Payday 3's Platinum Is Frustrating



Bailey 3 Platinum was one of the most frustrating experiences. I have ever encountered trophy hunting from broken servers with not too many heart attacks. No, this trophy hunt had it all. Hi, I'm the fastest Trophy Hunter on Youtube, and with my serice road to platinum, I'll show you exactly how fast that is.

Welcome to the road, Platinum. Here you can find different sections for what you desire about the game. Let's dive into pay.

Payday intro

Bayday 3 launched in September 2023, and after a few beta tests, there was a lot of hype behind it, but unfortunately, as with most hyped games, the launch was horrendous, with the surface being unstable as hell and the aiming being absolutely threatful.

You will see that a literal god like me when it comes to shooters looks like a noob in this game, so my apologies for that. Let's take you on this adventure with me and see how awful it gets.


we started off with a very easy trophy. No one cared who I was until I put on the mask. Work now, I mean, and there's the first trophy.


Nice we decided to play through all the heists to get a feel for the game and not earn a lot of trophies. We kind of only get a trophy for the first heist, and that's opening all the deposit boxes in the vault and completing the heist. Ready when they come back, and with all the money we earned from all the heists, we customized our mask, which also gives us another trophy.


We go after getting a f for everything, also dead. We decided to tackle the trophies on Golden Shark. All right choose way inside this was a big pain in the ass as the surface are unstable as hell at this moment, ah, after having enough of all the disconnects I tried it on the minimum required difficulty also known as hard the trophies themselves were quite easy you have a trophy for completing the he in stealth without accessing the HR computer with this computer you get a tip of the location of the red key card and to be fair I've never even used the HR computer in this Heist as the place of this computer is an inconvenience, compared to the other places where you'll find the key card after the key card is collected we go upstairs there we have to hack a computer for theault room code once in The Fault room we have to disable all the lasers using electrical boxes after that we grab the blue key card from the bank manager enter his office and use the key lock to open the vault here's where the second trophy comes into play and that is to loot the entire vault which is done pretty easy once it's.


Open, we get both trophies, after a while goz well great service, ah there we go we head back to the first heist where we are trying to collect a trophy where you have to complete the heist without letting a die pack explode we just headed into the queue and found ourselves a teammate he proved to be quite capable for a random so capable in fact that I did not even have to mask up all I had to focus on was a trophy and once inside default and getting my teammate's attention we unlocked the door and dismantle all the die packs to earn ourselves a trophy, we proceed to the heist where you meet IC te where we have to steal a special white sticky high-tech material in this heist, we can earn ourselves two trophies if we play on at least very and in this run it was money, time we head inside to take out the cameras as soon as possible, then we make sure everyone inside on ground level gets either killed or captured.


We then hack some phones and stalk or prey from the dark without them noticing. For all that, it was time to haul the loot. We headed over to the containers. I found our first special container after getting through its security. The first trophy comes into play and that is to steal all the white stuff without letting it degrade as it becomes less valuable the longer it's in the back so we grab the loot and run our asses back to the container to collect it in time twice for the trophy and then the second trophy comes into play and let toot everything there is and that's basically three more containers filled with some, money, there we go no stone unturned, we then decide to tackle the best stealth Heist of the game better known as under the surface which is two trophies this Heist has a lot of fun mechanics from dodging lasers to playing the floor is lava we tried a few times and when we had the dream try the service were like no, now you got to.


Be i hate this game already, so after the service came back we tackled this Heist once more and this time it went differently we start off by taking out the cameras to make her life a little easier we then head to the roof to enter one of the art exhibits where we disable the security and open the doors from the inside we do this four times and each time the security is a little different we also head into the manager's office to steal a flash drive and the spectral photo meter from the server room with these two things we can identify, special kind of painting we need to steal after the upstairs is done we head downstairs and repeat the process of disabling security and stealing all the Arts after successfully doing so we have a lot of BS we have to move carefully, after that is done we steal everything and we escape for the trophy.

There we go. That's, one, come on, you get the trophy for stealing all the artwork, and the other, well, it doesn't pop because it's a little different than what I thought, but we'll get to that. We get a little tired of stealth and decide to go for the trophy that revolves around the only loud forced map in the game called Road Rage.

To get one of its trophies, we have to complete the map on hard without any shifts, escaping dying, etc. The best threat is basically to pile them up in a hole and keep close watch on them, and it all went great until one of my teammates did this: Careful. God, I hated randoms after our second try, though we got it with ease, as heart is not really challenging.


Yeah, that's what we're talking about. We then go back to stealth and tackle one of the best and most challenging trophies of the game, which is to complete Touch the Sky on Overkill. In stealth without killing a single guard, this definitely took my best stealth skills as it is close quartered, with a lot of guards while having to move around a lot, and I mean a lot.

You start off by unlocking the bedroom by interrupting a Wi-Fi signal by standing in a few random spots. After that is done, we enter the bedroom and find the hidden lever to unlock a secret fault. To get this code, you have to poison the owner of the house in order for you to kidnap him and open his banic room where the code is, but as we've done a few tries.

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