Payday 3's First Dlc Makes Me Sad


I've been a longtime fan of payday now for about fiveish years, give or take, and like most, I start it with two, and I've been looking forward to three for ages. I bought Payday 3 on Launch, and I gave it a chance. I really did. I unlocked all the guns, played all the heists, and I really enjoyed Payday 3 at Launch despite its flaws.

I was excited for more, and after an admittedly really long wait, we finally got more in the form of two free heists, and they're fantastic. That was an extremely long and extremely silent way, but I can't do anything but commend the team for just being quiet, putting their heads down, and working on the game to make it better.

but just yesterday payday 3 got a brand new update syntax error, and this is the first story update we've gotten since launch considering the Legacy heists were just added for game play sake, and I'm the weirdo who plays Just Cause for the story, so I play Payday for the story too, so imagine my despair when I realized that the DLC pack for DLC one is 18 [ __ ].

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Euro, no, that's fine. There's no offline lobby anyway, so I'll just join someone else. I thought to myself, This ain't your granddad's payday. You can't join Syntax Eror Lobbies unless you spend a minimum of 10 bucks to buy the DLC yourself. This is so silly; the game's matchmaking hardly already works, and now you want me to spend another 10 bucks to just end up playing solo anyways and lagging.

I can't speak on how DLC works in Payday the Heist since I unfortunately never went back and played it yet, but I have heard that it's better than three. Payday 2 allowed you to join any DLC heist at all on {42}, regardless if you owned it or not, and even if you did splash the extra cash to buy a heist, you'd get weapons, clothes, and sometimes characters and perks for six bucks.

I do like the Jun eel mask, but it is not worth four euros. The outfits are pretty ugly, but that's nothing new with the game.

I would need to grind endlessly, doing the same Heist over and over and over and over and over red Ro over roll me over just to get some attachments.

It's just the fact that I can't play it unless I personally know someone who already owns this already badly-selling game. It's just really the kick in the teeth I don't deserve as a loyal fan, you know, God forbid.

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Those are all mods made by the community; none of these are in the base game, and I know that was the same in Payday 2 when everyone used custom Huds, but at least the default HUD had character to it and told you more. Now I don't want to kick stars while they're down or bandwagon and be like, Oh, Payday 2 is better, but I need to give my two cents on this because this isn't a one-off thing.

This is one of four heists for year one of the game. What does that mean? It means that by the end of the year, I want to play the new Bad Apple storyline. The retail price of the [__] game just for the heists alone, no new weapons, and no new cosmetics, And 72. For all the content, God damn it, man.

I know we get Legacy Heist in between for free, but I didn't pay for Payday 3 for Payday 2, but for the real engine.


That needs primarily challenges to level up, and the challenge viewer still isn't fixed or has a working search bear, but there is a mod for that; it just makes me depressed. I adore p83. I had a blast with this game at launch; it was my go-to way to unwind from Life lately has literally just been play Payday 3 on my main monitor and watch One Piece on my second, and PayDay 3 was a ton of fun to be my go-to grind game, but now I'm just genuinely sick in that I can't even play the new Heist without shelling 10 bucks, which I'm not going to please, star Breeze or Overkill or whichever multi-million dollar company who isn't watching this article is in charge, just charge like 10 bucks for the full pack or just add the weapons and Heist for free, only allow someone to host it if they paid a trade, just like in two, just please don't Whittle down your community this hard.

The game is already bleeding players faster than any other generic PVE shooter, and it is extremely hard to find a full heist unless you're playing The Meta Gritty Heists. Don't separate what a little bit of the fan base is already left; it just came out like three or four months ago, and if for some reason you were contemplating buying this pack, go by Red Dead instead.


I've been addicted to that game so hard lately that it's insane. Let's use a rule, a saw, and a board, and I'll cut. I'll climb up a ladder with a hammer and a nail now. Well, we work so hard to build a little house together, in the snow, the rain, or the ice-cold wind whenever.

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