Payday 3's Weirdest Build. Cqc Specialist & Human Shields

best dsod build

I don't know how many of you have ever looked at the CQC, especially the skill tree, but it really does all hell; it focuses on well nothing, has some loud skills and stealth skills with pretty much no synergy, so today I'm going to show you how to use it in loud to make the weirdest loud build in Payday 3.

First grab CQC specialist Ace so you can grip when grabbing a human shield, then grab soft assets because they're nice to have, and grab a pin puller. We'll see why later. Now grab the menacing skill in the manipulative skill tree and grab ammo funnel replenish, sharpshooter, aced, and cutting shot.

I would also recommend Frugal throwers and extra ammunition now grab the revolver. I recommend the range. Barrel slate, RDS biofit grip, and compact compensator, but pretty much any attachments work, so put on whatever you would prefer; anything else doesn't matter except for flashbangs. So grab those and get in the game.

best loud build

When the assault starts, aim at the cop and make him surrender with your menacing skill or through a flashback bank. If he's in a group, grab that cup as a human shield and aim down sights for 1.5 seconds to gain the edge from Sharpshooter. Third, quickly tap heads and go back to the human shield cover to refresh your edge from Sharpshooter East, and you're pretty much invulnerable with infinite demo because of ammo fire and replenish while one copy cops.

It's so crazy that it works, but honestly, it just does when you grab a copy and gain great knowledge from CQC specialist Ace, so you have two options. One, let it run out and then throw the cop and take him back to refresh it, or if you want to make your escape throw, him while you have grit to use your PIN puller skill and hide in the smoke before grabbing another human shield and repeating that process now.

Listen to this: when grabbing a human shield, stay away from the bots; they will follow you and kill you. This happens way too often, so make sure to not stand too close to them, and you should be fine. This win looks fun and quite strong, but you can't go over it very hard. Overkill is way too tough for this build, even though most of the clips in this article are from Overkill difficulty.


I would recommend staying on very hard or below, and you will notice it's actually better than it looks at first. To summarize, aim to gain Edge Top Cops quickly, go back to the human shield, throw him away with grit whenever you're done with him, and stay the fuck away from bots. But this was it for the Witherspoon article.

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