Payday 3's Strike Team Has Spoken

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PR Payday 3 The strike team has finally spoken to us, and we have some spicy [__] ahead. I'm going to do my best to keep everything as short as possible, so without wasting any sort of time, let's check it out. First, let's talk about the 2024 improvements that they're showcasing, as you can see in the main spot.

L of the upcoming updates are the progression, new content, UI revamp stability, matchmaking, server browser, and finally, solo or offline mode, let's [__]. Anyway, I am genuinely happy with this stuff, and I cannot explain how happy I am with these changes. I am beyond happy and excited, but for now, let's check out the other stuff before I give up my initial thought.

The initial focus is that what is showcased here will be added later in this year's summer, which is like how six to five months away Sumer is around there. These are just little things that they will be implementing somewhere in the summer of 2024. They have time anyway, and the spicy [__] that they will be adding are the quick play and the unready button play again for future vote kicks.

operation medic bag

Ren renaming the ones that I'm most excited about are the daily activities with rewards, but we aren't really sure what type of rewards they will be giving us. I guess we're going to have to wait and see, but other than that, all these are really needed for payday, and I'm actually genuinely glad that they are adding them.

Offline mode will be coming. Thank you, God, but it's going to have two phases, according to the website. First, before we go to the phases, the way it will work is quote-unquote. This is the first time we will be developing a standalone solo mode you can get without going through the matchmaking flow.

This will be a local game on your own machine, thereby circumventing the need to connect to a server, and these are the two phases they mentioned. Phase one will require an online connection to our backend system for progression unlocks, etc. Phase two will look to improve on the solo mode implementation and allow you to play the game without requiring a constant internet connection.


You will need to connect intermittently to our backend to upload your progression, but we will otherwise be able to play offline mode. We'll need to come back with details on exactly how this will pan out, so if I'm not mistaken, when I read this, you can play Pay3 solo without any connection whatsoever.

However, in order to make your progress or keep your unlocks or anything else you have, you need to have an internet connection to transfer the stuff you grinded solo back into their back-end server. I could be wrong about this, but the way I read this, this might seem like how it works, but I'm not entirely sure, but nonetheless.

I am happy that they're bringing it back because, holy [__]], we needed it because it could cause some slight issues for new players with this new system because of what they have, like internet issues like they can't just transfer their progress to the backend server or what happens if they close the game with all the progress they made offline.

They haven't really given us a proper explanation of how it will work out entirely, but they will address it in the near future, as they said, but back again. I am happy that we're finally able to play the game again without any sort of Internet issues or being kicked out of the [__] server again.

Thank you, Lord, but I'm not entirely sure what happens. If you are not able to transfer your progression to the backend server, I guess we'll wait and see. Next, they will be making the matchmaking more stable, and later, they will be reintroducing us to the crime-style browser like in Payday 2, which is absolutely needed.

Holy [__]], they haven't really mentioned whether or not they're going to be bringing it back to filters from the second game, like being able to select, say, no rest for the Wi on loud, only select the difficulty, etc., but I guess we'll wait and see that challenge-based progression is literally just getting thrown out the window, and instead the infamy points you will be getting will be prioritized based on heist completion, which is.

Great Holy [__] Thank you. God, and each back you secure will give you an additional punch as well. Basically, you'll be able to get the, basically, each back secure will be. It will reward you with more infite points, which is going to be absolutely great; it will make a heist like Cook Off and Golden Truck more grindy and actually the best for when it comes to XP grinding, which is interesting; and lastly, for challenges, they will be adding things like cosmetic-related challenges for us to be able to grind, but I'm not sure if there will be any sort of challenge that will give us XP.

I highly doubt it since they're going to be removing it, but what type of rewards are we going to be getting for cosmetics? We don't know if DUI is being revamped. Thank you, God, holy [__]. It needs to be revamped. My goodness, we are getting some free content down the line. It is stated that they are intended to add another free heist for payday 3, but I'm not entirely sure if this is just going to be one heist that they're just going to be adding or if they just misspelled it, but I'm hoping we're getting it.

At least more than one free heist this year, because if we just get one free heist this year, then. It can kind of cause some issues, but we'll have to wait and see. Second, they're going to be rolling out the skill lines, cosmetic item rewards, and a free LMG as a primary W, which is absolutely cool, but I'm a little bit skeptical about the skill lines being rolled out because I do genuinely like the current skill line, but I'm guessing the low-IQ dumbasses can't really comprehend it because they don't really have any sort of creativity.

What do I know? But either way, I'm curious to see what they're going to be doing to us. I'm also curious to see what type of LMG they're going to be giving us in the future, but I'm hoping it's not the M249; please God, do not give us that. But anyway, microtransactions are being delayed and will be announced next year.

Come on, it is a surprise, and the Unreal Engine has unsurprisingly been delayed because they want to focus on fixing the game before they transfer the engine. The Unreal Engine 5, so I don't blame them honestly; they have to fix the game first before they transfer it, so this DLC pricing will be discussed later on in the future; they didn't really specify how they're going to.

They can discuss this, but they have to sort of annoy, like arrange a business meeting to discuss this, because they can't just simply lower the numbers down by, like, $5. Or some [__] feel like they have to actually talk. This is some sort of business-related thing where they have to discuss it, so yeah, and that's literally it.

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