; not everyone else needs to own it. Is it possible that for Payday 3, only one person in your group needs to actually own the DLC or whatever? I honestly would really appreciate it if they were just like, Hey, only one person needs to buy it. I would understand that if that one DLC is a little bit more expensive, there's still going to be a lot of people who buy it.


There's going to be a lot of people who are like, damn. I'm not playing with my one friend, so I might as well just buy it for myself; a lot of that's going to happen, and I honestly wouldn't be against it. They did specify that there was going to be free content, exactly like how in Payday 2 there's community items that were given to you a lot of free [__] that you have, especially if you have a just basic account you haven't really played and you just open it up and you're looking at the stuff that you have, a lot of free masks, a lot of stuff that you can get.

That's mostly the free stuff that's going to be there; then there's going to be paid content. My only thing that I kind of worry about is that if you are someone who played Payday 2, there are a lot of attachments that you have probably seen on guns that are locked behind DLCs. And I really hope that they don't do that.

I feel like it wouldn't ruin the game, but it would make it a little bit annoying because you can't use a specific thing. The only way to balance it out is by saying that there's an attachment that you already get, whether it's free content or whatever, that's basically better than the item. I think that's the only way to balance around it, whether it's a point better or something.


They did talk about adding skill trees if you didn't know the one new skill that they're going to be adding: this transporter where you can carry two bags, and that's all that they add. That's all that they said specifically; they will be adding more. A question that kept getting asked was if they were going to be adding more skills for skill trees or if they were going to add more skill points, and they specifically said yes, that is possible.

I believe I don't fully remember, but if I do, I would trust that it is more. Poss i don't really know what I was talking about before I was cut off, but the thing that I will try to leave off on is that I do hope, or, yeah. If you reset a heist, do things stay the same or do they change? I appreciate it because I'm lazy and I don't want to have to keep going back and forth.


The RNG factor that would probably help it in my opinion is if there is a way to change it but do not have challenges behind it; it's just a personal thing where you can change, specifically if the number changes for it so you keep getting employee of the month, or the Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi number is there, and the number just changes constantly, or if it is changing location, the numbers are staying the same.

I would appreciate that. I guess that wouldn't really, you know, affect as much. One thing that they said is the armor system; you know, they're trying to make it so that certain things have a little bit more value, and that's just a quality of life changing the game to make it better for the experience because if you are like me and you have played Overkill at all, and for me.


I've stealthed the only time I've ever done Overkill, and then towards the end I had to do an attack because I was spotted, you get absolutely. They did respond about stuff when it comes to dodge and things like that, and they were kind of like, H, we don't really, yeah, no or something. But one thing: if you're going to take anything away from this, just understand that a lot of the stuff that they said, especially regarding offline mode, is not a no, but it is not a guaranteed Yes, it is a possibility, but there is nothing that's being confirmed, which honestly.

I appreciate more than them just saying flat out no or flat out yes and then never doing anything with it or whatever. And that goes for yes or no, with them never doing anything with it. I am honestly very excited for where this game goes. I will be trying to make as much content for the game as I can.

I am looking forward to the future content and updates when it comes to Payday 3! I hope you all enjoyed this video and look forward to more things from payday as well.
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