Payday 3's Best Skills (and Why They're So Good)



With operation medic bag underway and new content additions being added to Payday 3, a lot of people have been coming back into the game, returning, and new players are like, for a lot of these people, though a big question they will have is what skills they should get. After all, there are a lot of skills in the game, and it can be confusing at first trying to figure out what skills you should take.

As you'd expect, there are some skills in Payday 3 that are really good and are insanely strong once you start to mix them together with the right skills. Having played a good amount of payday 3 ugly more so than anyone reasonably should have I've had a lot of time to experiment and tweak around with the different skills available in the game and I found what I considered to be some of the best skills as well some of the best combinations of skills you can get, so I've got this article here just in time before the boys and blue DLC drops to go over some of payday 3's best skills and combinations of skills and how you can make the best usage of them to pull off perfect Heist after perfect Heist and even carry entire lobbies with them when it comes to strong skills and skill combos we of course have to address the elephant in the room being that of play up and replenish.

Ammo pickup skills

PL up allows you to regenerate any of the non-permanent damage you've taken to your current armor chunk if you make an ammo pickup while having drip all on a two-c cooldown. Repellent allows you to automatically pick the ammo of enemies you kill as long as you have Edge active. Now, of course, you can start to see where the strength and synergy of these two skills lie.

If you have both grit and edge active, you can kill an enemy and then instantly regenerate the non-permanent damage you've taken to your current armor chunk. This gets even better if you're running adaptive armor, as since adaptive armor doesn't take any permanent damage to its chunks, you can make one kill and then instantly restore your entire chunk. So if you play your cars around adaptive armor with these two skills, you can play incredibly aggressively and basically never die given that you don't overextend and are able to keep on making ammo pickups.

Revive skills

Revive skills

Ironically enough, the second set of strong skills we're looking at is medic, combat medic, and code blue, which are all focusing on reviving teammates who have been downed.

Medic basic lets us revive teammates 20% faster as well as giving us additional two charges on our medic bags if we choose to bring them the ace version of medic, then gives us grit whenever we start to revive a teammate, and then gives us an additional 40% damage reduction while reviving teammates as long as we have grit active, as percentage additions and subtractions in Payday 3 are additive and not multiplicative.

This means that we'll have a total of a 50% damage reduction If We R having a teammate while we have grit active, but wait it gets even better the normal armor types being the light ballistic lining medium ballistic lining standard lining and the heavy ballistic lining have 25%, base damage reduction meaning that you'll have a whopping 75%, damage reduction while Reviving while you have gr active now the Adaptive armor only has a 5% damage reduction so it's only going to be a 55%, damage reduction while Reviving while you have gr active sure it's a little bit Limited in how long you'll be able to have that massive damage reduction up for is it's only while you're Reviving but with how little damage you'll be taking you'll be able to make some incredibly risky Rives combat medic then makes use of the grit that we get from medic a as if we make a revive while we have grit active it will give us and the teammate we're Reviving 5 Seconds of damage mity after they've been revived.

If this sounds strong, well, that's because it is at a surface level. The scale already seems pretty strong. If you can make a revive on a teammate, then the two of you are practically given a jail-free card to run into safety without any risk. However, it can be used more accurately to make fighting dozens of people incredibly easy.

If a teammate goes down and there's a dozen nearby, you can revive them and then use the 5 seconds of damage immunity you get to get right in the do's face and suffer basically no repercussions for doing so. Code Blue gives us Rush whenever a teammate gets downed or disabled by a cloaker or a zapper.

With Rush active, we also revive teammates 30% faster.

Throwable skills

Throwable skills

With combat manic basic and code blue we revive teammates 50% faster granted that we have Rush active, this lets us pull off revives even quicker letting us pull off even riskier revives as we can finish the revive and get the 5 Seconds of damage immunity incredibly quickly all these skills come together to make Reviving our teammates incredibly easy letting us help our teammates up incredibly quickly taking small amounts of damage while Reviving them and then giving us both 5 Seconds of damage immunity we can use to run to safety or to play aggressively with thales are pretty underused by most players in Payday 3 but given that you build into them correctly, they can be amazing for dealing with multiple cops at once either stunning them or just flat out killing them scer gives us a 10% chance of replenishing one of our throwables whenever we make an ammo pick up while we have Edge active, 10% seems small but when you're consistently killing cops and making ammo pickups it works out to you're given a pretty consistent supply of throwables, well given Lady Luck is on your side brugal throw then also gives us a 20% chance for any throwable we throw to be instantly replenished.

Ever since PAYDAY 2 released all the way back in 2013, skills have been one of the series' most interesting features, mixing in RPG elements with the high-adrenaline FPS gameplay to lead to borderline infinite possibilities for player customisation. As you'd expect though, not all skills in PAYDAY 3 are created equal, and some stand out amongst eachother as being incredibly strong, either providing incredible utility, or just giving raw strength to players, and this video aims to go over some of the best skills available to players.
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