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All right, guys, a bit of a different article today. Right, so now that you're in the lobby, what you want to do is make sure that you've got a suppressor on your pistol, or it could be any gun, but I'm pretty sure that the game gives you a piss and gives you a suppressor on your pistol when you first start, so if you just attach that because that's pretty much all you're going to need for this, what we want to do is Click ready, wait for it to get you into a game, and I'll tell you what you've got to do from there.

Pick her back up, throw the door down, and you want to tie her out just so she doesn't run away. Call the police if you want to go to this PC. Interact with it and click enter, and then you want to get to the screen where it says basement code, and it says here. I've changed the passcode to the basement as you asked; it's now the same as the Wi-Fi password on the lunchroom whiteboard.

There are now three different codes that it could be. I'll get through that, but you want to hack this phone so you can get into the VIP room. So what we want to do is make your way over here, and this is the white ball code you need to remember to get downstairs into the basement room. So it's six, eight, six, five.

easy way to level up

It changes every time, so it won't be the same for you. But the other two codes I will show you now, Where they could be, so what we want to do is have a camera in here, and if you want to shoot, that one code is here. The employee of the month code is there, but we aren't going to do any of them either; we're just going to need the code we travel for carts six eight, six five, okay?

So what we want to do is make our way down here, and it's six eight, six five, enter, right, and then watch a camera there. Sometimes it's here or there, but the one at the back is over there and never moves. I'll do these in a bit, um, right? So what you want to do is you want to get this hostage.

What are you doing? You want to throw her into that red button, and so she activates this for you. You can't do it by yourself; you need someone to help you with it and tie it back up. So you should run away, open this door, and, all right, open up the vault. And you want to take the stone. Right throw that's okay for outside the window, but sometimes the security guards in the alleyway spot it, and then he can sometimes catch you off guard and call the police, so yeah, just throw it to the window and just make sure that he's like patrolling there.


He's now just patrolling, so there's a guard. Make sure that he doesn't see you; you can kill him, and then just turn off his radio. There is a sieve there, so it might be best Actually, do you know what I'm saying? He's just running up. That's all right. Actually, that's perfect if you take this guy no and you throw him to the floor here and tie him up so he doesn't run away, and that piece should be gone, so it should be fine, right?

And that is the mission pretty much: just make sure you never get detected because it just massively drops the XP, and you don't want that; you want the most amount of energy as possible, so just getting three bags into the van, that's all you've got to do. You can Some people have been doing this like it takes them like three minutes; it's very quick, and as you can see if I go to progression, 924 124 I didn't even use the AR, but I still got 924 for it.

money glitch

This is so efficient; it took me six minutes, but obviously I was going through it with you, like going through it slowly. I can get this down to three minutes easily, so it is by far the best XP glitch possible at the moment. One thing I will say when you go to skills if you use an annihilator is:This helps.

With the rush, it makes you run quicker, and you need to get quick fingers as well, which helps with the lock picking. It makes it seem like sometimes you can open the lock pit with just one hand. Successful, like pick, if that makes sense, it literally just completes it in one pick. I think I've done it once in this article now.

Escape is as good. Yeah, he's that. He just makes you run a lot quicker, and you need that. Rush sometimes it's, helps me helps you with your movement speed, but apart from that. I will say as well armor lining if you use the standard lining that is the best, it's the most lightweight, out of all four of them, so I would use that it makes you can run the fastest with that armor so definitely use that, but apart from that, that is it you can do it as many times as you want you can do it all day it's, it's simply easy.

pay day 3 stealth

I'm not sure if they're going to it or not make it a bit harder or not, but take advantage of it while you can because, like I said, weapons are pretty slow to level up if you're just like going in and running and gunning and just not caring about being stealthy, so definitely give it a go and you might enjoy it.

Maybe just put some music on and grind it out, and you can mark some guns out and level yourself up really easily. Thank you very much, and

Thank you for watching my video i appreciate all the support you guys give me.
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