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Okay, so recently, an early version of Payday 3 was leaked to the public; it contained the outline of what would eventually become No Rest for the Wicked Heist and some rather different systems.

Leaked footage

The final game before we talk about this leaked version anymore I just want to highlight that the gameplay on screen is from the payday 3 beta this isn't the leaked version that looks very different but the reason I'm choosing not to show that footage is simply because I'm not sure what star Brees's reaction would be redistributing, leaked footage can sometimes be a bit of a no fly zone online with many leaks being struck down and so despite starb showing off the footage themselves on stream and talking about it there I'm still not too sure I want to take that risk, especially as the aspect of this Dev build that we're going to be talking about doesn't really require a visual aid because it's something you're likely very familiar with it's the Payday 2 Armor system up until now.

Payday 2 armour system!

I was under the impression that all of the coding and engineering Behind the Payday 2 Armor system was left on the diesel engine and couldn't just be ported over to Unreal for Payday 3, but now that we know that the infrastructure, for that system does in fact exist in Unreal to the extent of it even at one point being playable, it sour, my perspective on Star Breeze's relatively firmstance that they won't be bringing it back.

Why won't they bring pd2 armour back?

Why won't they bring pd2 armour back?

I had always assumed from the way that they've spoken about the armor issues in the past that behind all the customer-facing dialect, they were essentially saying. Look, we hear that you're not too happy with the way the armor works. Let's try this adaptive armor as a hybrid between Payday 2 and 3's armor systems.

For us to go away and entirely reimplement the Payday 2 system while just scrapping Payday 3s isn't the best idea right now, as we should be focusing on adding content and features to the game, not removing or reworking stuff so drastically just yet, but that interpretation of their intentions is entirely shaken by knowing that the system exists in some form within the engine.

Will pd2 armour ever come back?

As I said, I may not know too much about game development, but I'm not that naive, and perhaps a classic armor type could be implemented into the game at some point too.

What exactly leaked?

What exactly leaked?

At least it now feels more feasible than before Mio explained on stream that the reason that this did at one point exist was that before development properly started on payday 3, and they knew exactly what the new armor system would look like, a small in-house build was made with the old systems, and obviously that is what leaked.

Pd3 new drill concept

As for other interesting features from this build of the game, the main one was the early concept for drills. They were initially planned to have adjustable speeds, so you could set a drill to work faster but at a greater risk of it overheating. There were also different surfaces to drill through that seemingly required different speeds to drill most efficiently.

If you're at all interested in learning more about the early concept for drills in Payday 3, I highly recommend checking out the live stream and going into far more detail about the dev build. I don't really think it's necessary to talk about much else from the leaked build itself, as most of it is covered in that live stream, and it's a waste of both of our time for me to just parrot that information.

Who was behind the leak?

However , something that was brought up on stream was the idea that star Brees leaked this build as a form of publicity. I highly doubt that this was an intentional leak, especially as some frequently requested systems like the payday AMA system were in the build and didn't make their way into the full release, so I imagine Star Brees is a little bit annoyed that this leaked, as would any game developer be, but obviously no one external to Starze knows whether this was leaked on purpose or not. I just thought I'd give my two cents on the topic nonetheless.

This week's blog post

This week's blog post

In case you were interested, this week's blog post was an interview with Mio about the development of the techie enemy type. I'd say it's an interesting read, but the majority of the answers didn't actually give that much information at all.

You've got interesting questions like how did the technology change during development or any teasers as to what the next enemy type may be, but the answers boil down to the techie didn't change much during development, or even better for the question about teasing a new enemy type. The answer is essentially no, obviously; I'm paraphrasing.

But with an answer like this, why even include it in the blog post? I certainly don't know, but anyway.

Quickplay next week

Next week's blog post should be much more exciting, as we'll be getting our first look at how quick play will work as well as talking about the upcoming loud modifiers and difficulty in general.



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An early version of Payday 3 has leaked and frankly, some of its features would be welcome in the full release! Chapters.
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