Payday 3's Final Stand



payday 3 is on its final stand. I should be saying that it's their last stand before their fall. Payday 3 is a game that has many potentials and the opportunity to become one of the best heisting games in the world, even to the point where it can beat Payday 2 I. Other players in Payday 3 won't lose hope or even give up on the game until it is entirely dead.

Fading away

Payday 3 is a dying game, as much as I hate to admit it. However. I do genuinely believe this game can be revived and become a far better game, and in this article. I'll be talking about the positives, the negatives, and certain mechanics that need changing or being added, and to overall give up my personal opinion on the game being saved.

But right now, the way I see it, the game is a patient that is slowly fitting away; we are the bandages, and the developers themselves are the doctors. If the developers try to fix the game with just tiny bandages, it won't save it, but if the developers take the time and use actual bandages for the wounds, it can be saved and revived to become a far greater game.



But before I talk about the positives and negatives of Payday 3, let me say this: The only reason P2 is popular to begin with is because of its 10e worth of content.

I know the developers had so much time to learn from their mistakes in the past and had time to add, and make the game great, but hey, at least it's not like Cyber Punk when it was released. But because 70% of Pto's player base have no functioning neurons in their [__]] skulls and are impatient as [__]], they failed to realize that Payday 2 was a completely horrible game at launch, and yes.

I am completely comparing two games that are like decades apart but [__]] off. Sure, there are certain mechanics that should have been added to Payday 3 at lunch, but this is the same thing as when it was first released. But let's forget about it. People nowadays don't even have the patience to wait for at least one month, which completely baffles me because I am someone who is willing to wait for an update even if it takes months or even years.


And even if they do update the game by adding something new or adding some sort of quality of life change, the player will do nothing but [__]] about it and start [__]] whining about it, be ungrateful about it, and start complaining about it online, which is. Absurd, but let's forget about it pay3 has many potential to become better in the future the reason I believe in this is because starbeast is a company that likes to try out new features and add interesting stuff to their fans, but because they're play B are literally just constantly barging them with negativity and sometimes I even seen them send death threats to the devs which is [ __ ] wrong and not only that it makes it harder for the devs to even do something, it's like sure there are certain genuine players that love the game that give out actual genuine critiques and give out their concerns but because there's like degenerates that just spit out negativity 99% of the time makes it harder for the devs to even understand what the player base wants, and it's one of the reasons that the rep game's reputation is slowly falling apart I'm not saying that it's the fans's fault entirely but in some way it is in certain way because, there's nothing but negativity every [ __ ] time that p 3 tries to tweet something funny. But let's go back into the topic.

Can payday 3 be saved?

Can payday 3 be saved?

I can pay, but can payday 3 be saved? I do genuinely believe that payday can be saved, but it needs time to improve. At the moment, it is sadly slowly fading away, and if there are no updates coming this month or any sort of huge update, as much as I hate to admit it, it might actually genuinely die.

God damn it that [__]] voice crack, but I doubt the game will die right now or even soon because it is too early for it to die, and I do genuinely believe that the game can actually rise up and be far superior to release. I feel like the game will be in a position where the player numbers are low and on the edge of death, but a year later the numbers will greatly increase and be in a healthier position.

For example, in the case of Dice 2, when it was first released, everyone claimed it to be a buggy mess. The lowest player count it had was at least 1.5k players on average, and because a lot of people kept constantly saying it was dead but a miracle happened a year later, it averages around 6, 000 or even more players.

This is something I believe can happen with payday 3, where at the moment the player count is at 400 on average, but a year later. I do believe that it will be somewhere around 3,00,000 or even 6,00,000. To begin with, it may not sound much, but it is far better than 400 players on average. Years later, I do believe that the numbers will slowly get go up and gently be better.

But can it get all of its player base back? No, it's practically impossible, but it's a really pretty dream. However, I do genuinely believe that it has the capability of regaining at least 25 to 50% of its player base with a huge update. I have high hopes for the games and the developers themselves, and that hope is something I won't ever let go until the game is actually officially dead, and I do trust that they will make this game great in the future.

Always online


Firstly let's talk about the ne negativity of the game when P3 was first announced that it was going to be always online mode I instantly know that it was going to have a rough start but I never really understood why they went with this direction without having any sort of like second thought, but the reason they claimed that they made this is because of countering cheaters and hackers but regardless of what you do as a developer there will always be someone or certain people that will always try find ways to break through and hack the game regardless of how much security your game has it doesn't matter people will always find a way to break through , lack of offline mode is something that obviously doesn't really need to be talked about but we really desperately need it because there's been many instances where I was forced to leave the game because of an Internet issue or the servers having some sort of problems, and they were even certain times where my game is lagging because of ping.


And having some sort of offline mode is something payday 3 desperately needs, but because the developers are not really giving us a proper answer on whether they are working it or not, it puts us in a place where we don't even know if it's actually coming, so having some sort of confirmation from the developers at least makes us know what's going on, but as of now there's none.

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