Payday 3's First Dlc Is Coming Sooner Than We Imagined


That's right Payday 3's first DLC syntax error is already almost upon us. Less than a week after we got the two returning Legacy Heists, we have a Dev Update article walking us through all the content coming in Update 3, including new DLC Heist weapons and cosmetics. It appears as if Star Bre is trying to make up for lost time here and truly get Payday 3 back on the trajectory we hope for.

Launch This article is going to run you through all the information we learned from Dev Update 2, including the surprise ARG around this new Heist Nar, as well as speculate a little on the three new weapons coming to the game and the largest surprise of the day, the announcement of a new enemy type known as the Techy.

Let's start at the beginning with the heist itself. Marketing for this actually began last week with the addition of a new unique QR code pattern in the turbid station. Heist, when scanned, you'll be taken to Scry Digital's website, a new corporation in the payday universe specializing in AI-driven secure data storage and as the flagship client of the Wix Security Integrated Network System, also known as sins, supposedly capable of identifying security threats and coordinating countermeasures with law enforcement.


It was pretty obvious who we'd be stealing from in the syntax-era heist, with a few Heist screenshots posted on their Universe Twitter account and even a YouTube article uploaded in the last couple of hours showcasing the actual interior of the heist. This is reminiscent of payday's old brand of genuinely intriguing Heist marketing that has me hopeful we might just see another secret somewhere down the line that's just as detailed as payday 2's old one of course we learn a little more about the continuing narrative from lead writer Bren and Gil Patrick who states that as we guessed payday 3's launch story was very much a prologue positioning the gang for the rest of the game's twists and turns over its development, syntax error is going to build directly upon that post touch the sky cut scene with most of the anti- payday conspirators in the ground and shade and joy now free to roam through the golden shark serves for any bits of valuable information using their Quantum Computing Tech it's this Intel they scraped from the now to see shark that leads them to this new Advanced drone operating system software.


From the few outdoor snippets, Payday 3's environmental work is so brilliant. I was almost instantly able to find that this heist is set in Manhattan, next to Bryant Park, known as Ryan Park in the game. It still blows me away how incredible the light actually is. In any case, the setting looks great, but it does seem that most of the heist will take place inside the scry digital officers, as the gang has to contend with this new AI security system that's been teased by their ARG press releases.

It's a really top-notch setup for the heist, and there is someone hugely invested in where this narrative will take things further down the line. I'm excited for this one; it seems we'll be getting more information on the overwatching conspiracy and, of course, the shadowy villain Concord soon enough from later gameplay snippets.


This heist looks very unique with its high-tech claustrophobic setting that appears to be playable in either stealth or loud. Drone cameras are returning for the stealth portion of the heist, but more on those later. Before I move on to cover the other parts of this DLC, as it's now confirmed to be releasing as a bundle in one single update.

I think it's also worth highlighting Star Bre's commitment to its open-play DLC model, as it worked in Payday 2. The purchasing syntax error simply gives you the right to host the heist. You can still happily play it even without owning it, so long as you know someone who actually does. Not only does this keep friend groups together, but it pivotally means that Starb won't be gating off and splintering the community once this heist comes out, which is essential.

In my opinion, it's also nice that it allows you to test out the heist online before taking the plunge with a purchase. Now, of course, the other sections of this DLC will be exclusive to their owners, so here's where you need to really consider the merits of a potential purchase. First up, we're getting a new tailor pack similar to Payday 2's initial offerings, and we're receiving four new outfits.


With four new gloves and four new masks, my excitement for each new cosmetic does vary quite widely. This plated mercenary outfit on Joy looks phenomenal, and it's great to see more animated masks already coming to the game. Hell, they even invited the nerdy lead guard from this popular mod, which is more important than just cosmetics, though we have to talk about the three brand new weapons coming to the game in this DLC.

This is the content sweet spot Payday 2 operated with in later years, and so I'm expecting similar great things from these additions. Also, do me a favor. I don't know real-world weaponry. First up, from my gun litter itself, we have this new SMG, which from a brief snippet of gameplay looks like it'll fit a new niche in the mattera, dealing more damage per shot at a lower fire rate, acting more like an SMG, and assault rifle hybrid, hopefully befitting that primary weapon category.


It now lies up next, and the most exciting of all is this semi- or maybe even fully auto-mag-loaded shotgun, the FSA 12 gauge. Payday 2 Zizo was one of the most iconic weapons in the entire franchise, so I was surprised when the game launched without a magazine shy, but it appears as if all my prayers have been answered by this bad boy, definitely anticipating this to be a top-tier weapon for years to come like its older brother.

Finally, we're getting a new Marksman rifle in the Fik family. This one appears to be a slightly lower-damage single-fire weapon. Maybe it's going to require Edge to hit the one-shot threshold, but it will be a little easier to handle than the almighty SAA. In any case, I'm relieved to see some new weapons coming, as I've really worn out the old Arsenal at this stage in Payday 3 life.


I'm also happy to see that it looks like these weapons are heading into three weapon categories that do need love and variety with a fair bit of room to innovate instead of seeing any statline power creep. I also think it's sensible to keep future Overkill editions free updates so those major components of builds remain accessible to all.

I can't wait to try out the shotgun; it's probably going to end up being an overkill weapon in and of itself. That's all the DLC stuff covered for this update, though, and still only about half of its actual content. As one of the largest announcements in the entire article revolves around a brand new enemy type coming to Payday 3, it's not the return of the medic or skulldozer.

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